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Countdown to PW’s Music Issue: DJ Apt One will always love Medusa Lounge


We’re counting down to PW’s annual Music Issue — in your hands on the 14th — by inviting some of our favorite local heroes to tell us about the live-music venues they especially love. Here’s Michael Fichman, a.k.a. DJ Apt One (who we caught up with a couple weeks ago), weighing in on the joys of spinning at Medusa Lounge:

“My favorite venue to play, is, and has been, Medusa Lounge. There’s always some drama … The bathrooms are a mess .. And it only holds about a hundred people, if you pack them in like sardines. But if some randoms stroll in there off the street with a bachelorette party looking to hear some Top 40, and the DJ is playing dark techno, they’ll somehow probably end up staying—and having the time of their lives. Why? Because the room just has that energy—it’s so small and intimate that it only takes two people wanting to dance to just set the night on a really good arc and then it’s just infectious.

“That’s why I kept a residency there for over half a decade. Even when I was very busy with touring … it just felt so good to play there, felt like home. That’s why, broken speakers and all, it perseveres.”

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