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Countdown to our Music Issue: Brett Talley gives it up for World Cafe Live


Ain’t it a shame, how, in this day and age of rights-getting and technological achievements, we can’t quite figure out a way to equalize health care just a little bit? When some bullshit disease attacks your body that you have no control over, does it have to cost you tens of thousands of dollars and leave you worrying about going broke—on top of the mind-blowing stress over simply being ill? The truth is you get sick, you get buried—with bills, with anxiety, with fear and anguish. But, if you’re especially blessed, you get by with a little help from family and friends.

Brett Talley, who’s been gigging locally for years (in Outset, IKE and his own Brett Talley Band), is fighting chronic myelogenous leukemia, so some musician pals of his have planned one huge benefit in his honor. There will be some reunion sets from Pawnshop Roses, IKE (for whom Talley plays lead guitar) and Awesome Bros, a supergroup consisting of members of Jealousy Curve and IKE, with Ron DiSilvestro on drums. Talley’s also an in-demand recording engineer, and since his brightest recording achievements have emerged through John & Brittany, IKE’s lead vocalist John Faye and Brittany Rotondo, they and a whole slew of other folks in Philly’s robust rock family will be in attendance to blow the roof off the place and prepare their brother for the battle he’s about to fight—and win.

As one of our last installments of our Music Issue Countdown, here are Talley’s praises for where he’ll be playing Friday nightWorld Cafe Live:

“When it comes to performing music in Philadelphia, my absolute favorite venue would have to be World Cafe Live. It’s the only time where I get to experience what the life of a rock star might feel like. The stage is large enough to make you feel that at any point you could lose yourself in a set, in the moment, and not worry about knocking into a bandmate, mic stand or drumset.

The sound engineers truly care about making sure you and your band sound great. The sound is always fantastic, both on and off the stage. You’re always given ample time for a sound check, and they really take the time to make sure you, the artist, are happy on stage. This goes for both the upstairs and downstairs stages. I have always enjoyed working with all of the staff. They are always accommodating and willing to help.

Another reason I love World Cafe is the intimacy you can have with a band or audience. The stage lift creates a slight separation between the crowd and stage, but you always feel connected. When the crowd sings along, you hear it. When you’re tuning between songs and someone yells out their love (or disgust), you hear it. When someone in the audience makes eye contact with and you have that moment, you feel it. It’s that bond that makes any rock show truly great.

World Cafe Live’s also my favorite venue to see a show for all these reasons. I’ve been able to see some of my favorite artists perform there, and I’ve always had the chance to meet them after the show because of World Cafe’s accessibility. As a spectator, it’s like the size of the room makes it feel like they’re performing just for you. And it just has a great atmosphere: Add in the balcony seating, the bar and the food, and you have yourself one hell of a good time in Philly just about every night of the year.”


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