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Countdown to PW’s Music Issue: Drew Lazor doesn’t want to see shows surrounded by children at the Navy Yard


It’s here! Go out today, and pick up 2013 Music Issue!

In our final installation of “Your Favorte Venue, Please,” here we have Drew Lazor, noted City Paper alum, Philadelphia food columnist and freelance humorist extraordinaire, giving us the frightening account of the youth-trampling frustration fest he had when LCD Soundsystem stormed the Navy Yard, and why Union Transfer’s where he’s most likely to go as a grown man for some live music:

“I had my Sixth Sense moment at an LCD Soundsystem show at the Naval Yard in 2010, only instead of realizing I was dead, I realized I was old. Getting your toes crushed by a bunch of molly-faced teenagers in fluorescent tank tops screaming “DANCE YRSELF CLEANNNNN!” will have that effect. My aversion to all things youthful and energetic has made concert-going somewhat challenging, as most venues lack the square footage and highly accessible alcohol to accommodate my ballooning self-loathing. Thankfully, Union Transfer is the answer. I can go in (without hassle), get some beers (without waiting/going broke), watch my goddamn show (the sound is incredible), then leave. The staff is lovely, too. UT is precisely my speed and allows me to simply see good music without getting steamrolled by bird-chested lightweights who were negative 6 years old when [insert album that'll make me sound cool] came out.”

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