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You Want This: The Marc Jacobs K-Way at Ps & Qs


This weekend, we strolled into Ps & Qs, a new favorite shopping destination on Philadelphia’s South Street, and resisted dropping a couple hundred bucks down on swiping ALL of their spring and summer merch on sale. They’re making space for fall shipments and marking down t-shirts, tanks, hats and jackets with a fixture full of 50-percent off and another batch of 30-percent markdowns. You’re looking at purchases of $10-$20 on stuff that used to be $30-$50. Of course, it’s all about what’s left and what sizes have been snatched up, so it’s worth hustling in to get it while you can.

But the real star of the show is the brand new autumn jackets that are closest to the street, and one of them’s been running around my head since I laid my eyes on its beauty Saturday afternoon. K-Way’s a brand that’s been around for almost 50 years now. Born from Leon-Claude Duhamel’s brain in Paris 1965, it’s a simple achievement: waterproof, lightweight, packable and fashionable. As a cyclist and former Oregonian, waterproof’s gotta mean waterproof. Sometimes you’re all amped on your new windbreaker, and the first rain hits, and you think No bigs! I got this slick new pullover to fight that precipitation. Then you actually get rained on, and your shoulders start moistening, your forearms get wet and stick to the insides of the sleeves, and your hood isn’t cuttin’ the mustard. Well, the K-Way, the fine folks at Ps & Qs have assured us, is the real deal. They even did their own tests.

Now, the crown jewel in their lovely and colorful K-Way collection is the stunning collaboration between the French-born brand and the American-born kook and savant, Marc Jacobs. Pictured above, the heathered and treated mixed grey cotton zip-up is waterproof, features charming details and can be packed into itself for clipping around your waist or shoving into your weekend bag. Let’s not talk about price, however I will say that it’s the main reason I’m not wearing it right now. But while supplies last—and please, take this as a straight-up challenge— snatch those last two (there’s a small and a medium in stock) if you want to wear it this week or order it online if you can wait. In the meantime, rally up those pennies and head to a CoinStar to see if you’ve got room in the budget for one of the most beautifully versatile outerwear pieces I’ve laid my eyes on in a few minutes.


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