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Mayor Anonymous’ Top 10 LPs of 2013 (so far)


Mr. Anonymous, AKA H.P. Hovercraft AKA Rodney Amadeus Anonymous AKA Rodney Anonymous Mellencamp, is a beloved creature in our fair city. Dude’s a Chester County native who’s been with the Dead Milkmen since they were a basement project. He’s also a storied City Paper contributor (Aid or Invade is THE SHIT) and our own reigning mayor of Philadelphia. After his swearing-in, we were notified that he’d be declaring, in an official capacity, a list of his favorite albums of the year — yeah, the year’s not over, but so what? — and, unsurprisingly, they’re a little weird (especially alongside my comparatively downright cushy list). Hardcore freaks and metal heads will rejoice at his dark and dank list, and most of us will scratch our heads and think Damn, that’s a funny name for a band. Here you have it!

1. Skinny Puppy: Weapon

Sure, it would’ve been nice to hand the No. 1 spot over to some new kids on the angry, grimy block, but Skinny Puppy shot that plan all to hell by releasing a nearly perfect CD. This is a Criminal Age, indeed.

2. Vomito Negro: Fall of an Empire

Sweet Mother of Crap! From the distorted kick to the skull of the opening track “Enemy of the State” to the last note of the final song, this release just keeps going at full speed and never runs out of steam.

3. Jen Vix & Dirk Ivens: Fuck, Rinse, Repeat

The titular A-side of this single is a brilliant song, but it’s the B-side, the beautiful “Burn,” that is probably the best tune that you will hear in 2013.

4. IAMX: The Unified Field
“I Come with Knives” is so infectious that repeated listening will likely leave you with a strange sore on your upper lip. That’s a small price to pay for such a solid CD.

5. Prometheus Burning: Kill It With Fire

Nearly everyone who’s heard this CD has suffered a neck injury from bobbing their heads along with it.

As with Skinny Puppy, this is another case of a band that’s been around for decades bringing the adrenalin.

7. SNOG: Babes in Consumerland

How could you not love a CD that includes a song called “The Corporate Homoerotic Cyclists”?

8. Tweaker: Call the Time Eternity

Probably the most tragically overlooked release so far of 2013. Seek out the track “Nothing at All” (featuring Jessicka Addams from Jackoff Jill) and know joy.

9. Mindless Self Indulgence: How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit & Love
Just for the lyrics “You’re gonna die alone / Oh, oh, oh shit yeah!” from “It Gets Worse,” this deserves a spot on everyone’s Top 10.

10. Terrorlokaust: Spit the Poison Out

This wonderfully ambitious and rhythmically complex release will jam the chorus of “Blood Starts to Leak” directly into your brain.

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