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Eat at Tita Rosy’s: An American Sardine Bar pop-up of delicious Filipino food

Two of our favorite humans in Philadelphia, the talented City Paper photographer, Neal Santos, and the charming wordsmith for many esteemed publications, Drew Lazor, have begged and pleaded and had their wishes granted by Scott Schroder. They miss the cuisine of their youth, the food that their mothers and matriarchs so lovingly rendered delicious and homey. They both lament the fact that there isn’t a ton of lovingly-made Filipino food options in our city, and they’ve made it their mission to bring their Titas’ food to the masses. Well, at least until the food runs out at Sardine Bar (18th and Federal).

A one-night pop-up kicks off at 6pm on Thursday night, and Lazor and Santos have been brainstorming with Schroeder on how they want to deliver the goods to South Philly. This menu looks sick (in the best way possible), and here’s hoping that if you show up at 8pm, there are still some skewers and desserts left. It’s a casual affair, so no need for the jacket and tie—just a hunger in your belly. Those Filipino boys can eat—no shade—so the earlier you get there, the better chance you have to sample the goods.

Check out the menu below, said to be classics with little tweaks and twists:


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