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Friday night nerdfest: Wil Wheaton vs. Paul and Storm

Paul and Storm at the Birchmere

Once upon a time, in a galaxy exactly like our own, nerds, geeks, dorks and dweebs were viciously oppressed. Publicly shamed for their passion for Golden Age comics and shunned for the 56 binders of Magic: The Gathering cards wedged under their beds, nerds had grown accustomed to being misunderstood. But in an age of superhero movies grossing millions of dollars and commercialized Green Lantern shirts, we are oppressed no longer. There is nothing more comforting than finding like-minded people who rejoice in the same things you do. Fortunately, local nerds have a fantastic night in which to revel this week.

Paul and Storm (aka Paul Sabourin and Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo) have achieved both international and Internet acclaim for their geek-oriented music and comedy. Beginning in the professional a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook, the duo has been collaborating for nearly 20 years, making songs like “Write Like the Wind”—an appeal to author George R. R. Martin to swiftly complete his renowned A Song of Fire and Ice series for fear of holding up production of its televised counterpart Game of Thrones—that promise to thrill audiences who appreciate not only the musical vibe, but the lyrical references. Coupled with nerd media staples like Adam Savage (MythBusters), actor James Urbaniak (voice of Dr. Venture on The Venture Bros.), singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton and Felicia Day, Paul and Storm’s performances have won over web and live traditional audiences alike.

The duo is currently touring with actor Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: the Next Generation, wilwheatonStand By Me, Eureka), and together, they spin Wheaton’s tale of meeting science-fiction icon William Shatner into a piece entitled “William F*cking Shatner.” Other songs in their repertoire include “The Captain’s Wife’s Lament,” a tune released in response to International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and “Frogger! The Frogger Musical!”

Whether you’re a Trekker or into Star Wars, whether your game is World of Warcraft or Dungeons & Dragons, these guys have been, and always shall be, your friend. Now you know—and knowing is half the battle! The other half is going to the concert.

Fri., Oct. 4. 8pm. $25. World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St. 215.222.1400.

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