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On the Record: Diplo, Lissie, Cults, Sleigh Bells, The Dismemberment Plan, and of Montreal

Revolution EP
(Mad Decent)
Sounds like:
Thomas Wesley Pentz’ umpteenth EP is obvi good for a few hype club bangers (“Biggie Bounce”) and wasted freakouts, but it’s far from amazing.
Free association: When an EP is one-third remixes, you get a little disenchanted.
For fans of: Riff Raff/Mike Posner + idiots who twerk; his Block Parties; sluts.

Back to Forever
(Fat Possum)
Sounds like:
The Illinois girl’s second LP isn’t as perfect as her debut and first EP, but her uniquely charming combo of folk, Americana and country is spot-on.
Free association: Unforgettable: the night I saw her at the Church in a snowstorm.
For fans of: Miranda Lambert/Neko Case/Brandi Carlile x Stevie Nicks.

Sounds like:
Their second’s an excellent follow-up with a focus on grooves, rhythms and percussion, all while sunny harmonies and wall-of-sound beauty abound.
Free association: Might not yield another “Go Outside,” but this one’s more robust.
For fans of: Tennis/Seapony/Summer Camp x Phil Spector; California; sunny day joints.

Bitter Rivals
(Mom & Pop Music)
Sounds like:
One of the coolest duos in music’s third gets awesomer as you listen because the single’s a lil’ whack, but they’re the best noise pop act in the game.
Free association: Their absurdity at piercingly loud volumes is surprisingly enjoyable.
For fans of: CSS/The Kills/Crystal Castles + the Go! Team; punk converted into pop hooks.

Uncanney Valley
(Partisan Records)
Sounds like:
The D.C.-based legends of post-punk and mathy indie rock give us something to really settle into with a fantastic, thoughtful new piece of music.
Free association: Man, I was really obsessed with Emergency & I (‘99) for a little while.
For fans of: Pinback x Ted Leo; Spoon + Les Savy Fav; Shellac/Jawbox; grown nerd rock.

lousy with sylvianbriar
Sounds like
: The Elephant 6 collective mainstay and Kevin Barnes vehicle rides again with their trademark blend of psychedelia, dream pop and bizarro rock.
Free association: Even when they’re weird (often), it’s always flawlessly put together.
For fans of: Elf Power/Neutral Milk Hotel; The Beatles x Velvet Underground; men in nail polish.

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