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On the Record: Lucius, Leverage Models, Tim Hecker, the Dirtbombs, Pelican and Pusha T

(Mom and Pop Music)
Sounds like:
The highly-anticipated debut of the two-girls-lead-singing five-piece (in execution, anyway) via Ditmas Park and Berklee is an alt-folk/dream pop delight.
Free association: Flawless girl-fronted percussive indie folksy-gypsy hypnotism shit.
For fans of: Jenny Lewis + Watsons, Devendra Banhart x Neko Case, Cultsy seances ‘n bugouts.

imageLeverage Models
Leverage Models
Sounds like:
Shannon Fields, much of the brains behind Stars Like Fleas, fled to a farm after it imploded; the product’s a glistening, electrified dance rock record.
Free association: The Rapture dusted with an orchestral sense of sophistication.
For fans of: Gayngs/Bear in Heaven x Gary Numan, Sharon Van Etten for Erasure.

imageTim Hecker
Sounds like:
The audiofile, producer and co-captain of the Daniel Lopatin crazy train makes spacious, artistic ambient music that Pitchfork fucking loves.
Free association: Unless you’re really into this stuff, it gets really boring really fast.
For fans of: Oneohtrix Point Never x Brian Eno + orchestra noise from jazz pros on drugs.

imageThe Dirtbombs
Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!
(In the Red)
Sounds like:
Wow! Detroit’s Mick Collins is a total nut, and his garage punk outfit’s been chasing his mind in great directions—this time on a legit garage bubblegum wipeout.
Free association: They do soul, techno, punk, grunge, blues and everything in between.
For fans of: King Khan & Co. x Gories + Ramones, early Black Keys, mighty Michigan.

Forever Becoming
(Southern Lord)
Sounds like:
The excellent experimental art metal Chicagoans’ fourth of instrumental dirges and slow-core dark storms is a solid contribution to the genre.
Free association: If Dillinger Escape Plan slowed it down and weren’t maniacs …
For fans of: Isis/Neurosis/Tortoise x Sabbath, Dinosaur Jr., intersections of doom and core.

imagePusha T
My Name is My Name
(Def Jam/GOOD)
Sounds like:
The Clipse vet gets a giant label opp and destroys it; yup, Kanye’s producing, but barely touches anything vocally—just lifts T up to where he can go.
Free association: Blast a blunt, play “Suicide” real loud and live, for crissakes.
For fans of: Mase x Big Sean + 2 Chainz, digestable Maybach Music, ‘hood life high art.

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