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Twilight in the Gardens presents a Day of the Dead-fest this Friday


Bored with the idea of a pumpkin patch? Over haunted houses? Too old to Trick-or-Treat? If you’re on the hunt for an affordable and creative night out this upcoming Halloween weekend, this month’s iteration of Twilight in the Gardens, presented by Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, is sure to be a scream. Since 1994, artist Isaiah Zagar has nurtured and cultivated the South Street spectacle into a stunning mosaic array and collection of unique murals. The Gardens continue his vision of interdisciplinary art by hosting Twilight in the Gardens on every month’s fourth Friday, and its October BYOB event focuses on the Day of the Dead.

Traditionally landing each Nov. 1, the holiday is celebrated nationally in Mexico. Banks, schools and businesses close so families may pay their respects to loved ones who have died. Offerings of food and spirits are made at alters, while blankets and cushions lay at their feet so the dead may rest their bones. Mexican marigolds adorn everything in an attempt to attract the traveling souls of the dead to the homes of their loved ones so that they may witness the celebration.

Performance arts group Cirque Manikk will creep through the labyrinth of PMG as ghouls and spectres, plus DJ Ayaosa will spin Latin-inspired dance tunes to get you in the groove. Costumes are encouraged, but if you’re caught without, face painters will disguise your visage with Day of the Dead-inspired makeup if you arrive before 8pm.

Fri., Oct. 25, $8-$10. Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, 1020 South St. 215.733.0390.

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