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On the Record: Six January LPs we’re looking forward to

And I’ll Scratch Yours
(Real World Productions)
What it’ll sound like:
The new inductee to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame continues an ongoing project where he performs other artists’ songs. Which doesn’t sound thrilling—until you see some of the friends who agreed to take part: Bon Iver, Feist, Lou Reed, Arcade Fire and Regina Spektor, among others.
Due out: Jan. 7.

BBBroken Bells
After the Disco
What it’ll sound like:
James Mercer and Danger Mouse impressed audiences with their self-titled debut in 2010, and they’ve already whipped up some intrigue with this one’s radio-friendly single, “Holding On for Life.” Rarely is anyone not excited about a Shins project or a Mouse LP, but this one might make sizable waves.
Due out: Jan. 14.

Give The People What They Want
What it’ll sound like:
Ms. Jones is one of our reigning queens of soul, and hopefully, through this record, we’ll show her the love she so richly deserves. (The woman’s battling cancer.) Their much-anticipated fifth is so close, we can taste it—and it smells like horn spit, dance sweat and a little herbal funk.
Due out: Jan. 14.

Post Tropical
What it’ll sound like:
Early in the Morning, the Irish singer-songwriter’s debut, was one of the most devastatingly beautiful releases of 2010. It was like the Bon Iver that we knew we’d be losing to his inevitable shift in style—and way less celebrated, making him a quiet hero of the orchestral folk genre. Can’t wait for this one.
Due out: Jan. 14.

(Rough Trade)
What it’ll sound like:
To say that this is one of the most exciting sophomores of the year might be hyperbolic, but it’s true. Their 2010 debut was outstanding. And these girls from Los Angeles are like a darker, trippier, more somber and more drug-addled HAIM. But it’s all done with sonic delicacy and controlled chaos.
Due out: Jan. 21.

doc050.11298v2Damien Jurado
Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Sun
(Secretly Canadian)
What it’ll sound like:
The Seattle-reared veteran of folk’s 11th should be as solid as ever; he rarely disappoints. His specialty is subtle beauty, brilliant turns of phrases and lyrical sophistication. The Sunny Day Real Estate and Sub Pop alum’s capable of a whole range of sounds, though, so it’s always worth the intrigue.
Due out: Jan. 21.

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