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RuPaul’s minions, in an all-star “Battle of the Seasons,” are going to tear up the Troc Thursday

The lovely Ms. Pandora Boxx.

To those who are acquainted with the big, fabulous mess that is RuPaul’s Drag Race, this is one huge, queen-filled blowout that’s traveling around the nation. Back in July, it was announced that LOGO’s breakaway hit would recruit girls from a mixed bag of the already-wrapped five seasons (Season Six, with a brand new trailer, hits the tube on Mon., Feb. 24th).

According to the Troc event’s page, the following girls are slated to appear: Sharon Needles, Ivy Winters, Manila Luzon, Pandora Boxx, Alaska Thunderfuck, Carmen Carrera, Mimi Imfurst and Phi Phi O’Hara. The original cast of queens announced also included Detox, Jinx Monsoon and Willam, but as the disclaimer goes, “*Lineup is subject to change*.” So, we’ll see who shows up. Drag isn’t always such a, well, tightly-run ship.

Anyway, we got some questions lobbed at the girls, and Alaska and Michelle were the ones brave enough to tap their glam fingernails on an iPhone and give us some answers. This show wasn’t one of the originals on the lineup, so we were pretty pumped to see that, after blasting through Canada, they added on some more dates to include lil’ old us. As far as the logistics, that was pretty much our main concern: How the HELL’s this gonna go down? And is the format truly a showgirl competition that Michelle Visage judges?!

Madames Thunderfuck and Visage were selective with their answers, and, uh, creative. So, here are the ones for which they decided to spill details:

What can we expect from this show!? It looks like such a big huge blowout of bananas gayness.
Alaska: With so many talented and varied performers, “Battle of the Seasons” is bound to be a spectacular experience that those fortunate enough to see it will never, ever forget. In short, it will surely be bananas like a motha-fuckin’ orangutan.
Michelle: That’s a fantastic description that pretty much answers your own question! It’s an organized shit show with TONS o’ talent to offer.

Do all the girls perform together at any point? Or is it just bing-bang-boom, one after the other?
Alaska: There will be some bing-bang-boom, some bada-bing, bada-boom, and some wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am. (Yes.)
Michelle: It’s a bit of all of the above. We’ve got duets, solos, groups, any which way you like, more or less.

How’d this collection of queens get pulled together for this traveling show?
Alaska: It happened very organically. This team works very well together because of their professionalism and talent. And it’s a natural mix because of the different types of performance styles that will be showcased.
Michelle: It’s all about who performs live and who’s available when, pretty much, and we take it from there.

Wait, a showgirl competition? Please explain.
Alaska: I have no idea – but I hope I win.

Have you been well-received in the past dates? We’re pumped for the last-minute Philly date!
Alaska: Yes. People still come up to me about these shows, telling me what an amazing time they had.
Michelle: OMFG yes! This tour has been the best idea yet because it lets people see the queens for all that they are. They are performing live and owning the stage in a theatre setting, and you get to see how truly talented they are.

And what does Michelle Visage have to say about judging your competition? Where does she get off? And does she pick a different winner at each night?
Alaska: If there’s one thing Michelle Visage is good at, it’s judging queens. I think the winner will be the same every night though – because it will be me!

Are you girls doing different numbers in every city or is the show pretty well-rehearsed and mapped out?
Alaska: This show is full of surprises. You never know what you’re going to get.
Michelle: It’s mapped out, but we change numbers whenever we want. Whatever moves us that day, we perform that night. It’s more fun and organic that way.

There you have it! LOGO’s NewNowNext has a collection up of some photos from the NYC date if you want a little preview.

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