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30-Second Review: Butterfinger’s new Peanut Butter Cups


We had to review it, people. I mean, somebody did, right? It’s not exactly “On the Menu,” so we used our “On the Guest List” format. Guess we were anticipating a trip. It wasn’t one.

Overall vibe: Healthy competition in the stoners’ favorite candy game, fine. But seriously: Did anyone need a variation on the Reese’s Cup?

Most memorable moment: Mmm … not sure there is one. By the way, they’re not nearly as crunchy as the wrapper would have you believe.

Scene stealer: In an attempt to distance itself from its proven-delicious, damn-near-identical twin, Butterfinger’s two cups are square instead of the tried and true round shape of its competitor. Buy it if you must, but trust, your sweets-loving self has been on this road before. And it was tastier.

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