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Five Photos: Philly competitors represented hard at last weekend’s Big Eastern U.S. Coffee Competition

Top 6 Baristas
The top six competitors from the North East Regional Barista Competition, L-R: Sixth, Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York, NY (566.5); Fourth, Joshua Littlefield, Intelligentsia Coffee, New York, NY (576); First, J. Park Brannen, Counter Culture Coffee, New York, NY (623); Second, Erika Vonie, Ultimo Coffee Philadelphia, PA (622.5); Third, Corey Reilly, Everyman Espresso, Rochelle Park, NJ (598.5); Fifth, Hadassah Wilson, Square One Coffee, Lancaster, PA (569.5).

ELV prep
Vonie during her preparation time before her Barista Competition presentation. Here, she’s dialing in her bean grind to maximize quality espresso pours, cappuccino and signature beverage shots, with places set for the judges’ tastings.

ELV service
During Vonie’s 15-minute presentation; points are awarded for making eye contact and engaging with judges as you serve them.

Top 3 Brewer's Cup
The top three competitors from the North East Regional Brewers Cup, L-R: Third, Caleb Lewis, Square One Coffee, Lancaster, PA (84.52); First, Todd Carmichael, La Colombe Torrefaction, Philadelphia, PA (86.43); Second, James Klapp, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA (85.12).

Aaron and ELV
Erika Lee Vonie and Aaron Ultimo.

For some more in-depth coverage of the competition, check this South Philly Review piece with reactions from the competitors.

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