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Five Photos: The girls of Fire & Ice’s monthly drag brunch

Anna Rexia (pictured) and Josh Schonewolf got this Old City daytime drag party started at Fire & Ice one year ago, and they celebrated a one-year anniversary last Sunday. Props to Robbie Sambuca for this shot.

A relative newcomer to the scene, Aurora Whorealis, made one audience member answer the question “Whatchya gonna do with all that ass?” A question posed by Beyonce in, perhaps, the most sensual cut from her new self-titled, “Rocket.”

One of the Gayborhood’s It girls, Icon Ebony-Fierce, turned in a duel-gendered rendition of “Drunk in Love.”

Behold Miss Mercedes Monroe Cassadine, giving you leopard-printed jumpsuit ‘hoodness. You don’t want to mess with this fierce host. This one’s also from Mr. Sambuca.

Rexia and Cassadine were joined by Sutton Fearce for a fitting celebration of their survivor status with the Destiny’s Child staple, “Survivor.” Keep on keepin’ on, girls.

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