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Philly emcee Tom Charles releases video, “Finer Things,” and Kanella chef Konstantinos Pitsillides is in it

Finer Things

I worked at Kanella for a long time. Chef Konstantinos Pitsillides and his lovely wife, Caroline, are two of the best people I’ve ever worked for. It’s a small little family over there: a half-dozen or so servers, a few hosts, a few food runners, and even a small kitchen staff. So it was a blast to watch an old co-worker’s new music video yesterday and discover that it featured not only visuals set in Kanella’s interior but a cameo from head server Bobby and Chef Pitsillides homself. Turns out, he’s a natural.

Emcee Tom Charles has been on the grind for a while now. Since 2007. He made some YouTube videos on a previous account, but this one marks a fresh start. “I have like four or five videos, but I put this one on a new account because I’m kind of fresh starting and rebranding myself, and I got a lot in the works,” he says. “I’m posting a Kickstarter for the next video that we wanna shoot soon, too.” [We'll be sure to update this post with those deets when they become available.]

In the video, he does some solid Philly visits including to a barber shop (Burke & Payne Barber Co.), a tailor (Commonwealth Proper,) and, perhaps the crown jewel of the video, a poker scene at Kanella. Pitsillides fit the role that Charles was looking for: “I knew I wanted that handsome but intimidating look for the gentlemen that I was playing poker with,” Charles says. “I told Chef the concept, and he was all about it.”

It looks like maybe “Finer Things” could help give a little kick to Charles’s local notoriety. It’s a fun watch, and there’s a sexy lady in it (her name’s Lala—”She’s a Philly cat,” Charles says). The single’s been doing well on iTunes, and what makes it a little more special for him is that he pretty much molded the whole thing himself from beat to video. “I made the beat and everything. That’s my first production that I’ve released for sale by myself,” he says. “I came up with the idea and just had to figure out how to put it together, figuring out scheduling and budgets.”

He recruited his boy, Pat Murray (of Glass Canon), to help him with the execution and the cleanup: “Both of us really [made it]. I came up with the treatment, and he helped me put it all together and he edited it and all that shit.”

Check Tom Charles out online. And bring your own cards for your late Kanella reservation and see if you can get a KEO out of him.

YouTube Preview Image

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