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Save the Date: Philadelphia Fashion Week

Sure it’s the middle of July, but before you know it fall fashion season will be upon us and just like every other major city, Philly will be knee-deep in fashion. To get you ready for the whirlwind of events, fashion shows and parties, the FBH agency is giving us a heads up to pen in our Filofaxes the dates September 20-24, 2011 for this fall’s fashion week.


In its 6th season, Philadelphia Fashion Week is celebrating 5 years of showcasing Philadelphia’s creative and fashionable community. Every season, the event features exquisite garment’s by international designers and exhibits luxury products and services, live entertainment and an award ceremony honoring Philadelphia’s most influential figures.

While the full schedule will be out soon, here are a few of the designers lined up:

- English Clientele by Mike Sam

- Celestino Couture

- Marcia Ganem

- Paris Chic-Couture Wedding Gowns

- Walishe Gooshe

- Amare Sinh

and many more…

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Be Apart of The Collection…


To celebrate their second year, The Philadelphia Collection—a ten-day, citywide series of fashion and style events that’ll take place in September—is inviting local designers and graphic artists to create a t-shirt design incorporating the TPC logo (above).

The two winning designs (one for a men’s tee, one for a women’s tee) will be printed by Nigel Richards of 611 Lifestyle and prominently featured in the TPC fashion events as well as being sold for $30 dollars at select local retailers starting September 1.

The contest is a great and relatively easy way for two budding local designers to really get their name/brand out there as it will be included on the shirts hang-tag. It’s also befitting of TPC’s mission to engage and expose members of Philly’s diverse style and fashion community.

The contest runs till July 8 (next Friday) and the winners will be announced on July 19. Depending just how awesome and original the designs are, you can’t expect us to post a preview. As for all the juicy details about Philly’s fashion and style event of the year, you can definitely expect us to share them with you as soon as they’re announced.

If you think you have the creativity and know-how to compete, check here for the contest’s complete list of entry guidelines.

Local designer brings boutique to South Philly


So apparently I recently accepted a FB friend request from local designer Nicole Rae Styer. I didn’t realize it until photos of her new merch popped up on my News Feed last night which immediately grabbed my attention.

It turns out, she was one of the few designers to really woo me at Philly Fashion Week in the fall. She’s also just opened NRS Boutique on East Passyunk Ave. Nicole graduated from University of the Arts in 2005 and has another small store in her hometown, Reading, PA. With over 30 stores around the country carrying NRS Designs, there’s a chance you’ve probably seen her work.

Much like Betsey Johnson (one of my faves), Nicole’s designs are super girly, fun and all feature some sort of awesomely tacky embellishment. These usually consist of  layers of hand-stitched sequins, lace, bows, vintage fabrics and other various textile components, most of which are recycled resources. I’m particularly drawn to her party dresses, tunics and jewelry which are where I think her flair really thrives.

Not all of her garments are 100 percent original (I noticed several of the bathing suits in her new swimwear collection were actually from H&M, just decorated), but nevertheless, I appreciate her creativity. Whether adding her signature embellishments justifies bumping up the original price tag by $100, well, that I’m not so sure of.

In addition to a wide array of women’s clothing and accessories, the boutique has items for men and kids. You can check it out this Saturday during a grand opening reception.

NRS Boutique
1822 East Passyunk Ave.
Hours: Tue-Sun, 11 a.m-7 p.m

Philadelphia Fashion Week Photos: Friday Night

PW photographer Inna Spivakova went and got some fairly awesome shots Friday night at Philadelphia Fashion Week. Highlights after the jump…
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Philly Fashion Week: Roundup


Well, folks, 2010 Philadelphia Fashion Week has now come and gone, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Was it as well organized as it could have been? Definitely not. Would I have liked to see more local designers? Yes, sir.

But they did do a heck of job booking good musical talent (extra props to  tUPHace, who I was elated to finally see perform). Too bad there wasn’t a dance floor.

Anyhow, I’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so I’ll just cut to the chase. Here’s my highlights; PW also has a ton of pics from Nicole Leyerer and the awesome Inna Spivakova (all of hers will be in a post tomorrow).

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Derek Brad Photography


So you didn’t make it to the 23rd Street Armory last week to experience Philadelphia Fashion Week? Don’t worry, Derek Brad Photography has you covered. His collection of photos, split up by day and/or designer via tags and posts, puts you right in the action.  From on the scene to behind the scenes, Derek Brad captured the essence of the events of the week so that you can live (or relive) Philly’s fledgling week of fashion from that fly-on-the-wall perspective.

Philly Fashion Week: Opening Night


Bus Stop Boutique

Allow me to start by introducing myself…

My name is Nicole, I’ve been a lowly PW intern for over a year and now I’m the newest style blogger. My first assignment: attend the 2nd Annual Philly Fashion Week then report back with all the juicy details.

So enough about me, let’s talk fashion!

As noted by the night’s MC (Eyewitness News reporter/former Miss Pennsylvania, Nicole Brewer), this year’s runway shows have an international theme, featuring the spring/summer 2011 collections of designers from around the world.

Wednesday night however, was strictly devoted to local designers.

Ban Thor Pan1

Ban Thor Phan

Delicious Boutique–Despite being known for their one-of-kind corsets, it turns out the boutique also specializes in tacky leather getups. In fact, I only spotted two cute corsets in the entire collection. Though I must admit, I was totally digging their bad-ass utility belts.

Lolliepop Collection—Much like the Delicious collection, it included a lot of masculine boots and jackets with some super-feminine blouses and dresses mixed in.

Ban Thor Pan—The collection’s Middle-Eastern inspiration may have been a bit overwhelming at times, but it definitely mastered the perfect blend of style and comfort. Featuring mostly loose-fitting garments made of breezy, natural materials, I feel like “fashionable stoner” is the best way to describe it.

Arcadia Boutique

Arcadia Boutique

Arcadia & Bus Stop Boutiques—My personal favorite (both of them). Finally, some colorful clothes! Even sitting a couple of rows away from the stage I could see the impressive detailing of the garments.

Carmelita Couture—Definitely the most glamorous collection of the evening. I especially enjoyed the last two Gaga-esque looks (see bottom right).

If you’re planning on attending any of the Fashion Week events, here’s some things to keep in mind:

* The beer is hidden under the bar. I believe it was Triumph’s Pale Ale.

gaga look

Carmelita Couture

* There’s a rather limited selection of mixed drinks (Smirnoff vodka and one of five Vitamin Water Zero flavors).

* The bathroom is a couple of porta-potties in the alleyway.

* Your seat will be taken.

* Eat the cheese at your own risk.

* Don’t bother trying to be fashionably early. Fortunately, DJ Matt Blank was there to rock my world while I waited for the show to begin.

* The vendors are definitely worth checking out. There was a lot of cute, reasonably priced handmade jewelry.

* The runway shows only actually took up about an hour of the evening.

Anyway, I have two more nights of fashion and Vitamin Water cocktails ahead of me so check back on Monday for my recap.

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