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First Person Arts Festival


The First Person Arts Festival started yesterday with the First Taste Dinner and silent auction with CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien. ┬áThe festival continues all week with events and workshops at the Painted Bride Art Center and other various locations throughout the city. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this ever-growing movement of storytelling, memoir and the celebration of real life as art. Highlights include a tribute (complete with special guests like Talib Kweli) to poet , activist and once Temple University professor Sonia Sanchez (November 14 at the Baptist Temple), The First Person Museum (running through December 18 at the Painted Bride Art Center) and The Real Americans by Dan Hoyle (running November 11-13 at the Painted Bride).

Check the video below for a taste of what First Person Arts is all about (warning, NSFW, unless your boss is cool with you watching someone tell a story that includes the themes of marijuana, hand jobs and masturbation). For more videos of the storytellers who will be competing in tomorrow’s Fall Grand Slam and Soiree, go to the First Person Arts Blog HERE.

YouTube Preview Image

amanda | Nov 9 2010 9:02am | art, competitions, festivals, philly, 19106 | Comment 1


Hee, Three Sirens boutique in Old City is gonna be in an episode of TRANSform Me, an off-the-rails looking example of the “Yell me better!” reality genre on VH1, which can be summarized pretty much like this:

The women who write to VH1 with their style emergencies have no idea that three transgender women will be coming to their rescue.

It’s the setting for the clothing makeover portion of tonight’s episode, which airs on VH1 at 10:30.


Three Sirens owner Amy Nanos, center, with two of the three hosts, Jamie Clayton, left, and Laverne Cox, right

And hey, because I can: HAIR AND MAKEUP.


emily g | Apr 26 2010 1:40pm | local biz, 19106, three sirens | Comments 0

Midweek stuff to do!


Emily F usually does our “stuff to do” posts on Fridays, but seeing as how it’s now the glorious season of dresses, sunglasses and going out on weeknights, here’s a roundup of the surprising amount of fashiony-crafty-type stuff that’s happening before we get our weekend post up:


Joan Shepp Y-3 opening party:

We will be having a Y-3 Spring Opening Party here at Joan Shepp on April 14th from 7-9 pm. We will be featuring the newest collections for both Men + Women from Y-3 with DJ King Britt spinning all night and 10% of sales during the event will be donated to the Special Olympics. We hope you can join us for the event!


Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut St.


Free yoga class with trunk show by Three Sirens right after:

Free All Levels Vinyasa Yoga Class with Shiya of Shanti Yoga Shala from 6:30-7:30pm and a Hardtail Forever Yoga and Loungeware Trunk Show hosted by Three Sirens Boutique immediately following the class.

This free class is appropriate for all levels– we will accommodate beginners and students with more advanced practices by offering variations, props and more.

Enjoy 10% off all Hardtail purchases AND receive 10% off your next Shanti Yoga Shala purchase when you spend $100 or more.

Shanti Yoga, 240 N. 3rd St.; Three Sirens, 134 N. 3rd St.



Bus Stop’s third birthday party; It’s wrong to love Special British Words as much as I do

Come & join us on Thursday, April 15 as we celebrate our 3rd Birthday!

As a special thank you to all our customers, we are offering 15% OFF any Spring shoe – including a great selection for blokes!

Just in, new styles from Irregular Choice, Fly London, Bensimon chic French sneakers, Nicole ankle boot in fabulous pink & so much more!

The party fun begins at 6pm until 9pm. Stop by for a cocktail & help us celebrate. We hope to see you on Thursday! Cheers!

Bus Stop Boutique, 750 S. 4th St.


Square Peg Artery and Salvage’s Wish I Was in Art School crafty crit night, for those who need a little extra motivation or feedback to get back on the creative train (I know I could use a bit):

Wish I Was in Art School Critique Night November 19th 2009, 6-8pm, FREE! Bring in your Crafts, Arts, Friends and finished or in progress and receive constructive criticism from your peers!

Square Peg Artery and Salvage, 108 S. 20th St.

Copy Jam tonight


Neat-idea art party tonight at the most-appropriately titled venue:

“COPY JAM!” will be an interactive print event. During the party, fifty works by fifty artists will be displayed in a grid on the wall. Upon arrival, each guest will be handed a complimentary ticket that can be exchanged for one black & white photocopy of any work the guest chooses. There will be no sales; one ticket equals one copy. Copies will be made LIVE in the gallery for one night only!

It is, of course, at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, at 116 N 3rd St., from 6 to 9 tonight. Complimentary cocktails.

A lot of the Space 1026 people are participating, and they’re having a simul/afterparty at their space, 1026 Arch St., from 7-10.

emily g | Mar 25 2010 9:56am | art, what to do, 19106, 19107, art in the age, space 1026 | Comments 5

Bobble Water Bottle


Spring has sprung! And as the weather gets warmer it gets me to thinking about toting a water bottle in my pack at all times. There are two things that this Midwestern girl hates when it comes to water in Philadelphia, the taste of city water and spending money on bottled water to avoid it.

Thankfully the folks over at Foster’s Homeware are now stocking the 100% recycled (and recyclable), super affordable (only $10!) and lifestyle-friendly (small with a little design flare) Bobble water bottle. It has a built-in carbon filter that pulls out all the gunk, leaving only the good stuff (H2O, duh). The Bobble really is about as green as it gets too, as noted over at Treehugger. Additionally, the Bobble’s filter is good for up to 300 refills and can be replaced.

I especially enjoy the array of colors the filter comes in and the sport cap top because I’m known for being a “dribbler” when it comes to drinking out of a screw cap bottle. What can I say, I’m classy, but only up to a certain point and after that…I’m about as couth as a 12-year-old boy.

Manu necklaces


Very much liking the necklaces from Philly-based Lauren Manoogian’s Manu; many pieces are made out of a certain genus of everyday objects… scroll down and see if you figure out what they are.



That category would be… office supplies. See how the chain links in the above one are paper clips wrapped in vinyl tape? Although I’ve never worked in an office with that many excellent shades of tape, and she’s obviously moved from making stuff as a bored receptionist to making legit jewelry based on something that one might make as a bored receptionist, it still makes me feel terrifically unproductive. The many hours I spent not specifically doing my job as a bored receptionist mostly went to non-useful things like the internet, papercraft, polling all the customers a la Heathers about dubious grammatical points and creating Shark Repellent Bat Spray labels for the canned air.

Available at Vagabond, at 37 N. 3rd St. in Old City. Can I get that video, please?


emily g | Mar 23 2010 10:40am | jewelry, local biz, 19106, manu, vagabond | Comments 0

Grasshopper/Shmitten sale


Some of the ladies of Shmitten Kitten are going to be playing music at Grasshopper this Saturday; I’m not sure exactly what “playing music” entails, but while they’re there, everything is 25% off. Woo!

emily g | Mar 18 2010 9:29am | local biz, what to do, 19106, grasshopper, shmitten kitten | Comments 2

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