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Apartment Therapy Meetup: Next Wednesday


Listen up, apartment dwellers. Totally rad blog Apartment Therapy is hosting a meetup in our fair city next week. Come prepared with your personal home decor questions — bring wall paper swatches, print out photos of sofas, write a list of potential ideas — and design professionals will answer your questions. And probably enjoy yummy margaritas, since this event is at the Mexican Post. This is also a good opportunity to chat up the AT folks and tell them how badly you want a Philly-based AT. Oh wait, is that just us?


When: Wednesday, July 14, 6:30 p.m.

Where: Mexican Post, 104 Chestnut St.

erica | Jul 8 2010 9:15am | EVENTS, LOCAL LOVE, what to do, Apartment Therapy | Comments 4

DesignPhiladelphia house tour


Kevin of DesignPhiladelphia (also of Bahdeebahdu, as you may be able to tell from the neato shipwreck chandelier) has a house tour of his place near Rittenhouse up on Apartment Therapy… quite pink, quite cute!

emily g | Apr 15 2010 10:28pm | home, Apartment Therapy, bahdeebahdu | Comments 0

Philly Apartment Therapy tour


Aw, one of our Philly blog buddies got featured in an Apartment Therapy house tour! Jealous! Lovely house, Elizabeth (of Peacock Feathers), but I swear to god if you’re the one who bought the big stuffed marlin/sailfish thing from AIDS Thrift about three years ago when I was 22, broke and waiting for my sad paycheck to clear so I could come back and buy it, I am going to march over to your “eclectic rowhouse” and I am going to scuff your fancy wallpaper.

emily g | Nov 17 2009 10:54am | home, 19146, Apartment Therapy, peacock feathers | Comment 1

What looks to be an awesome moving away sale

Bridget Pizzo, a Philly-area photographer and stylist, was recently featured on Apartment Therapy for the extremely awesome rehab she did of her grandparents’ old house:

And when you check out her flickr photostream, because she documented the entire rehab in photos, there’s also an album with hundreds of pictures entitled “Lots and Lots for Sale” in which you can find normal stuff like wireless routers and vacuums that people need to sell when they move away interspersed with several of the furniture pieces seen in the rehab photoset, including the black-and-white chairs above. Oh, man, I covet this mirror and chair:

Her contact information’s on her website and blog.

beezy.peezy’s photostream: “Lots and Lots for Sale”

Apartment Therapy LA: Bridget’s Before and After

Bridget Pizzo: Do It for the Story

via Peacock Feathers

emily g | May 26 2009 10:46am | home, Apartment Therapy, Bridget Pizzo, furniture | Comment 1

White on white on white

Have I mentioned that I love that the DC Apartment Therapy now has a Philadelphian on staff? Kristen gives me all sorts of stuff to drool about that isn’t located 200 miles to the north or south.






Photography by Trevor Dixon (for Philadelphia Magazine) and Todd Mason.

These are some photos of a lovely Philly loft done by Spring Garden’s own QB3, which is incidentally and not-intuitively pronounced “cube,” btw.

The pictures for this loft tour, which is a little sterile for my taste (it seriously looks like they got a cat to match their decor) but whose bookshelves I envy with a fire like the sun, can be traced from Apartment Therapy to Loft Life magazine to a slideshow at Philadelphia Magazine back to a slideshow on QB3’s website.

But what none of those places mention is which building this is. Help me out. I’m usually a pretty good googler, but I can’t turn up anything useful on this and I’m very curious.


  • It’s in South Philadelphia
  • It used to be a window factory in the 1900s
  • One window faces the Delaware while the other faces the Schuylkill
  • The views out the windows in the pictures

Any ideas?

emily g | May 18 2009 2:25pm | home, Apartment Therapy, ask the readers, lofts | Comments 2

How to store 14 bikes

Apartment Therapy has a neat post up asking commenters for their input on how to store a lot of bikes in an apartment.

My future husband and I have a bit of a bike problem to solve before we merge households. Specifically we need to find the most efficient storage solution for 7 bikes….each. Have any other AT cyclists found a small space solution for a large number of bikes?

Good question, especially in the bike central that is Philadelphia. The nicest-looking solution for bike storage in our opinion is the Cycloc, but at the moment just one is going to run you about $112 plus shipping, so it’s unlikely anyone’s going to buy 14. They’re a great blend of form and function, though, and come in four colors!

At the moment there’s a few good suggestions and a ton of people asking why in god’s name the couple needs seven bikes apiece. To offer your input, defend the validity of owning seven+ bikes or see what other people have suggested, check out the comments here.

Cycloc pics via  fueledbycoffee’s flickr and Cycloc

emily g | Mar 20 2009 5:59pm | home, Apartment Therapy, bikes, Cycloc | Comments 0