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Ombre Hair: Thumbs Up or Down?

Ombre hair, highlights, celeb hair styles

Also called balayage or free-form highlights, it’s a type of highlighting where the ends are lightened much more than the roots, giving hair a summery, carefree look. You’ve probably rocked this before, except you called it “I-can’t-get-my-hair-done-for-two-more-weeks” hair. Not judging. Here’s a breakdown of some pros and cons when it comes to this hair style:

Pro: Like I said, it’s summery! It looks like you were summer-lovin’ at the beach for weeks instead of stuck indoors, working.

Pro: It looks more natural than stripy, bleach-blond highlights. Unless that’s your thing.

Pro: It’s customizable. You can go crazy or keep it subtle–your call.


Pro: Possibly the best one of them all–it’s cheaper! Because the roots are an intentional part of the look, you can go longer between appointments.

Pro: Celebs love it. It’s okay to follow the herd every once in a while.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Con: Celebs love it and not all celeb looks should be imitated.

–Megan Park