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Street Snaps: Betty Betty

This heat wave is a killer, huh. Everybody is sweatin hard, trying to keep from looking like an absolute mess. I swear, the humidity is making it hard for me to focus (my manual lens, that is). But look at this vision, all in pink. A cool and structured lady, whose repeating kiss prints make for a flirty look without being too pushy.

“My name is Charima. I’m twenty years old, I’m from Philadelphia, Southwest.”

Is there a specific trend you’ve been seeing lately that you wish would just curl up and die?

“Curl up and die? I dunno. I have a specific style that I really, really like – like the 80s, 60s type look. Hippie, crop tops, high waists…”

So is there a specific thing you wish you would see more of then?

“More sixties, eighties. That kinda stuff. But it’s coming out a lot. Even the hairstyles – the bob, you know… The whole bowl cut…”

I like your pin curls.

“Yup, pin curls. I just pin it up. But it’s actually a curly hair? So I don’t really have to pin it up cause it’s gonna be curly anyway, but I just put the pins in there so it can have the specific curl.”

Is there anything a favorite thing that you have on right now?

“Just my bag. I love Betsy Johnson.” (laughs)

Do you go check out her store in King of Prussia ever?

Yes. Yesterday I was there and the owner of the store, she was like, I don’t know why you’re here, I know you have everything in style. We didn’t get any new shipment yet. I said okaaay.”

I’ll see ya later…

“Yes. I love Betsy Johnson.”

Do you have a current obsession? It doesn’t have to deal with clothes at all.

“Mm, no. The only obsession I have is shopping. I like to shop and go out.”

Do you like to go shopping in particular areas? Are some of them better than others?

“Usually, I thought that I would rather go to the mall instead of downtown, because a lot of people would go downtown instead of traveling to the mall. But yesterday when I went to the mall, I didn’t find anything. And downtown is closer, so I probably would’ve at least found something.But I didn’t find nothing at all and I went all the way to the mall.”


“So I went to Victoria’s Secret. (laughs) Can’t ever go wrong there!”

How would you describe your style?

“I like to swtich up a lot. I’m very versatile. I change my hairstyle. I’m very daring. So I wear stuff that I think other people won’t. I don’t think I’m doing that today, I just threw this on, cause you know, I liked the lips and everything. But…”

I mean, I really like the lips, lips, all pink, very femme – I really like that.

“Thank you.”

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