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Turkey Lurkey Loo


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Facials sound like a luxe, indulgent experience, but sometimes when you’re getting your pores cleared out it HURTS. This Rice Facial at Moko that Daily Candy found sounds like a nice alternative. Ingredients used in a facial from Moko include basmati rice, ghee (clarified butter), milk, cardamom and cinnamon. Mmm. Sounds like you should stop here for dessert after Thanksgiving weekend. Also featured in Daily Candy is Jimmie the Psychic, who sounds like a good stop this weekend as well  — aside from all the Black Friday sales obviously.

While Black Friday has offers on big things like flat screen TV’s and laptops, Marie Claire and Glamour have lists of little things that will make those on your shopping list happy.

Marie Claire also has tips on how to get hair like our girl crush Blake Lively, as well the best beauty products of 2009. They just don’t have pictures of creative rings – but this blog seems to have it covered.


yhst-74741684514875_2082_5338808Some days, we wish we could carry these around. They’re ‘win’ and ‘fail’ stamps for you to use on every piece of paper that you deem fit for their ink. They’d definitely increase the amount of chuckles in an average day at the office, that’s for sure.

If you’re a frequent reader, you know that we have a bit of a girl crush on Blake Lively. has an entry showing that our favorite Gossip Girl can get away with anything. No, really. Glamour also has an ebay pick of the day. We’re definitely going to keep checking back since they’re sure to find some interesting things,  and we think you should too.

Need help getting out the door in the morning? Clutch Magazine is here to help you streamline your routine. They’ve also go a post on Forever 21′s new beauty line which is set to debut soon! We can’t wait to see it!

A blogger named Tilly put this post up about jewelry designed by an architect. We’re fans of Frank Gehry’s line at Tiffany & Co. and this is along the same vein.

Lastly, we love Moroccan Oil, but I Heart Daily tells us about an oil from Japan. We’re going to have it pick it up the next time we stumble across Japanese beauty supplies. This cold air has left us in need of every beauty tip from around the world that we can get our hands on.

Across The Pond

cargo runway palette 5 blushes

Cargo's Runway Kit

I came across Uniqlo while I was studying in London. The Japanese retailer wasn’t on this side of the pond at that point, and I thought that I had come across buried treasure. There’s a store in NYC’s SoHo neighborhood now, but it’s still not as common as it is in the UK, France, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong or Singapore. However, thanks to the magic of the Internet you can order any of their products online, including their awesome HEATTECH Line. HEATTECH does magical things – generates heat, and controls odor (that’s always a concern when we’re trying to stay toasty — but not too toasty) while remaining soft and static free. You can also check out Uniqlo’s winter collection HEATTECH and otherwise.

Also inspired by across the pond designs – this cute skirt that Rachel Zoe also loves from Topshop. Rachel discusses it in her blog in the Parallel Universe section.

This morning Marie Claire points the way to Bright Bags, the NY Times discusses the cultural phenomenon that is Blake Lively’s hair — and to think, it was under a hat in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. In addition to having Ellen on the cover, O Magazine discusses Cargo’s Runway Kit available at Sephora – blush and eyeshadow styled to look like chunky sweater knits and buttons respectively.

Single-Sleeve Madness

While surfing for pictures from the The Met Costume Institute Gala the other night, I kept running into pictures of people with a single sleeve — particularly this one image that is shown again and again of Kate Moss in a gold single-sleeve dress and a matching turban.

Blake Lively from Gossip Girl, seems to be particularly attached to the single shoulder-bearing cut; here she is twice (above and below) wearing a single-sleeve getup.

I personally like the trend when the ‘’sleeve” is a little shorter, and in a shorter, more flowy form. Think something along the lines of this Beausoleil Jackie Ruffle Dress by Juicy Couture.

How do you feel about the single bare shoulder trend?