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Bathing Suits for Girls With Big Boobs: Success!

Big, huge thanks to everyone who commented on my recent post bemoaning the difficulties of finding a supportive bathing suit. Per the advice of many readers (and lots of friends who commented on my Facebook; friend me! And the painfully under-liked PW Style blog’s page!), I ordered a suit from Victoria’s Secret. (Better yet: On sale!) For less than $65, I found a bathing suit that is supportive and fashionable. And I swear to god, it makes me look skinnier.

victoria's secret suit

this is not me

I ordered the top in my bra size. It came with removable padding, which I fully intended to throw away, but after trying on the top with and without the pad, I decided it was a necessary evil. Without, the top is a little too loose (perhaps indicating that I can go down a cup size?) and I do like the additional protection it provides in the nipple area, despite being generally against making my boobs look larger than they already are.

I also really like that the back fastens with a clip instead of tying. It feels more supportive this way and I can still adjust the top by fastening the neck to my preferred tightness. My girls are up high and close together and I feel certain that a large wave would not cause me any boob-related embarrassment. Thumbs way up.
I also ordered the scoop bottom, which sits a little higher on the leg and has a higher rise and a higher back. For a girl with a moderately sized derriere, it covers just the right amount of trunk junk without feeling prudish.  That said, if you prefer more or less coverage, you can order accordingly, a feature I really, truly appreciate. Additionally, I took a victory lap around my bedroom and found that the bottom didn’t ride up. Thumbs? Still up.

Victoria’s Secret is currently in the midst of their semi-annual sale, which means bathing suits are running 25 percent to 50 percent off. Buy yours today!

Bathing Suits for Girls With Big Boobs


The Baywatch babes got their suits specially made to hold up their chests.

I have big boobs. 36Ds, to be precise, a measurement recently confirmed by not one, but two different bra fitters after I haughtily insisted that I knew my body and I was most definitely a C-cup. Turns out, they know my five-foot, three-inch body better than I did.

I like my large chest well enough. I look phenomenal in dresses made to accentuate curves and my boobs aren’t so big that I suffer from health problems like a good friend who is considering reduction surgery after years of lower back pain.

The only time I find myself longing to be smaller is when I’m clothes shopping in the summer, when I stare longingly at skinny-strapped dresses and halter tops. Shoving 36Ds into a strapless bra and expecting them to stay in place is a little like sticking a spoon to your nose. It’ll work for a while, but it’s not a permanent bond.

I’ve avoided the bathing suit dilemma for the past seven years by simply not wearing one. This is not as hard as you would expect when you factor in that I can’t swim — ask me about that one over drinks sometimes — and that both my boyfriend and I make our livings creatively so we don’t have a lot of cash to blow on vacations.

But this summer, I need a bathing suit. I’m going on a week-long trip to Ocean City, Maryland, and am very much looking forward to splashing in the ocean and reading on the beach. If only I can find something to wear.

I don’t think my criteria is especially strict. I would like my boobs to safely strapped to my chest. I’m not going to be jogging along the beach in my bathing suit top, but if a particularly strong wave hits me, I’d like to feel confident that I am not pulling a Janet Jackson at the Superbowl. It should also be Not Ugly. I’m not saying it has to be cute, but it should not make me visibly cringe when I see it on the hanger.  I’m open to one-piece suits, though I’d much prefer a two-piece, because while I am pretty short — approximately 5’3” — I have a long torso, which makes me a tricky fit. Also, I am 25 years old and I work hard to be skinny, dammit. No granny suits for me, please.

Per recommendations from other well-endowed friends, I ordered a suit from J. Crew. When it arrived, I excitedly tried it on in my un-air-conditioned bedroom. The lining was so thin, my nipples showed through and there was such minimal support that my usually perky chest seemed to be reaching for the floor.

I’ve now been on the hunt for two weeks and have tried on 36 suits in five stores. The only one that was even an option in terms of fit was hideously floral and came up so high on my waist that I looked like I was trying to hide a big belly underneath. I’ve also scoped out, which carries swimsuits for women with C to DD cups. I’m sure these suits are serviceable but they’re also ugly as sin.

I have realized that whatever suit I buy must — MUST — have an underwire, which is harder to find than you might imagine. This morning, in a fit of desperation, I ordered this suit from Anthropologie.

Particle Mosaic Top and Bottom, Anthropolgie, $216

For a whopping $216 (plus tax and shipping!), I am hoping that this suit will fit appropriately. If not, I’ve got a list of back-ups to order. See them below the jump.

Also: I’d love to hear from you on this topic. I’m sure that I am not the only big-boobed girl who has run into this problem. Where did you find an appropriate swimsuit? How much did you pay for it? And if you’re a lady with smaller breasts, what other problems do you have when shopping for a swimsuit? We may feature your comments in a future post.

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erica | Jun 29 2010 8:38am | FASHION, SHOPPING, body, wtf?, bathing suits, boobs, summer | Comments 21

How I learned to stop worrying and love the boob

OR: Telling Emily G that she has great breasts will guarantee a sale. Keep it in mind, salespeople of Philadelphia!

FIRSTLY: If you’re on the A-Team or the chairman of the itty bitty titty committee, Coeur is having a lingerie for small women trunk show this Saturday.

Now, I would like to step right up and testify: Coeur is awesome. Here is the story of how I became fine with having a stranger manipulate my boobs and learned how to put on a bra properly:

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emily g | Apr 22 2009 4:33pm | Uncategorized, boobs, bras, Coeur, step right up and testify | Comments 4

Top Ta-Tas

Last night was the season finale of Top Chef. It’s been an extremely lackluster season with no truly remarkable contestants, which is why there’s been little mention of it here. However, last’s night episode was interesting.

It went down like this: Blah, blah, food, past season stars, drama, OH! A twist!, famous chefs, a fallen souffle, tears, a cranky British guy, boobs, boobs, boobs, the Shmoo wins.

Right now, we’re going to focus on just one aspect of this recap: Boobs. Specifically, guest judge Gail Simmons’.

In this episode, the Food & Wine editor decided that it’d be entirely appropriate to wear an ill-fitting, low-cut dress that showed an, um, excessive amount of cleavage. Or perhaps we’re being prudish here. You be the judge. As one colleague joked, “In this shot, her boobs are so licious, they’re busting onto the screen.”

In Gail’s defense, she did have on a very supportive bra. Which we could see. Nice demi-cup.

And she clearly subscribes to the “up high and close together” rule when purchasing undergarments (as opposed to “lift and separate”).

Gail, we love you, but c’mon. Have a little class.

Special thanks to Paul and DMac for hunting down pictures.

erica | Feb 26 2009 1:33pm | body, boobs, gail simmons, top chef | Comments 0