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7 Days of Fall Boots

It’s September which means, contrary to the temperatures this week, it’s fall. It’s time to pack up your sandals and flip flops, pull out your socks and start covering your toes. One of my favorite parts of fall fashion are boots and this season’s offerings are as bountiful as ever. Below you’ll find a boot for every day of the week. Think of it as a my friendly attempt at easing you into a fall frame of mind.

Boutique 9

Boutique 9 Rivet Laceup Boots: because Monday can be a battle


Bass Nikki Boot: Tuesday, much like the saddle shoe, is worthy of reinvention


Frye Chelsea Riding Boots: Hump Day Schump Day, these go with practically anything, stop whining and get dressed

Tall Clog

Stuart Weitzman Tall Clog Boots: The clog style should help with balance, even after one too many Thursday happy hour cocktails


Belle by Sigerson Morrison Grey Leather #6431 : Casual is boring, we voted in Friday thigh high day.


Sam Edelman Zoyla: Studs and leather are always work-appropriate on Saturday.


Minnetonka Side Lace Knee High Boot: Hangover appropriate and pairs well with Sunday brunch.

Sparkle and Shine

One of our favorites from Ann Taylor

One of our favorites from Ann Taylor

Just in case you were getting a little bored with the selection at Target, which is difficult because their boots and fedoras are amongst our faves – they’re rolling out a new collection. Nylon spills the beans about the new Rodarte collection – a favorite of Keira Knightley, Dita von Teese, & other celebs.

Marie Claire has tips on how to make makeup last all day, while Glamour is on the lookout for sequined clothing that won’t break the bank. We’re fans, since sometimes sparkle can cost a pretty penny.

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT have some great jewelry out for the holidays. We’re smitten with their selection. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but sometimes all it takes is some sparkle to catch our eyes.

Phight Another Day

PhillyBurbs‘ tweets last night were pretty entertaining. Here’s a sample of some of what they had to say:


We like the one about A.J. Burnett having to pay his way back to the Bronx. Poor guy.

Here are some more Halloween recaps: the website focusing on the NYC social scene, Guest of a Guest listed some of their faves, as did tech blog Engadget. The blog as a post about two guys who dressed up like iPhones using massive LCD TV’s. The costumes are expensive and bulky but still pretty cool.’s points the way to coverage of a fashion show held at the Philadelphia Art Museum.  The show was sponsored by Sak’s Fifth Avenue and featured designs honoring Tom Marotta, the late VP of Couture for the department store.

NBC10’s Lilliana Vazquez dishes out another serving of style recommendations, including over the knee bootsNBC also has pictures of stars who came out for Heidi Klum’s infamous costume party, as well as information on how sales of sheer pantyhose are down.

Batty Brits

underground-union-jack-sneakersThe New York Times dedicated this past weekend’s T – their style magazine to what they’re calling the Batty Brits. Included in the magazine are Boy George, and actress Samantha Morton. The interactive counterpart to the magazine should help you ease into your monday morning, or atleast keep you occupied for the next five minutes.

The chill in the air has made us crave boots. In Imelda Marcos amounts. Oprah gets it. The latest edition of O highlights the best of the boots available this fall, including the most comfortable, and the most affordable.

Self magazine is the lookout for underwear that won’t give you a wedgie at the gym, and Alyssa Milano has some cute stuff to wear while you cheer on the Phillies from her line created just for women, Touch.

Lastly, I Heart Daily discusses the Ralph Lauren model that was heavily photoshopped and allegedly fired, and features a Q & A with a professional retoucher. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty video at the bottom is eye opening to say the least.

What’s In Your Purse

That’s the question that Elle magazine asked women on the streets of NYC.  My favorite is the woman who pulled cookie cutters out of her purse. See for yourself.

Elle magazine is also onto two things that intrigue me as well. Those things are the city of Buenos Aires (Elle focuses on the style of the city, one of the many reasons I’m drawn to it) and boots. Since the weather hasn’t been Buenos Aires-like in Philly, I think it’s still safe to rock the boots.

Another slideshow worth a look comes from Entertainment Weekly, which features costumes from Dancing With The Stars on their site. EW also provides some insight into Paula Abdul’s poetry — if you want to call it that, uttered during American Idol.

Also watch out for the topless bikinis being sold in Center City. There’s a nude beach up in Sandy Hook, NJ in case you want to buy one and show your nekkid self off somewhere.

Today I Learned

My cowboy boots are the best snow shoes I’ve ever owned.

erica | Jan 28 2009 12:15pm | FASHION, trends, boots, snow | Comments 0

Fan Gear

E! A! G! L! E! S!  EAGLES!

Last night’s game proved Philly victorious over the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, Philly didn’t prove victorious over fashion cliches.

At the game, I couldn’t help but snap a pick of my favorite victim (see above).  He’s decked out in head-to-toe douchebaggery; from the embroidery-embellished jeans to the fedora placed just so.

But dude, if you’re reading this, don’t be mad.  I got called out too.  A die hard fan in Dawkins jersey and cargo shorts cat-called me as I left the stadium: “Hey there, BOOTS! Hey BOOTS! Look, it’s the last day of summer and this girl’s wearing boots!”

Yes, a tank dress and boots is preferred over ill-fitting polyester team jerseys. And hey, we won.  Looks like they’ll forever be my lucky Eagles boots.

kgale | Sep 22 2008 9:40am | FASHION, boots, Eagles, football | Comments 0

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