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The Katacomb Relocates

The KatacombI was originally going to offer you all some pretty awesome news regarding Philly Aids Thrift. Yesterday, I showed up to Philly’s favorite thrift store a little after it had closed, and a gentleman inside slipped a card under the door advertising P.A.T’s new location, which declared this location the first thrift department store in the city. I squealed in delight. Turns out, it was an old advertisement from the store’s previous relocation last summer, and he was only giving it to me because the store’s hours were listed. Womp.

So the good news is that P.A.T is still open at 710 S. Fifth St., but it won’t be moving anytime soon as far as we here at PW Style know. Don’t let the mustached hipster inside fool you.

In other relocation news, however, posh fashionista Brooke Dillon has moved her suburban vintage store, The Katacomb, to 1221 Locust St.

The store, which Dillon has fondly nicknamed “The Kat” allows shoppers – by appointment only – to peruse vintage era pieces, as well as rare Marc Jacobs, YSL and Dior sunglasses, clothing and accessories. But don’t think you’ll get off-the-rack stuff from Ms. Dillon; she’s a real hunter, exploring the far corners of Japan and Paris, and closer to home in L.A., New York and Canada for pieces she – and probably you, too – love.

65 Years Later, Fashion House Thriving

Often, the life of a fashion designer is but a small candle in the blinding fireball that is couture. Once deceased, that candle flickers and goes out. He or she is a mere passing memory, outlived only by shards of silk and cataloged photographs. Few designers’ legacies burn brightly, long after they pass on.

Sixty-five years ago, the world witnessed the launch of what is arguably the most influential and cutting-edge fashion line and designer – Christian Dior. Click more to learn the full story.

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Remnants 3/2

Milan Trends

Milan Trends

—Milan fashion week trends compiled. Fabsugar Australia

—Bus Stop Boutique has announced the March designer of the month, All Black. Bus Stop

—Everyone loves a good mashup of a couple insane men right? Sheen and Qaddafi… GQ

—Since we all have had Galliano on the mind, lets just run with it, he’s been sacked. Okay, now for a more interesting story about the business makeup of Dior. LA Times

—The Gags (yep, referring to Lady Gaga) is going to take her little turn on the Paris catwalk. Wall Street Journal

—Maybe you’ve seen Rob McClure at the Walnut Street Theatre, now you can catch him in “Where’s Charley” with Encores! in NYC. NYTimes

The Galliano plot thickens

Looks like there’s more to report on the anti-semitic remarks of Mr. Galliano. In fact, video has now surfaced that catches him stating his love of Hitler to a couple in a Parisian bar. He is currently suspended from his post of creative director at Dior and according to the AFP, possible prosecution has yet to be determined and the French magristrate’s probes into the charge are still in process. Dior’s collections will be included in Paris Fashion Week’s lineup of fall/winter 2011/2012 shows, however, Galliano will not be present.

amanda | Mar 1 2011 8:43am | FASHION, bad idea, dior, John Galliano, paris fashion week | Comments 0

Thumbs up/thumbs down: John Galliano

He’s never far from the spotlight, that John Galliano. In recent news he has managed to chalk up a few things that can only be noted as being worthy of one thumb up and one thumb way down.

image via NY Daily News

image via NY Daily News

We’ll start with the good—thumbs up Mr. Galliano on your major wedding dress WIN with Kate Moss.

Thumbs DOWN Mr. Galliano on your recently alleged anti-Semitic remarks—-yeah, the ones that have resulted in your current suspension from Dior.

amanda | Feb 25 2011 4:04pm | FASHION, just for fun, dior, John Galliano, kate moss | Comments 0

Galiano Christmas at Claridge’s


Merry Christmas from the PW Style Blog. Around this time each year we get to see how the most creative folks of the world spin the idea of the Christmas tree in a new direction. This year we are particularly enjoying John Galinano’s take on a sea-themed tree at Claridge’s Hotel in London. Check out this video from Time for a tour of this major departure from the classic pine tree covered in tinsel.

Remnants 12/8/10

-Naomi Campbell received a Special Recognition award at last night’s British Fashion Awards. Erratic and sometimes abusive behavior TOTALLY deserves a reward. Good job Camps. Yeah, that’s what her close friends call her. Did we just make that up? Of course we did. British Fashion Awards 2010

-John Lennon— music, social and fashion icon was shot and killed 30 years ago today. Fellow PW blog Make Major Moves gives us a few videos for perspective.  Make  Major Moves

-The Shops at Liberty Place are celebrating 20 years. Yes, 20 years of mall-like shopping without the flashmobs of The Gallery. Philly Chit Chat

-Ruh roh Mastercard, looks like you’ll need more than Scooby Doo and those pesky kids to go up against the “hacktivists.” TIME

-Hey Philly, get a headstart on that “lose 10 pounds” New Years resolution. Registration for Philadelphia Sports Network winter team sports opens today. PSN

-Don’t worry label-hungry shoppers, the rumors are all false! Fashion’s Night Out has officially been confirmed for September 2011. Fashionista

-Natalie Portman is the new face of Dior fragrance Miss Dior Cherie. Women’s Wear Daily gives us real-time updates from today’s press conference via Twitter.  WWD

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