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Remnants 1/5


—Leave it to Courtney Love to be the first celeb to ever get sued over her TWEETS. Yep! Fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir apparently didn’t like that Love called her a drug-pushing prostitute. NME

—Friendly reminder that HG TV Design Star will be hosting a casting call in Philadelphia on Monday, January 10. For details, check out Fajr’s post. PWStyle

-–Looks like Elle and Women’s Day might be sold to Hearst for some COLD HARD CASH. Meredith Corp. seems interested as well though, so who knows? Adweek

—Philly newsstand with a history of the South Street Militia, Rocky Horror Picture Show and fat cats (no really, it was 23 lbs.) re-opened on South St. The Inquirer tells us more on the varied past and hopeful future of Paper Moon. Inky

—There’s nothing like sipping delicious drinks by a fire on a cold night? Am I right or am I right? Thankfully this city has plenty of restaurant and bar options with fireplaces for those of us minus a hearth of our own. UWISHUNU

—Tonight brings us another inane awards show where we mostly just ogle what the celebs are wearing. The People’s Choice Awards start live streaming of the red carpet online at 7:30 p.m. People’s Choice

Sweet Treats

Courtesy of Daily Candy

Courtesy of Daily Candy

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Daily Candy has some suggestions. Their slide show, 19 Gifts for Your Valentine features some pretty cool stuff including these vintage Mexican valentines. A not so romantic gift idea?  This key chain that makes toilet flush sounds.

If you’d rather make up stories about Valentine’s Day, feel free to submit your ideas to the Coach website.

If you’re looking for a gift to give yourself, Bloomingdale’s currently has a pretty awesome Clinique Bonus.

In addition to having her own series that we covered earlier this week called Kell On Earth, Kelly Cutrone also released a new book called If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. This Elle article also mentions that she used to read tarot cards in Venice Beach and Los Angeles, and still gets occasional requests from people to give glimpses into their future.

MAC Cosmetics has always had makeup for every shade, but their new campaign All Ages, All Races, All Sexes includes products that promise to look good on everyone.

Lastly, Nylon has the lowdown on Dior’s new compact featuring Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

From Baywatch to Rite Aid?

image002In Case you haven’t heard, Pamela Anderson will be making appearances at Rite Aid later this month to promote her new perfume. No, you didn’t misread. Rite Aid.

Our friends over at Dahling Accesories are recommending this wristlet. Since January 6th marked the celebration of the Christmas season with The feast of the Epiphany/El Dia De Los Reyes/Three Kings Day/Little Christmas – we’re happy to see something cheery that isn’t a decoration that has to be taken down.

Elle has a free iPhone App that shows you where to shop using GPS, has a slide show featuring creations from Haverford designer Katie Ermilio, and Glamour has tips on how to keep your skin from flaking off in the midst of this frioooo weather. One writer uses A&D Ointment as much as the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding – she even includes a clip of the movie in her post, another uses scrubbing gloves and a back contraption that just might work.

Winter Wonderland

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night and has pictures. You can also watch the show in it’s entirety on

Apparently Dockers pants are trying to make Khakis cool again, so be on the lookout for those ads during this holiday season.

Also something to lookout for this holiday season: Glamour has a list of 20 party dresses under $100. The Today Show’s Sara Haines visited Glamour’s offices to get ideas on practical gifts. Sara is on during the Today Show’s fourth hour, but it’s the online videos where you really get to see her shine. She’s hilarious. Also on this video, each yellow circle on the time-line highlights a different product and the running commentary is pretty funny. Nice.

Also from the Today Show are these styles inspired by MTV’s The City. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, Elle Magazine’s Erin Kaplan and Whitney Port picked some cute outfits.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wacky Wednesday

Courtesy of the New York Times

Courtesy of the New York Times

PW Style Blog hearts Glamour magazine.  They’ve always got great links to beauty tips, nail polish giveaways, and information on how to design your own Chanel bag. However, we’re not so sure how we feel about how Glamour feels about it’s readers. Apparently Glamour readers are supposed to be cheerful and bright – like cupcakes?

Marie Claire, which we suppose is Glamour’s direct competitor doesn’t just discuss cupcakes. They explain party myths and how common misconceptions might get you in trouble. Read up before you drink up.

Fashion week in NYC means random events throughout the city as usual with a fashionista twist.  Check out this list — the Olsen twins are working as DJ’s? features Fall Trends and women in Philadelphia workin’ Market Street like it’s a runway. also pointed the way to this inspiring article from Elle magazine. A homeless girl still found a way to blog and keep herself relevant, as well as catch the eye of an editor at the fashion bible. The story is better in the words of the one that lived it. Luckily, you can read the writings of this young woman who has already overcome so much. She’s currently being featured as a blogger on Elle’s website.

Fall Means Fashion and Tubeflops?

It’s probably a safe bet to say that the red meat that Dominic Episcopo, an artist out of Philadelphia cuts up is nothing like what you had at your Labor Day Cookout. Dominic also has some other great photos on his personal website.

Sanuk flip flops are SUPER comfortable. Especially the ones that look like yoga mats that we’ve been wearing around. However, the fall version of these shoes have tube socks. They just seem a little silly.

Bold lip color isn’t something easy to pull off.  It looks like Rachel McAdams has gotten it down to a science. Glamour has a post showing McAdams wearing a few bold choices.

This week is Fashion Week in NYC, and an editor from Elle magazine gives a behind the scenes look at preparing for the hectic week. She’s slightly annoying – only really because she’s thin, tall, blonde, pretty, wears gorgeous shoes, and has a pretty powerful position in fashion, but it’s an interesting peek at what goes into getting ready for the week that makes the fashion world hold it’s breath.

Lastly, in honor of it being the first day of the week, here are some tips from Teen Vogue on how to get rid of under eye circles. Esquire has a list of reasons why you should be excited for fall.

What’s In Your Purse

That’s the question that Elle magazine asked women on the streets of NYC.  My favorite is the woman who pulled cookie cutters out of her purse. See for yourself.

Elle magazine is also onto two things that intrigue me as well. Those things are the city of Buenos Aires (Elle focuses on the style of the city, one of the many reasons I’m drawn to it) and boots. Since the weather hasn’t been Buenos Aires-like in Philly, I think it’s still safe to rock the boots.

Another slideshow worth a look comes from Entertainment Weekly, which features costumes from Dancing With The Stars on their site. EW also provides some insight into Paula Abdul’s poetry — if you want to call it that, uttered during American Idol.

Also watch out for the topless bikinis being sold in Center City. There’s a nude beach up in Sandy Hook, NJ in case you want to buy one and show your nekkid self off somewhere.