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Spring Color Trends: Sun and Sea

Spring’s color wheel revolves around a scheme which couldn’t be described better by Nanette Lepore, “…the mix of hot neon colors with soft pastels, reminiscent of nature at its extremes: a powerful sunset, the ocean sparkling at dusk with flashes of lightning in the distance.”

But these pops of contrasting color are being spotted mostly on one of the most casual necessities of our wardrobes: jeans.

Here are the bests of bright, sun-bleached yellow and minty, oceanic blue.

Best Fit: J. Crew garment-dyed twill Toothpick jean in light citron, $125

High-Waisted: Urban Outfitters BDG Cigaratte High-rise jean in yellow, $58

Best Price: Forever 21 Fitted Skinny Jeans in Light Yellow, $15.50

Best fit: Free People Candy Stretch Skinny Jean in Sea Man, $78

High-Waisted: Urban Outfitters BDG Cigarette High-rise jean in Mint, $58

Best Price: ASOS PETITE Exclusive Mint Green Skinny Jean, $32

–Marissa Oswald

Cosby-Inspired Sweaters

Spring fashion collections might be in full bloom, but don’t get too excited—we’ve still got several more weeks of sweater-weather ahead of us. That said, here’s a few that’ll take you back to the time of hair scrunchies, Tamagotchis and In Living Color.

urban outfitters vintage sweaters

To really nail the vintage look, keep the fit loose and don’t be afraid of going a size (or two) bigger. Urban Outfitters has a great selection of funky sweaters, like these by Wood Wood Allison (left) and Urban Renewal (right).

Forever 21 pattern sweater

In the hectic maze that is Forever 21, you can find some affordable pieces in a plethora of styles, such as this Abstract Pattern Sweater. The sweater is meant to be more form-fitting, so you might want to buy a size or two bigger for the billowy knit look.

Of Two Kinds sweater

Play around with texture as well as prints to add more dimension to your already quirky outfit. This Kay Crew Neck Mohair Sweater from Of Two Minds has a cool mix of color that will surely keep you toasty this winter.

Topshop geo sweater

Sometimes less is more, and the geometric blocking in this Knitted Geo Pattern Sweater from Topshop is an understated way of wearing the colorful, printed sweater.

Alexander Wang sweater

The cropped top is another 90s trend making a comeback so why not rock both? Alexander Wang’s Cropped Wool-Blend Jacquard Sweater is a wonderful piece for ultra fashionistas who want to experiment with this trend while remaining chic.

–Jennifer Nguyen

Flower Show Florals

The Philadelphia Horticulture Society will soon be presenting this year’s sure-to-be-extravagant Flower Show March 4-11th, in our brand new and improved Convention Center. The theme this year is “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha,” a tropical experience  that promises “new motion graphics to magically transform waterfalls into lava flows and sculptural forms into breaking waves. As visitors enter the halls, they will be transported to a new world, one with a multi-dimensional sensory experience amid a canopy of tropical flowers that rivals the Pacific paradise.” The whole thing has got us aching to get out of our parkas and into a sprightly Spring wardrobe. We rounded up some of our favorite floral items, to get you in mood for blooms!

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Printed Cut-Out Booties are super fresh version of our chunky winter ankle boots, thanks to the Victorian bouquet pattern and toe-cleavage cut-outs. On sale for $159!

TopShop MOTO High-Waist Sorbet Jamie Jeans are a totally sweet surprise for your legs. We love the combination of pastels with nude, sheer tops and deep navy for spring. It’s very technicolor-y.

Lastly, because everyone needs a cheap thrill every once in a while, we have the Tiered Flounce Top from Rory Beca for Forever 21. For just $19.80, this wispy, confetti top is like a breath of fresh air.

Together with the Flower show team, we’ll keep you nose-deep in flower show updates. Follow the Flower Show news on their Twitter and Facebook.

Must Have Winter Accessory: The Trapper Hat

Sure, they might look a little goofy, but goofy in an endearing way. And more importantly, they’re pretty much the warmest winter headgear you’re going to find.


Urban Outfitters: $34.00, $38.00


Forever 21: $7.50, $14.80, $9.80, $12.46


Target: $19.99, $29.99, $12.99


Macy’s: $19.99, $26.99

south moon under hats

South Moon Under: $26.60, $19.99

Cardigans Your Grandpa Would Approve Of

When the cold weather and 800 mph Philadelphia winds starts to creep up, it’s easy to fall into a dismal, hoodie-filled fashion slump—especially when you’re a busy college student. These cardigans are a cuter and, dare we say, cozier alternative to the traditional hoodie. Wear them when you’re on the go over a basic Henley, dress them up with your favorite skirt and patterned tights, or pair them with a cute collared shirt for a tom-boyish look. Be sure to layer them with a chunky scarf on those extra windy days. Here are a couple of my personal favorites…

forever21 cardigan

Tri-Color Geo Cardigan: Forever 21, $28.90

This cardigan attracts just enough attention without overwhelming your entire outfit with its loud pattern in these three classic neutral shades. Not to mention the deep V-neckline makes it perfect for layering.


Urban Renewal Geo Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, $49

If you’re feeling adventurous, snag this sweater in a size or two too big for you to oversize it, and pair it with a fitted dress or top to balance it out.


Knitted Mohair Cardigan: Topshop, $96

If you’re not much of a fan of patterns, this is a great alternative. With its slouchy fit, feminine neckline, double-breasted button detail, and pretty periwinkle color, this cardigan is a trendier, more feminine version of your grandpa’s favorite sweater.

–Lauren Arute

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Local Vintage Enthusiast Shares Her DIY Style

tick_tock_vintageLast week, PW Style invited readers to submit any sort of DIY fashion or design project they were working on for the chance to have it featured on the blog. Sadly, only one reader accepted this invitation. This would have been much more disappointing however had that reader not been Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage.

Not only has the South Philly resident and third grade teacher amassed an enviable wardrobe of amazing vintage finds, but her expertise on second-hand shopping and restyling garments has been solicited by websites and magazines like Seventeen, ModCloth and Forever 21’s The Skinny.

On her blog, Veronika shares advice and photos of her latest alterations and thrifting adventures as well as her love of Philadelphia. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent the last few days just going through her beautiful photos of the city and very vintage wedding (which included many items that she re-purposed or handmade). You can also see and purchase some of her thrifted finds on Tick Tock Vintage Closet.

“Whenever I take a trip somewhere, I always Google thrift stores in the area,” Veronika says. If a garment doesn’t look or fit quite right, the skilled seamstress will find a way to make it work. “My mom taught me to sew when I was five or six and I would make costumes for my guinea pigs,” she laughs.

Should you see her creations below and and suddenly feel inspired to revamp your own garments, Veronika offers this piece of advice: “It’s best to keep projects simple if you’re just starting out—work on just hemming a skirt or changing out buttons.”

So anyway, without further adieu, I present Veronika’s three latest DIY style projects…

XXXL Choir Robe to Mini-dress

ticktockvintage2“It was an XXXL choir robe-ish dress with giant shoulder pads, the frumpiest neckline and possibly the worst sleeves ever. I first took the white panel in the bodice apart and cut it much shorter. I made the sleeves shorter, took the bottom hem up, and made the overall dress smaller.” More…

Suede Skirt to Clutch with Tassels

ticktockvintage3“It was a pretty simple project; I wanted a triangle shape at the bottom of the purse, like a real envelope. I also wanted to incorporate tassels somehow, and decided to use them as a weight to keep the top flap closed. The suede was not very stiff, so I cut Ikea placemats ($2.99 for a set of four) to the size of the rectangles in the front and attached it with spray adhesive. You can’t tell that they are there because the lining covers it all.” More…

Early 80’s pioneer woman dress to Russian sarafan-inspired dress

ticktockvintage1“I used RIT dye to change the color. I was originally going for navy blue but the color didn’t seem to hold very well. After washing, it turned to this light cornflower blue, which I’m okay with. I searched Jomar for colorful trim and added it along the waist, neckline, sleeves, and hem. There are five different kinds of trim in all.” More…

Impressive, huh?

Keep Your Mitts Warm

I don’t know about you, but winter really takes a told on my hands. Even just five minutes of exposure to the frigid air and they become so dry and cracked that they look like they belong to an 80 year-old woman.

Anyway, with this week’s forecast calling for some of the coldest nights since April, now seems like a good time to make sure you have the necessary hand protection.

Here’s a few gloves that’ll keep your mitts both warm and stylish.


Forever 21: (left to right) $5.80, $6.80

smakparlour_gloves Smack Parlour: (left to right) $18.00, $16.00

target_glovesTarget: (left to right) $19.99, $24.99, $27.99

urban_outfitters_gloves Urban Outfitters: (left to right) $29.00, $33.00

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