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Unique Sandals for the Spring

Went I went to throw on a pair of sandals the other day, I was pretty horrified by not only the shape they were in, but how bland my selection was.  How have I gone this long with only a pair of basic brown, black and silver sandals?

If you too are in need of some snazzier spring footwear, here are some unique, fun styles out there…


ModCloth: Modest Heel in Pastel, $97.99 // Across the Celebration Wedge, $109.99 // Hue Hugs Sandal, $59.99 // Tweet of Foot Sandal, $89.99


Payless: American Eagle Miles Espadrille Wedge, $19.99 // Siriano T-Strap Wedge, $19.99

target_sandals Target: Mossimo Supply Co. Wilton Flat Sandal with Ankle Strap, $19.99 // Sun Luks® Printed Cutout Gladiator Sandal, $13.20 // Mossimo® Pinky Geometric Flat Sandal, $19.99

hm_sandals H&M: Leather Sandals, $59.95 // Imitation Suede Platforms, $29.95

urban outfitters sandals

Urban Outfitters: Deena & Ozzy Suede Slingback Sandal, $39 // Ecote Two-Tone Huarache Sandal, $49 // Jeffrey Campbell Bette Fab Platform Wedge, $139 // Ecote Macrame Ankle Strap Sandal, $42 // Matiko Monaco Platform, $179 // Cooperative T-Strap Wedge, $59


Forever 21: Studded Jellies, $19.80 // Striped Platform Wedges, $24.80

Shopping For: Summer Wedding Attire

When you hit the later half of your twenties, the wedding invitations seem to come fast and furious.  And in my case, (and I’m betting many others’ too) Summer seems to be the gettin’ hitched season.

With no less than 4 to attend this summer, I’ve recently began the daunting dress search.  After all, shopping for wedding attire can bring with it a few concerns: you wanna look good for the people you haven’t seen in awhile , you don’t want to underdress/overdress, it’s gonna be hot as hell, you want to be comfortable enough to dance all night, etc etc.

So to get the ball rolling, we did some preliminary shopping and now we present to you our top 5 nuptial-appropriate summer dresses.

Winnie Sailor Dress, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Winnie Sailor Dress, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

If you have more than few dollars to spend (lucky you) and are into vintage-inspired pieces, may we suggest this dress available at Walnut Street retailer Joan Shepp?  It’s hella cute, light and totally dressy enough, and even better, you can dress it down with tennis shoes or sandals, and wear it all summer long! Annnnd, it’s on sale.  Score!

$270, on sale from $386, available at Joan Shepp, 1616 Walnut Street, Philadelphia,

Eillie Dress by Motel

Eillie Dress by Motel

If tight, short and super-sexy is more your steez, then this dress from British brand Motel should do it for you.  Featuring a fit and flare shape, pleated skirt and metallic lace-accented bodice, you’ll be sure to turn heads.  Just try not and upstage the bride, eh?

$99, available online only at Urban Outfitter’s,

Sweetheart Rosette Bubble Dress, by Forever 21

Sweetheart Rosette Bubble Dress, by Forever 21

For those on a strict budget, Forever 21 provides an endless assortment of slinky little frocks on the cheap, real cheap.  And if you dig deep enough, you can usually find something really cute and age-appropriate, even if you aren’t, ahem, 21.  We like this little number for its summer-y coral color and rosette accent.  And well, it’s only 22 bucks.

$22.80, available at Forever 21, Franklin Mills Mall, 1706 Franklin Mills Circle, Philadelphia,

Graphic Chiffon Maxi Dress, by Express

Graphic Chiffon Maxi Dress, by Express

If you’re headed to a beachside wedding, we think the popular maxi dress of late is the way to go.  Floaty, feminine and comfy, whats not to love?  We like this one from Express for it’s sea blue print and ruffle trim.  Throw on some statement jewels and you’re good to go!

$61.60, on sale from $88, available at Express, The Shops at Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,

Taryn Dress, by J.Crew

Taryn Dress, by J.Crew

If you’re the romantic type, then you’ll love this silk chiffon dress from J.Crew.  It’s available in all sorts of hues but we like this blush tone version.  Perfect for showing off a little summer tan.  And it’s available in Petite!

$89.99, on sale from $225, available at J.Crew, The Shops at Liberty Place, 1625 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia,

—Kat Blazowski


yhst-74741684514875_2082_5338808Some days, we wish we could carry these around. They’re ‘win’ and ‘fail’ stamps for you to use on every piece of paper that you deem fit for their ink. They’d definitely increase the amount of chuckles in an average day at the office, that’s for sure.

If you’re a frequent reader, you know that we have a bit of a girl crush on Blake Lively. has an entry showing that our favorite Gossip Girl can get away with anything. No, really. Glamour also has an ebay pick of the day. We’re definitely going to keep checking back since they’re sure to find some interesting things,  and we think you should too.

Need help getting out the door in the morning? Clutch Magazine is here to help you streamline your routine. They’ve also go a post on Forever 21′s new beauty line which is set to debut soon! We can’t wait to see it!

A blogger named Tilly put this post up about jewelry designed by an architect. We’re fans of Frank Gehry’s line at Tiffany & Co. and this is along the same vein.

Lastly, we love Moroccan Oil, but I Heart Daily tells us about an oil from Japan. We’re going to have it pick it up the next time we stumble across Japanese beauty supplies. This cold air has left us in need of every beauty tip from around the world that we can get our hands on.

Put Your Party Dress On

With SEPTA back and running this morning, we feel like putting on our party dress! Fourtunately, Lucky Magazine has found some affordable dresses so we can dance the night away in style. We especially like this one from Forever 21. At 25 bucks you can more than afford to get this asymmetrical one shouldered number.


Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Lucky also has a gift guide broken down into categories that we really like: Artsy, Moroccan, On The Go, Victorian, At Home, Country Chic, Bejeweled and Ten Dollars and Under. We especially love this tea cup with little claw feet from the Victorian section, it reminds us of those awesome tubs with claws. We also like the Moroccan section and all of it’s gorgeous embellishments, especially this gorgeous decorated platter. There’s also a website with more finds from the North African country called While some stuff on the site is pricey, other stuff is not. Check out these lanterns for under $100.

We also came across this post on Jezebel, which claims “If you wan’t to be popular, you can’t afford to be skinny.” It’s a vintage ad. It’s just interesting to see how beauty ideals have changed.

Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer seems to be the media’s latest obsession — but we’re just admiring her as an artist and style icon. Check out these outfits that she’s worn, as well as pictures from the photo shoot for Glamour magazine’s cover. Gorgeous! Just so we’re clear, we’re glad Rihanna was comfortable enough to come forward and talk about such a painful moment in her life, but we also want to focus on the positive as well.

How’s The Weather Up There?

64340179-02We’ve noticed something about women in top executive positions. A lot of them run, long distance. And a lot of them wear heels. It’s like a competition to see who can go higher. Let’s just say, we love our flats but let’s face it – heels are gorgeous. If you don’t happen to have a Jimmy Choo budget (read: H&M collection aside) these Forever 21 heels just might be just what you’re looking for.

Sometimes earbuds can get boring and predictable, which is why these ear accessories – shaped like bananas, sushi, a kitty paw print, and a bolt so you can listen to tunes and look like Frankenstein caught our eye.

NBC10 has a video up of a Victoria’s Secret Model Rosie Huntington discussing how she stays green and lives healthfully.

Random advance praise for …

Before a little shopping trip last week, I felt like “forever twenty-one” should be a dirty, dirty term in my vocabulary, reserved only for whispering. Why? Well, I spent the ride home figuring that out.

My conclusion? Like many other ladies my own age, in the past two years, I’ve suddenly found myself paying my own bills in a post-grad lala-land. I started a career job and attending “networking” events and slowly began resenting my clothes I wore in college to my 6-hour design studios; I realized after my first interview that they were a far cry from the office-saavy outfit I imagined myself wearing in my daydreams.

So, somewhere in the last two years, I slipped into thinking that the places I bought clothes in college are suddenly off-limits “as an adult”.

Well, I have new feelings: I’ve learned that the physical places I bought clothing at really have little to do with the maturing process of dressing… what I understand now is that the style of clothing or place it comes from isn’t as important as understanding the quality of what I’m buying. AKA There are certain times and places for certain clothing. AKA, I can totally love my Forever21 sundress I’m wearing at this cafe, but I should maybe skip on wearing it to work.

I’ve found my new sundress from Forever21 isn’t really appropriate for business hours (see the neckline), but it’s totally awesome for a breezy afternoon in the park… AND IT WAS 22BUCKS. Everybody wins. 



Here are a few more I’ve got my eye on from the casual dresses section



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