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Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

Courtesy of Real Beauty

Courtesy of Real Beauty

An e-mail was just sent out by claiming that nude nail polish is the next big thing.

“I hate to tell snowy white-polish lovers this, but it’s no longer numero uno on the neutral nail-polish list. Nope, right now it’s all about nude nail polish—something we predicted would be big a few months ago and has finally begun showing up on the red carpet.”

Glamour suggests these colors from Spa Ritual and Butter. We’re just not sure how we feel about this ‘nude’ color nail polish. We’re indecisive enough at the nail salon, without the pressure of keeping up with trends. It’s sort of silly that we obsess over whether or not the shade of polish we pick sticks with certain trends, but we find it super nerve wracking when the manicurist says ‘pick a color!’ Really. For now we’re thinking of sticking with Real Beauty’s metallic recommendations.

Another area of obsession: lip balm. This winter has been brutal. There are lots of chapsticks/lip balms out there, but we find that when our lips get really chapped, only Neosporin Lip Health will do. Normally, Nivea, Carmex, Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees and regular old Vaseline do the trick, but when things get really bad, Neosporin is the only guy we turn to. Rachel Zoe recommends Sugar Lip treatment by Fresh, which sounds  like we might want to try it since it has an exfoliator element and we love scrubs.

Daily Candy is highlighting these little straps that will perk up your boots, and Avenue of the Arts is gearing up to put planters along Broad Street. It’s part of their 5-Year plan to “Improve and Beautify the Streetscape,” so keep your eyes peeled!

Shiny Hair Shiny Shoes

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Loved by many across the pond, the once exiled hair spray Elnett from L’Oreal is back in the states. We’re excited to have shiny hair care of this spray. Woohoo! We’re also big fans of Pantene Pro-V’s Ice Shine, which as far as we know wasn’t ever any sort of watch list.

Glamour has suggestions for shoes that will rev up your confidence. All the shoes they feature are gorgeous shades of red, from high price ranges to low ones. Semi-pricey but not astronomical Stuart Weitzmans are pictured at the left. We hate lugging around fancy shoes in our purse while we wear Uggs or Wellies through the snow or rain, but for these we’ll be sure to shift things around.

Plus size ladies are all over V Magazine for their spring issue. The pictures are gorgeous, but blogger Katerina Gkionis isn’t the photo spread’s biggest fan. A fashion blogger in her own right, Katerina is happy to see plus size ladies on the pages of glossy magazines, she just doesn’t get why they have to be so extreme…or nekkid.

Lastly, Guest of a Guest ponders the question that keeps us up at night: is Guido the new Preppy?

Open Wide

a-tooth-jewelry-2We think it’s weird enough when people save their teeth. It’s even weirder when the dentist or orthodontist thinks it’s cute to give us a mold of our teeth. Tooth jewelery? Skeeevy. You don’t have to take our word for it, take a peek for yourself.

Something cuter than teeth? Eighties inspired lip glosses that look like cassette tapes from Victoria’s Secret. Seventeen is already getting excited for prom, and found these lip glosses which will help you complete a Molly Ringwald look even if you aren’t a high school senior.

Something else to throw on for kicks? These Booty Poppin Panties. Kidding. We think they’re ridiculous, but check out the video that Clutch posted. Hilarious.

Glamour has selected trends that they think will take off this year. Booty Poppin Panties not included.

Lastly, The Frisky has selected desk accessories that will help you power through the day including a coffee cup warmer and a mini pool table. Just stay away from those tooth necklaces, and this first day back should be juuuuust fine.

Maybe It’s Much Too Early In The Game, But I Thought I’d Ask You Just The Same

Courtesy of Paula Deen

Courtesy of Paula Deen

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s time to crank up the sparkle quotient. Rachel Zoe thinks so too, she’s suggesting false eyelashes to help you out. As always, Rachel has a Parallel Universe suggestion that won’t break the bank. This one is from Sephora.

We mentioned before that we J’Adore Dior and this lip glow might be just the sparkle you want to outshine that Waterford Crystal thing that helps bring in the new year.

After all your New Year’s Eve partying, Paula Deen’s Percolator might be just what you need.

To keep you entertained at the office until quitting time on the 30th, I Heart Daily has roundups of the best beauty posts of the past year as well as the top entertainment posts. Whitney Port of The City and The Hills also recently posted 14 different looks for her 14 Days of Fashion. Even though she’s model gorgeous there’s still something endearing about her. Glamour has a list of Top 10 Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments of 2009. Enjoy!

Sparkle and Shine

One of our favorites from Ann Taylor

One of our favorites from Ann Taylor

Just in case you were getting a little bored with the selection at Target, which is difficult because their boots and fedoras are amongst our faves – they’re rolling out a new collection. Nylon spills the beans about the new Rodarte collection – a favorite of Keira Knightley, Dita von Teese, & other celebs.

Marie Claire has tips on how to make makeup last all day, while Glamour is on the lookout for sequined clothing that won’t break the bank. We’re fans, since sometimes sparkle can cost a pretty penny.

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT have some great jewelry out for the holidays. We’re smitten with their selection. Diamonds may be a girls best friend, but sometimes all it takes is some sparkle to catch our eyes.

Spreading Cheer


Courtesy of

There are so many holiday gift suggestion lists out there including I Heart Daily’s Gifts $20 and under, Glamour has over 177 gift suggestions, and Marie Claire has 100+ ideas both lists have TONS of pictures – our favorite for – ahem – quiet mental breaks at work. HBO is selling their DVD’s for 20% off for the rest of the day.

While trinkets are nice, we’ve also been on then lookout for gifts that give back.

In addition to suggested holiday gift lists, I Heart Daily also suggests that you give gifts that mean something deeper, including donations to Heifer International which I Heart Daily explains ‘is dedicated to ending global hunger and poverty through the gift of animals to communities in need. Buy a flock of chicks for $20 that will produce eggs, or honeybees for $30 that will cultivate honey.’ We’re willing to bet that a cause like that would even make the Grinch’s heart grow a little bit bigger.

Another charity, MyCharity: Water is dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to everyone on the planet. You can ask for donations in lieu of Christmas gifts, or you can run, bike or donate to bring safe drinking water to people from around the world.

Another great charity is She’s The First, a media campaign that strives to send girls to school that wouldn’t have the chance to go to school otherwise. Your donation can help send a girl from a number of countries in Africa and Asia to school.

You can also help those in your backyard by giving to Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative (AUNI) which helps promote access to healthy food in Philadelphia as well as provide education on exercise and obesity. Philabundance is another great charity that aims to end hunger and malnutrition in the Delaware valley.

Winter Wonderland

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night and has pictures. You can also watch the show in it’s entirety on

Apparently Dockers pants are trying to make Khakis cool again, so be on the lookout for those ads during this holiday season.

Also something to lookout for this holiday season: Glamour has a list of 20 party dresses under $100. The Today Show’s Sara Haines visited Glamour’s offices to get ideas on practical gifts. Sara is on during the Today Show’s fourth hour, but it’s the online videos where you really get to see her shine. She’s hilarious. Also on this video, each yellow circle on the time-line highlights a different product and the running commentary is pretty funny. Nice.

Also from the Today Show are these styles inspired by MTV’s The City. Even if you aren’t a fan of the show, Elle Magazine’s Erin Kaplan and Whitney Port picked some cute outfits.

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