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125 Years of Look Good Tips, Kell on Earth, RuPaul & more

Courtesy of Allure

Courtesy of Allure

The magazine that’s been around since 1885 has some tips for you. That’s right, Good Housekeeping’s website has 125 Years Of Look Good Tips listed. Some of them are pretty cool, including the older ones that still hold true – Motto for makeup: Use very little, but choose very well. — January 1933. Clearly, their advice has held up.

A new show made it’s debut last night on Bravo, called Kell on Earth. The show features Kelly Cutrone who can also be seen on MTV’s The City. One of our favorite bloggers, Lilliana Vazquez is a fan, and Bravo has more information on the show itself.

GQ has a bunch of Fall 2010 pictures on their website. In fact, they have everything from Armani to Zenga, including information on each designer. Nice.

Topshop is loving color, including looks from their Tropical Brights collection, Cosmo is into brights too, in eye makeup including rainbow shadow.

Lastly, Allure gives the scoop on RuPaul’s favorite beauty products.

Fall Folliage

One of our favorite stores, DSW has cute commercials for fall. They commercials are complete with shoes talking to each other. Glamour is on the look out for all the ladies trying to save a buck, as their website features accessories under fifty dollas. Yes, I said dollas. Get over it.

The New York Times has a new piece from Bill Cunningham highlighting his Fashion week observations, as well as a video on how the Catwalks in fashion shows are slowly becoming more diverse.

Good Housekeeping is putting As Seen on TV products to the test so you don’t have to. Check it out before you scoop up your next Shamwow.