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The 10 Dumbest Sexy Halloween Costumes of 2011

While still far too many women are opting to disguise themselves as sexy nurses and naughty nuns for Halloween, costume designers never fail to take sexy to ridiculous new levels. Here’s some of the most absurd get-ups they came up with this year.

Just wrong on so many levels…


Does anyone really think these are sexy?…


Offensive to Russians, Mexicans and women everywhere…


And the absolute worse…


This Will Not Get You Laid: Costume Edition.



The Frisky isn’t usually one for fashion front page posts, but I feel they made some important points about Halloween for our male readers. I mean, we have a little more faith in those dudes if they’re reading PWstyle (high five!), and pretty high hopes that they have creative Halloween costumes in the works…

….but, just in case there was a temporary lapse of judgment that was induced by a) male bonding b) alcohol c) costume store hysteria d) all of the above, let’s have a refresher.

Ready, boys? Here is the link to The Frisky’s post, “21 Costumes that will not get you laid.” Read and absorb!

Totally Rad

fashion-femaleWe’ve noticed in store windows and magazines that the 80’s look is back in full force. At first we were telling ourselves that leggings, skinny jeans and big shirts were a little different this time, but a game that The Limited posted on Facebook confirmed what we already thought – the 80’s are back. is asking how much a manicure is near you. We’re always big on the lower prices that salons offer during the week, but can’t always catch them because we’re busy typing blog posts, dear reader. Have you noticed a difference in prices from different salons, dear reader?

Cosmo has put together their top Halloween costume ideas, including a Kanye and Taylor swift couple costume, the Kardashian Clan, and Lady Gaga.

Lastly, here’s a video featuring the top 100 videos on YouTube – in under 4 minutes. Happy Friday!