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Etsy-delphian of the Day: Secret Lovers


In case you’re out of the loop, knitting isn’t just cool – it’s downright badass.  Sure, celebrities like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker made the hobby once reserved for grannies look chic, but it’s the recent wave of renegade needle-wielders – guerilla knitters known as yarn bombers – who have firmly established knitting as the street art du jour.  It may be lot less permanent than spray-paint, but it’s just as ballsy, since it’s technically just as illegal.

Even if you lack the guts to apply your craft to yarn graffiti, you can still proclaim your fierce knitter’s pride, and your support for cross-stitching rebels everywhere, with a Secret Lovers Tough Knitter tee.

The lovechild of Philly Etsy sellers Giant Dwarf and Softfocus, Secret Lovers is a collection of charmingly cheeky screen-printed tee shirts, featuring slogans that lack all the typical skeevy innuendos and bad taste. Their graphics and captions, like Beards Not Bombs and W.W.A.S.D? (What Would Amy Sedaris Do?) are tactfully clever.  The line even includes a special tribute to the City of Brothery Love: that visitor-baffling Philly-ism “jawn” lettered like the iconic LOVE statue.

lucy | Aug 18 2010 1:56pm | DESIGN, FASHION, etsy, local biz, philly, jawn, knitting, tee | Comments 5

The Philadelphia Coffee Break

I don’t know how many of you have needed to look at the Urban Dictionary lately, but there’s a new button under every entry now that you can click to get that particular definition printed on a mug. For example:

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, but trying to find an image to put with this led to the discovery that most Philadelphia-related Urban Dictionary entries are horrifyingly ridiculous sex acts imagined at recess (along the lines of the Cleveland Steamer).

Since contemplating the Philadelphia Turtleneck over coffee is not most people’s idea of a good way to start your day, we just settled on “jawn” for our example mug.  But if you’re not at work, seriously, check out some of the depraved acts that are being attributed to our fair city. The fact that someone took the time to come up with, name and enter into a website a sex act involving fellatio, a chin-up bar and a rocking chair, and for whatever reason name it after Philly, is enough to make you feel a bit better about the limitless creativity of the human race.

Dan Savage on the topic.

emily g | Jul 10 2009 11:34am | philly, jawn, urban dictionary | Comment 1