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Local Love: Once Worn Consignment

Once Worn Consignment

Ever since Jen Waxman was the wee age of 10, her passion was hunting for bargains.  The thrill of thrifting was her most treasured hobby.  But now thanks to her, you can find the best deals all in one place: in her NoLibs thrift store, Once Worn Consignment at 910 N. 2nd St.

A mixture of vintage, designer, jewelry, candy-colored pumps, and novelty items (including a keychain of a fetus), Once Worn takes the stress out of the hunt, serving up the funkiest styles all in one spot.


Left: Vintage dress, $28; Vintage Gianni Ferretti pumps, $20 // Right: H&M faux fur coat, $15; Wilster blouse, $40

Essential to a consignment store is a community of hip-dressers.  And NoLibs certainly is chock full of those, “The Neighborhood people aren’t generally into designer stuff, but more styles like Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban.  They wanna spend 8 or 10 bucks on an H&M dress rather than 200 on a designer piece,” says Jen.

So if you prefer to get a lot of unique pieces for a little chunk of cash, Once Worn is the place to go.


Left: Navajo Poncho, $24; Cowboy boots, $15 // Right: Charlie & Robin sweater from Anthropologie, $40

The consignment factor could also cut down on the cost of that pair of Gianni Feretti pumps.  Bring in some items you’re tired of, and Jen will buy them from you or give you store credit.  “It’s good for me, It’s good for them!” Jen proclaims.

Only in existence a year and a half, the store has grown to be so successful that a bigger location is in order.  But Jen loves NoLibs, and wouldn’t want to move too far from her 2nd street location. Up the street lies her sister’s gallery and boutique, Art star, which is the reason she was attracted to the neighborhood in the first place.  Across the street are a fleet of restaurants and tap rooms, and Soy Cafe is down the road.

So fill up a laundry bag with old clothes to consign, shop the afternoon away and then relax with a soy latte or draft beer.

Once Worn is open Wednesday through Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6. Be sure to “like” their Facebook Page for updates on new items and sales!

**Photos by Katie Warburton

–Marissa Oswald

Old City’s Eccentric Lost + Found

Lost +

Having grown accustomed to shopping at the same places due to convenience and a busy schedule, I felt instantly refreshed and ready to make impulsive yet excellent purchases upon entering Old City’s Lost + Found.

Located on 3rd and Cherry Sts., I entered the shop to find a multi-hued rack of flannel shirts to my left, cases of jewelry in front of me, and a plethora of scarves and bags to my right. In any other store I might’ve found this overwhelming, but part of what made shopping at Lost + Found so enjoyable and relaxing was the clean and well organized interior.

The store sells every piece you’d need for an outfit besides unmentionables. From flowing tops with bold prints to casual pieces in solids or basic stripes, there is something to fit everyone’s style aesthetic. In addition, they carry dresses for both day and night as well as a modest vintage section filled with a variety of playful and classic sweaters, as well as great coats. Most new styles start at $40 while there were two lofty sales racks with great finds.

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Make Your Own Metal Jewelry…No, Really

Make these Free People look-a-likes with Roll Printing!

Make these Free People look-a-likes with Roll Printing!

Ever peep a cute piece of fashion jewelry and wonder how that gold-painted piece of nickel could possibly cost 2 benjamins?  Ever send a curse upon the woman who always has the most unique pieces, leaving you wondering where she could possibly be finding them?

We’ve certainly all have moments when we declare, “I could make that!”  But did you actually end up making it?  Of course not.  Fortunately, there’s an outlet for all your wildest metal-bending dreams: jewelry making class at Main Line Art Center.

Main Line Art Center Class

Don’t get it twisted; this isn’t your average pre-school bead-stringing party.  I figured this out upon stepping into the studio filled with drills, guillotines, and other rotating things that looked like they were meant for human torture.  These are the tools that could turn any of your jewelry fantasies into real, wearable pieces in a mere 5 evenings of once-a-week classes.

Dawn Bergmaier, Main Line Art Jewelry Extraordinaire

Dawn Bergmaier, Main Line Art Jewelry Extraordinaire

Professional Jeweler and Tyler Art School grad Dawn Bergmaier teaches the basics of working with metal.  You will defeat everything from sawing, polishing, saudering and shaping to “roll-printing,” the process of printing texture on metal by placing lace, dried leaves or fabric through a manual mill with the metal.  Another all-too-easy technique she demonstrates is “etching,” where patterns or words are drawn onto metal with a sharpie, then it’s tossed into a solution that eats the exposed metal away, resulting in etched metal designs sans scary fire torch.

I was fortunate to sit in on the first session, in which we were instructed to cut Abraham Lincoln out of a penny. “Someone in my class always asks ‘Isn’t that illegal?’  Well yes, it totally is,” chuckled Dawn.  But when she got her first job at a jewelry store on the Main Line, her boss ordered her to do the tricky maneuver flawlessly, leaving a perfectly polished, smooth Lincoln pretty enough to be a charm.  Trust me- the real challenge is not escaping the law, but cutting out Abe’s nose with a needle-thin hand saw without making him look like Pinocchio.

A Dawn Bergmaier design

A Dawn Bergmaier design

Dawn will prepare you for not only your own creations, but the handcrafted jewelry industry itself.  And for those who want to make more projects- that gold set of earrings you could replicate for cheap- that knuckle ring with your name on it- whatever your style, you can use all the machinery and tools in-studio in supervised sessions through March 22nd.  You can go to the Mainline Art Center website or call 610.525.0272 to register.  The next two batches of classes start Friday mornings from 9:30-12:30,  February 24-March 23 or for those who sleep in late, Thursday nights 6:30- 9:30 February 23-March 22.  So get on it, future jewelers.

Rock the Fascinator at Your New Years Celebration…

kate middleton fascinator

Ever since the royal wedding, women have a new found love for fascinators, the exotic, formal headpieces worn by Kate Middleton.

Initially, men wore fascinators in the 16th and 17th centuries; however, they weren’t as extravagant as modern fascinators. Generally, they were simple with a feather and several jewels, if the gent was wealthy.  Think Robin Hood meets Louis XIV.

Overtime, women adopted the accessory, and transformed it into an extravagant headpiece with exotic feathers, damask and jewels.  Women began to wear them as a status symbol using the most expensive, flamboyant jewels possible.

Fast-forward to 2011 in a post-royal wedding world, and nothing has changed.  Women still want to accessorize their little black dress with something sexy, yet traditional.

Yesterday, Nicole wrote about how everyone is trying to get a unique, sexy outfit to welcome 2012.  If you are in a bind for a New Years ensemble, pair a simple black dress with a fascinator and matching jewelry.  The proper jewelry can transform a dress from plain to debonair.

A friend of mine wore a fascinator to a fashion show and people were more interested in her feather plume than the models walking down the runway. Channel your inner Kate Middleton and check out Etsy or American Fascinators for the finishing touch to your New Years outfit.

Rich Harlots

Rich Harlots is a hand crafted jewelry line with a highly influenced retro look defined by individuality and boldness. Almost overnight, the line catapulted with celebs like Interscope recording artist Rye Rye and Olivia Blois Sharpe of the hit Style Network reality series, Jerseylicious, wearing Rich Harlots.

Started by 24 year old Philadelphia native, Isatta Hadyah, Rich Harlots specializes in fantasy earrings that are each custom designed by Hadyah herself. Find out more about Rich Harlots on their Facebook page




Street Snaps: Young Ladies in Spring Time

I ran into this pair of friends while working at Omoi the other day. One was up for a weekend visit and it was clear that they were both pretty hype to be hanging out together. When I got my camera out, they busted out such a good string of poses, like they do this all the time with their squad or something. I had a hard time picking between them all, but I think this one effectively captures what was going on. Playful and sophisticated. They were definitely on some easy, breezy, beautiful ish, for sure. But let’s move on, shall we?

Adiya (L) and Kimba (R).

A: “I’m from New York and I live in Philadelphia. She’s from Maryland and lives in Virginia.”

What’s your opinion on the style in Philadelphia?

A: “It’s upgraded considerably. I moved out here in ‘03, and it was a hot mess. But Philly is finally taking cues from other inspiration, and then also adding their own flair to it. So you know, you can see it coming from them, and other places.”
K: “I think it’s a lot more eclectic now.”

That’s what I’ve been hearing lately when I’ve been doing my interviews.

A: “Yeah, Philly, they never worried about what other people thought. So when you add that with style, it goes in a good direction, you know what I mean? Cause you can’t worry about what other people think.”

It’s true.

A: “But you need to know how to put things together!” (laughs)

Yeah, you need to have a little Charm, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. That’s from RuPaul’s Drag Race. An acronym which spells …

A: “Oh. I was about to say it.”
K: “Nice.”

Anyway! So about your personal style, is there any thing you’re into that you like to present when you dress, or anything that inspires you?

A: “My mommy. Lots of jewelry. (holds up hands). My mom, she wears rings. She keeps her rings on. And so I have lots and lots of jewelry. You can never have enough jewelry. You can never have enough bags. And you can never have enough shoes. And underwear.” (laughs)

And underwear. Kimba, do you have anything to add to that?

K: “Well my style, I think it’s kind of simple. I like to add a splash of color to everything that I wear, though. You have to have something on that kinda pops. But I think everyone has to be true to themselves. Like I’m not… short skirts and, you know? So it’s like sometimes people get into what other people think and wanna wear that, but you always have to be true to yourself.”
A: “And be comfortable.”
K: “Yeah be comfortable. Or else you’re walking around and you’re like, fixing things and kind of adjusting, and you’re not comfortable. It can throw the whole outfit off.”
A: “I learned too when I was younger — you know, how you’re in that insecure — or just kinda gettin to know yourself, that it’s not cool to look yourself while you’re walking.”

Yeah! Oh, well I was thinking of people that always look at themselves when they walk by a window.

A: “Well no, that’s different, you gotta sneak and do that. But there are people who look at their clothes, on themselves. Like they literally look at their shoes and they kinda, you know. (Pantomimes being concerned about how shoes look while walking down street.) You kinda, when you get older, you get rid of it, but I noticed it when I was younger, and I said this is not cool. You know? So it’s like, if you get out the house with it, act like you love it.”
K: “Right. No matter who’s looking at you any type of way, you gotta present it. Cause some outfits that seem crazy to me, but they’re wearing them like it fits them. That’s perfect for them. It’s all about attitude.”
A: “Yeah. They’re your clothes. They’re your clothes.”

Is there anything that either of you are wearing today that’s a favorite, that you keep putting on?

A: “I always wear these same five rings. I change up this one (motions to index finger with large gem stone on it), this is my feature finger that I keep my stone on, like whatever ring I have the stone goes here.”
K: “I would say my jacket. I think you should always have a nice jacket that can kind of be versatile and go with anything that you put on — you can dress it up and you can dress it down. That’s always important. Whether it’s black or you wanna throw any type of color, but it’s important to have a nice jacket.”
A: “And slimming. Even though she doesn’t need to be slimmed.”
K: “In the waist area.”

Yeah, I like the way the shoulders come out.

K: “Yeah the shoulders kind of come out and are puffy, but it’s slim in the waist.”
A: “So even if you had a tire, you wouldn’t see it.”
K: “Yeah, you can always cover. Then you could put a scarf on and make it big — So, you can always dress it up and dress it down.”
A: “Oh, and these are my go-to earrings.” (motions to gold Africa earrings)

Do you have a current obsession?

A: “Can it be food? It’s a long list. Chocolate — a Hershey bar and I’m good. Juice, I love juice. I’m like a two-year-old when it comes to juice. Simply Orange juice, and apple everything.”

Apple pie, apple cider, apple juice?

A: “Apple everything. Yes. Apple scents. Apple peels up all over my — lemme stop. (starts laughing). Oh, and biscuits with honey. I don’t like the layered stuff. I want a good home — Popeye’s but good for you. You know, if I could find somebody who could do that, cause I don’t bake.”

There’s a place called Honey’s that might work, around 4th and Poplar [sike, it's Brown] or so. It’s like soul food plus kosher food or something — I can’t quite remember the deal. But anyway they have the best biscuits, and this blueberry or blackberry jam or something that has solid berries in it still. And they have fresh-squeezed orange juice. So. But uh, Kimba, do you have any current obsessions?

K: “Umm… I don’t think — You know what? Mascara. And curling my lashes.”

Any particular brands, techniques?

K: “I think it’s called Long Lash? Maybelline, the pink bottle with the green cap, is the best. And you have to do it with an eyelash curler. You put it on, and then you do the eyelash curler — you put it on and you look like you have false lashes on. And it makes the eyes pop. It makes a big difference. You can do that and not have any other make up on, and it’ll turn people’s heads.”

Do you have any comments, questions, shout-outs?

A: “Lemme give a shout — I don’t have any shout-outs. I’m flattered that you stopped us.”

My pleasure. Anything about Philadelphia to comment on?

A: “Philly is… a nice, dysfunctional family. No, no, no, I’ve been here long enough to understand and appreciate Philly. Philly makes me appreciate New York. But New York makes me appreciate Philly. Because you know, I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up in New York and I don’t like crowds.”

That’s why you’re on Pine Street.

A: “Right, exactly. It has to be voluntary. I don’t want to be in a crowd for no reason. I should not have to fight my way up 34th street. It’s just not fair. So you know, I like space. Philly gives me that. And it’s beautiful.”

If you’re looking for more Philly street style, visit Broad&Market, or check out the Street Snaps archive by clicking on the “street snaps” tag just below.

Creepy Or Cute?: Topshop’s Bug Collar Necklace

While doing some online browsing this weekend at one of my go-to sites,, I stumbled upon this little guy, the Bug Overlay Collar:

bugoverlayFor $50 US dollars, you can own a mixed-metal necklace that features all sorts of creepy crawlies. But we’re wondering, would you want to?  While the idea can actually be really cute (see Lanvin Spring 2011, where designer, Alber Elbaz featured a ton of ornate insect-themed accessories, that are actually drool-worthy), we’d have to pass on this one, but could see some people being into it, obviously, since it is now sold out.

So tell us, would you wear it?

—Kat Blazowski

Image via

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