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Courtesy of Cheap Chicas

We’re currently stuck on this slide show from the New York Times, highlighting this past year’s events.  We’re not sure if it’s a sickness, but we love year in review things, including those VH1 countdowns. They’re like crack. If you’re into best of reviews, InStyle is featuring what seems like a rewind for their Look of the Day – the past few days have featured recycled looks from Beyonce and Suri Cruise.

The Frisky put together a list of boots to wear when dashing through the snow, and Cheap Chicas has sparkly Louboutin-like shoes for when it’s less slippery outside. While we’re still mad at Daily Candy for no longer having a Daily edition in Philly, even though their parent company Comcast is headquartered here – they point the way to some furry boot suggestions as well.

While iPhone is having some issues with data service in NYC, there haven’t been crazy problems like that reported in the Delaware Valley.  Lucky for us, since the Beer Cloud app wants to help  you pair beer with food. Perfect for when you want to explore microbreweries like Triumph.



During an interview with Leno, Dennis Leary explained that his mother thinks Oprah is the Pope, and refers to the talk show host as Pope-rah. Basically the same is true in my house. When describing what Christian Louboutins looked like to my mom, she asked if Oprah wore them.  It was only then that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

Perhaps Oprah does deserve the Pope-rah title.  I mean, after all she does compile a wonderful array of lists every month for her magazine and website. This month’s include “affordable” fashion, which to Oprah means anything under 100 bucks. That doesn’t mean the whole outfit, just individual pieces, but what did you expect from Pope-rah?

Pope-rah also has a feature on Isaac Mizrahi’s new “affordable” collection for Liz Claiborne. This time, nothing is over 200 bucks. Oprah also wants to help you get out the door quicker.  Behold the “50 ways to speed up your beauty routine.”

For Easter, I baked a Lamb Cake. My grandma is Czech, and she always makes a little Lambie cake for Easter. However, I’ve read that this is a tradition shared by other Eastern European countries as well. Now that I’ve baked the little Lamb cake, I’m so over regularly shaped cakes. I guess I’ll just have to watch Ace of Cakes to teach myself how to create more specialty cakes. Or, perhaps I’ll head over to Night Kitchen Bakery or Whipped Bakeshop for inspiration. Yumm.

Lamb Cake

If you’re over the cake stuff, be sure to check out this geography quiz. It might sound nerdy, but it’s really fun. I Promise.

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