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Look At This: The 1997 Guest List For Radiohead At Irving Plaza


When you first read this, you’re kind of like ‘Wait, there IS no Radiohead anymore. Only Atoms for Peace or Thom Yorke or Ultraista or whatever.’ Then you realize it’s 1997. And that’s why it makes WAY more sense that U2 got 18 plus ones and Marilyn Manson 14. Then, at the top of the list, showing great promise is the presence of the Beastie Boys (and eight friends) and Blur (plus eight friends). I was only a 15-year-old when this happened but I would’ve gone to the show. “Karma Police” was the coolest video in rotation on MTV at the time. Right?

125 Years of Look Good Tips, Kell on Earth, RuPaul & more

Courtesy of Allure

Courtesy of Allure

The magazine that’s been around since 1885 has some tips for you. That’s right, Good Housekeeping’s website has 125 Years Of Look Good Tips listed. Some of them are pretty cool, including the older ones that still hold true – Motto for makeup: Use very little, but choose very well. — January 1933. Clearly, their advice has held up.

A new show made it’s debut last night on Bravo, called Kell on Earth. The show features Kelly Cutrone who can also be seen on MTV’s The City. One of our favorite bloggers, Lilliana Vazquez is a fan, and Bravo has more information on the show itself.

GQ has a bunch of Fall 2010 pictures on their website. In fact, they have everything from Armani to Zenga, including information on each designer. Nice.

Topshop is loving color, including looks from their Tropical Brights collection, Cosmo is into brights too, in eye makeup including rainbow shadow.

Lastly, Allure gives the scoop on RuPaul’s favorite beauty products.


Courtesy of Bus Stop Boutique

Courtesy of Bus Stop Boutique

First up, here are some recaps of the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes. There’s a recap from E News as well as a ton of posts on MTV’s blog, Hollywood Crush. Posts include A Live Blog, Best Dressed Women, Best Dressed Men, and video featuring Oliva Wilde, and Lea Michele.

On a personal note, I discovered curvy jeans for myself this weekend. I had heard about them but never tried. They’re not plus size jeans, just jeans cut a little more generously in the hip and thighs, resulting in no gap between the jeans and waist, as well as an overall more flattering look. Basically, a Godsend. Buying jeans can be a traumatic experience, and this cut of jeans definitely made things easier. I snatched a couple pairs of the curvy jeans at Express, which they refer to as the Eva cut, but there are jeans cut for a curvier figure at Gap, Old Navy and Ann Taylor Loft.

Lastly, Bus Stop Boutique is throwing a warehouse sale, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help with Relief in Haiti. The sale includes what they are calling a warehouse worth of winter shoes and boots starting at $25 — up to 75% off from a ton of designers including Farylrobin, Terra Plana, Lovely People, F-Troupe, United Nude, Corso Como. The sale will take place at an old fabric shop – 727 S. 4th Street, just up the road from Bus Stop Boutique.

The warehouse sale hours are as follows:

Thursday January 28 11am–6pm
Friday January 29 11am-7pm
Saturday January 30 11am-6pm
Sunday January 31 12pm -5pm

Halfway through Hanukkah

If you are doing some last minute shopping – we’re shocked that it’s already last minute! Halfway through Hanukkah and days away from Christmas! – Look no further than Urban Outfitters with their free shipping offer and Ann Taylor Loft - with their gifts under $25.

To help you de-stress, Philadelphia Magazine has the scoop on 5 amazing massages for less. Make sure you mention their article when you go to get a rubdown (woohoo!) because it might save you a few bucks. Karl Lagerfeld produced a calendar for Italian Marie Claire and it’s gorgeous.

We’re also newly obsessed with Alexa Chung since we made a trip up to NYC yesterday to see one of her last tapings. We don’t know what’s up next for her, we’re hoping something good. We love how she styles her skinny mini self. MTV also has a style guide for Christmas, including a Kanye West inspired shirt that reads “Imma let you finish.”

Here’s a clip from It’s On With Alexa Chung, featuring a 2 second sighting of yours truly:

Wake up, Sleepyhead!

Courtesy of Real Beauty

Courtesy of Real Beauty

In addition to cute party dresses and sparkly accessories, Express has some videos that you might want to take a peek at. Featured in the videos are Erin Kaplan & Roxy Olin from MTV’s The City, and Vogue.TV

If you yawn throughout the day, Real Beauty’s slide show Solving Your Personal Energy Crisis might be just what you need. They also want to help you get rid of under eye circles. It’s something we sometimes struggle with and makeup tricks are always good to know. Our favorite feature on Real Beauty? Being able to personalize your experience by creating your own Beauty Book. Create a login, and plug in your complexion & hair type along with any skin issues that you might have like acne or dry skin as well as a lifestyle choice like weight loss, or building tone. After you select these, Real Beauty will generate a ‘book’ that appears as a floating menu bar on the bottom of the screen while you are visiting the site.

Lastly, keeping with our affinity for keeping up with MTV’s The Hills & The City, Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame is creating a 12 Days of Christmas list. While Perez Hilton may call her ceiling eyes, we have to hand it to her for maintaining a blog – or getting someone else to. Whichever.

Some Splainin’ To Do


Fancy Lashes - Courtesy of

We’re feeling a little bad this morning about whoever had the job of pulling this ad from today’s Inquirer. Looks like they’re going to have some ’splainin’ to do.

One of our fave stores, Express hosted an event called the Hollywood Style Awards last month. There are also pictures on Pop Sugar’s website.

Halloween is a perfect time to try outrageous makeup, and that’s just what some ladies at Glamour did. They even learned some tips and tricks.

Lastly, MTV re-aired an episode of True Life last night, which we love. This episode was good. Maybe they weren’t the most cuddly characters, but the girls featured in True Life: I’m a Compulsive Shopper were really interesting,

Over the Moon

The 25th VMAs have come and gone without any major disaster.  What a total bum-out!

Many of this year’s stars took their fashion direction from the man himself, MTV’s Moon Man.  Perhaps it was an act of positive visualization; Britney took home 3 of the mini-me’s and the Pussycat Dolls, one.

Make your wishes come true and score a sparkly number by Alice + Olivia or Proenza Schouler.  They do it best.

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