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Chanel’s Got The Blues

It’s always a good day when there’s news of a brand new Chanel nail color shade.  In this case though, there’s three.  For the upcoming Fashion’s Night Out on September 8th (you know, Vogue EIC, Anna Wintour’s annual worldwide fashion party), Chanel will be hawking ‘Les Jeans de Chanel’, a limited-edition trio of denim-inspired blue shades – Blue Rebel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy – created exclusively for the event, which are pretty much sure to fly off shelves.  They’ll be available to purchase on Chanel’s website starting September 8th through the end of the month, if they last that long.  Perhaps now you can retire your Blue Satin for a while?

—Kat Blazowski


Remnants: 1/12/11



—Print might be dead, but multi-media reporting is most certainly alive. Check out new made-for-iPad fashion and art “magazine” POST. Style File blog

—You could win tickets to New York Fashion Week just by being your fabulous self. Newsday

—We hope you’ve already started booking reservations to your favorite Philly restaurants to enjoy a $35 prix fixe menu. Restaurant Week starts up on Sunday (although it’s actually going to be TWO WEEKS). UWISHUNU

—Fashion is making its debut at the South by Southwest Conference this year. The show, called Style X, will include retailers from around the world. Participants will be announced on Monday. Style X Austin

—Because we obviously need to prepare for an awards show like The Golden Globes by having a party the week before (umm, yeah), Audi sponsored a Golden Globes Party Sunday night. See who showed up and what they wore and then mark your calendars for Sunday, January 16 because that’s when the actual awards will be given out. Style Bistro

—A Snow Queen Winter Sale? Why yes that does seem like the perfect sale to mention on a day like today. Get your sale on at Bus Stop through January 21. Bus Stop Boutique

—My best friend is going to fall over when she reads this-Taking jazz hands to a whole new level, Sephora and OPI have teamed up and made a “Glee” nail polish collection. stylelist

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?

Courtesy of Real Beauty

Courtesy of Real Beauty

An e-mail was just sent out by claiming that nude nail polish is the next big thing.

“I hate to tell snowy white-polish lovers this, but it’s no longer numero uno on the neutral nail-polish list. Nope, right now it’s all about nude nail polish—something we predicted would be big a few months ago and has finally begun showing up on the red carpet.”

Glamour suggests these colors from Spa Ritual and Butter. We’re just not sure how we feel about this ‘nude’ color nail polish. We’re indecisive enough at the nail salon, without the pressure of keeping up with trends. It’s sort of silly that we obsess over whether or not the shade of polish we pick sticks with certain trends, but we find it super nerve wracking when the manicurist says ‘pick a color!’ Really. For now we’re thinking of sticking with Real Beauty’s metallic recommendations.

Another area of obsession: lip balm. This winter has been brutal. There are lots of chapsticks/lip balms out there, but we find that when our lips get really chapped, only Neosporin Lip Health will do. Normally, Nivea, Carmex, Rosebud Salve, Burt’s Bees and regular old Vaseline do the trick, but when things get really bad, Neosporin is the only guy we turn to. Rachel Zoe recommends Sugar Lip treatment by Fresh, which sounds  like we might want to try it since it has an exfoliator element and we love scrubs.

Daily Candy is highlighting these little straps that will perk up your boots, and Avenue of the Arts is gearing up to put planters along Broad Street. It’s part of their 5-Year plan to “Improve and Beautify the Streetscape,” so keep your eyes peeled!

Rainbow Brite

Courtesy of American Apparel

Courtesy of American Apparel

In addition to racy advertisements, it looks like American Apparel has taken a dip into manicure territory. Since we like shades that sometimes make our manicurists giggle – black, dark purple & dark maroon as of late – we’re fans of this collection.

Sometimes, we like to day dream about the calendars that we will use next year. Crate and Barrel has this cute one that has a book for each month – each in a different color. Perfect for when we have to write little notes to ourselves – either so we can remember to get milk or the starting lyrics for our next #1 single.

In addition to those cool little beauty books you can create, Real Beauty is also on top of makeup questions like ‘What do I do if I want smoky eyes like Kim Kardashian but have light eyes?’ They’re so crafty. They’ve gone ahead and posted a slideshow to create smoky eyes for blue eyed beauties who don’t want to look like they’ve just been beaten up. If you just so happen to have a complexion that looks more like Kim K’s, you’re in luck. Real Beauty has you covered in the smoky eye department as well.

Lastly, blogging for extended periods of time can contribute to creating a large backside, and not a desirable one like aforementioned Kim’s. So, a chair from Gaiam is on our wish list. This chair looks funny but it forces you to engage your core muscles while sitting in it. Since you are most likely reading this post sitting down, perhaps you should consider putting it on your wish list too.

Manicured Monday

This weekend, I tried Sally Hansen’s nail polish that claims to dry in 60 Seconds and I LOVED it. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color dries FAST and it’s near impossible to mess up when applying it. The brush expands so you only need ONE STROKE. I wanted my nails done but I can’t seem to find my money tree so this worked out perfectly.

Honey magazine has a great article on Solange, Beyonce’s younger sister. Even if you don’t read the article, check out her brazen style.

And, it’s time for everyone’s favorite, naked ladies! Ok, so maybe they are without clothes, but the focus of Glamour’s article is to celebrate these model’s curves rather than focus on the fact that they’re not wearing clothes. Along the same vein, the blog Young Fat and Fabulous has an exclusive interview with Fluvia Lacerda, a gorgeous plus-size model from Brazil.

Lauren Conrad was spotted wearing this cute number at the The West Hollywood launch of LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. We’re just not sure if we believe that LC would ever rock any of the looks that are actually on the shelf.

Lastly, the Forever21 bags caught our eye recently. No, not the handbags but rather the yellow shopping bag they give you after a purchase is made. All of these bags seem to be printed with John 3:16. Not the actual bible verse but the refrence to the passage. Wikipedia offers this explanation:

“Forever 21 prints the biblical reference to John 3:16 at the bottom of their shopping bags due to the fervent biblical belief of the founder, Do-Won Chang.”

It seems like bloggers and reporters alike are upset, but what do you think?

Terrific Tuesday

Courtesy of

We heard that a certain famous Victoria’s Secret model straightens her hair with embalming fluid. Sorry, we’re still absorbing this information.  Apparently it’s popular in Brazil. Hearing things like this only make us want to see Chris Rock’s Good Hair even more.

On an unrelated note, it looks The Frisky found out that Marc Jacobs has creations – a bracelet with animals charms, that DOESN’T cost an arm and a leg. Nice. NBC10’s Lilliana Vazquez highlights cute shoes from different price ranges. lets you guess what the beauty product does as well as highlights the best trends in color for the fall – that’s nail polish, eye shadows and neon headbands. All this while Teen Vouge teaches you how to create looks featured on the website yourself.