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DIY: Phillies Nails

With the Philadelphia Phillies officially kicking off their 2012 season this Thursday (at 1:35 p.m.) in Pittsburgh, we here at PW Style would like to help all you lady fans out there show your team spirit in style. In fact, we’re going to be dishing numerous Phillies-centric fashion and style tips leading up to the first pitch of the team’s home opener next Monday—we do have a long six-eight months of baseball ahead of us, after all.

First things first, a Phillies-inspired manicure is definitely in order.

Depending on your desired level of skill and creativity, there’s a bunch of different ways to go about it. The easiest: using a fine-tip brush, toothpick or polish pen to create the Phills’ logo on one of your nails while painting the rest solid red or white…



From personal experience, I can tell you that a basic white “P” on top of a red nail looks great. But should you want to really master the Phillies “P” you can find more detailed instructions on this post.

Yet, seeing as though you’ve still got nine perfectly good little canvases left, why not incorporate a few more things into your design like stars, pin-strips, you’re favorite player’s number, polka dots, Crackle or some blue polish?

phillies nails 2


Rather than attempting to paint the stars yourself, see if you can find star nail gems, a confetti polish with stars in it or basic star stickers in your nearest drug store.

For the slightly more adept nail artist, try sporting baseballs on one or more of your digits…



The stitching may be a bit too hard with even a fine brush, so you’ll probably want to stick to a toothpick or polish pen. And like with most nail designs, you want to go real slow, creating a series of small dots and connecting them little by little.

Here’s one of a million tutorials for baseball nail art (but the only one by a real Phils fan):

YouTube Preview Image