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From Miltary Jackets to An Orange Glow

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Recently, we’ve been loving military jackets. Lucky for us, they’re everywhere. There’s this cute one from Express which will set you back about 80 bucks. There are also some wallet friendly alternatives from Forever 21 and H&M, whom as we’ve noted on our Twitter Page, do not have a website that features their inventory. We understand that their inventory varies greatly from store to store, and that they are a massive international company, but it would be nice to see something. Anything.

As we mentioned before, Liliana Vazquez, Cheap Chicas Founder and NBC10 Correspondent is currently guest blogging for Lucky Magazine. One of her posts is about things to get for Valentine’s day. As always, her suggestions are under $100. Pretty nice since some of those corsets can get expensive. Not that we’ve been looking..

We’re also loving what Alexa Chung is wearing, and so does InStyle. Something else on our radar, Urban Decay’s eyeshadow kit. It’s modeled to look like an Alice and Wonderland pop up book. Nice. Lastly, watch out if your trying to get a Snooki-esque tan, as tanning bed regulations may be coming soon.

Keepin It Real?

Pamela-Anderson-25As a reminder dear reader, Pam Anderson will be in town this weekend. As we mentioned before, she’ll be at a local Rite Aid as well as Parx 360. Is she a has been or is she just trying to keep it real?  You decide.

January continues to be the month of deals with these great buys: Cheap Chicas recommends this emerald dress as well as this boyfriend blazer. Just as a reminder, Cheap Chicas creator and NBC10 correspondent Liliana Vazquez will be guest blogging for Lucky Magazine’s website from January 25th – 29th. also has Bare Minerals as a lower price. Nice.

While it’s not as much of a steal, Rachel Zoe recommends fringed jewelery that can ‘drape a million different ways.’

You can also help Haiti by eating at restaurants in Conshohocken.

Tuesday Treats

Courtesy of Shop Only Green

Courtesy of Shop Only Green

Usually, we’re fans of Etsy. Usually. There are always exceptions, as with this necklace. Can someone explain to us why you would want a necklace with goat’s hair? Ew.

Melissa Walker, one of the founders of I Heart Daily is now blogging for Nylon about Rio Fashion Week as well as graffiti in Rio which isn’t just your standard tagging, that’s for sure.

NBC10 Correspondent and Cheap Chicas founder Liliana Vazquez will be blogging for Lucky Magazine from January 25th – 29th.

The website Shop Only Green sells things like pencil cases, folders, and bags made out of recycled containers. We’re excited because one of our favorite childhood throwbacks – Capri Sun is included! The totes and bags are so cute, and don’t cost an arm and a leg like some other recycled creations that we’ve seen.

We also came across these hair products created for guys and girls of more than one race, which is pretty cool. We’ve always taken issue with the divisions at the in the hair care isle. What happens if you fall somewhere in between? While we can’t vouch for how these products work, Mixed Chicks hair products are a great idea to say the least.

NPR found that Neanderthals were more stylish than we might think, and just might be the most ridiculous URL ever, and we love it.

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving is already on our brains as well as those over at NBC10. Our favorite is the cranberry sauce straight from the can. Those ridges are the best.  What’s yours? NBC10’s Lilliana Vazquez has some cute finds for this week – including bracelets with engravings, perfumes, and a golden tote from Tory Burch.

Speaking of Tory Burch and Thanksgiving, check out this cute invite from Tory’s latest e-mail blast.


Courtesy of Tory Burch

Also, Cynthia Gouw’s latest installment of SnapGlow.TV lets us know what denim trends are hot right now:

Gotta Get Away

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Happy Hump Day!  This morning Marie Claire’s got links to the 25 beauty products that will change your life. While we haven’t tried them all, we can’t argue with the benefits of the Chanel Nude Blush or Mac’s Bronzer just to bring a glow to your face during the drab winter months, the Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer which helps us look like we had a nice weekend getaway to Cancun even if we sadly haven’t taken out our passports, as well as Olay’s Body Wash with exfoliating ribbons. With such a moisturizing body wash, you can even skip a post-shower moisturizer. Nice. Marie Claire also posted tips on how to care for your skin depending on your climate.

Lilliana Vazquez, who contributes to NBC10 posted some  cute and affordable sweaters on her blog – The Cheap Chica’s Guide To Style. Glamour magazine is also looking out for your wallet, with their list of shoes for $50 and under.

Philadelphia Magazine is on the lookout in Rittenhouse Square, spotting some styles that they love as well as a type of yoga we hadn’t seen yet. It’s called Slackline Yoga, and it’s done on a tightrope. Philadelphia Magazine spotted Jennifer Nehila practicing Slackline and did a writeup and shot video. Just as Jennifer mentions, gives more information on the practice as a whole.

Lastly, we’re not sure how the #4 resturant on this ESPN list earned it spot, but we’re cracking up.

Button Up Your Overcoat

Courtesy of Vintage Connection

Courtesy of Vintage Connection

A lovely lady from Vintage Connection has posted info on Vintage Coats on Philly2Philly. Vintage Connection is worth a look, it won the title of “Best Vintage Shop” from Philadelphia Magazine and your favorite newspaper, Philadelphia Weekly. With a little luck, you might even be able to get a Mad Men esque coat – for MUCH cheaper than those on sale at Banana Republic.

Even with the colder weather creeping up, Christmas commercials are freaking us out. They’re on entirely too early. Or so we think. However, we are positively tickled by the Sephora Holiday offers like this set of mascaras for $39 – valued at $104. Nice. There are similarly priced sets for fragrance, glitz & glam – that’s shimmer and bronzers for those who don’t speak Sephora. The only set we’re leery of is the lotion one. Sometimes skin freaks out when you use that many different lotions, especially in the winter months!

If you LOVE eyeliner Sephora’s got a kit with pencils in literally every color from Make Up For Ever. This set has 25 different shades. We think even Rainbow Brite would be jealous. This Smashbox set with 5 colors might be a better choice if 25 colors seems like too much of a commitment. We’re also loving this cute little set from Bare Escentuals avaliable only at Sephora called A Wink and A Kiss. It’s mascara and lipstick. So cute.

Sooo…we got a little excited about makeup. This morning NBC10 takes a look at Justin Timberlake’s style and how it’s progressed through the years. NBC10 also lets us know that there is going to be a piece of the Berlin Wall at Ripley’s Believe it Or Not in Atlantic City! I personally saw an itty bitty chunk of the Berlin wall and that was pretty moving. I can’t even imagine seeing a huge chunk like the one at Ripley’s, let alone actually being there for the historical event – which celebrates it’s 20th birthday on Monday, November 9th.


So what if it’s a crisp fall day out? There’s free frozen yogurt in West Chester! According to NBC10, California based Sprinkles is opening a location in West Chester, and to commemorate the occasion they’re giving away free frozen yogurt with free unlimited toppings! We’re pretty excited because we’re big  Red Mango and even bigger Pinkberry fans – neither of which have hit the Philly area, YET.

Daily Candy is pointing the way to Tide’s Loads of Hope Campaign, which is working towards helping those effected by natural disasters.  You can help by purchasing Tide with yellow caps or by purchasing one of their cute t-shirts. With products like that, helping couldn’t be easier. Daily Candy also has a write up on these interesting rose thorn earrings from Lee Hale, available at Egan Day on South Street.


Courtesy of Daily Candy

We also peeped these boots from Sorel on the website – they’re cute and look like a great alternative to Uggs for seriously icy or snowy days.




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