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Put Your Party Dress On

With SEPTA back and running this morning, we feel like putting on our party dress! Fourtunately, Lucky Magazine has found some affordable dresses so we can dance the night away in style. We especially like this one from Forever 21. At 25 bucks you can more than afford to get this asymmetrical one shouldered number.


Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Lucky also has a gift guide broken down into categories that we really like: Artsy, Moroccan, On The Go, Victorian, At Home, Country Chic, Bejeweled and Ten Dollars and Under. We especially love this tea cup with little claw feet from the Victorian section, it reminds us of those awesome tubs with claws. We also like the Moroccan section and all of it’s gorgeous embellishments, especially this gorgeous decorated platter. There’s also a website with more finds from the North African country called While some stuff on the site is pricey, other stuff is not. Check out these lanterns for under $100.

We also came across this post on Jezebel, which claims “If you wan’t to be popular, you can’t afford to be skinny.” It’s a vintage ad. It’s just interesting to see how beauty ideals have changed.

Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer seems to be the media’s latest obsession — but we’re just admiring her as an artist and style icon. Check out these outfits that she’s worn, as well as pictures from the photo shoot for Glamour magazine’s cover. Gorgeous! Just so we’re clear, we’re glad Rihanna was comfortable enough to come forward and talk about such a painful moment in her life, but we also want to focus on the positive as well.