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Today In News That Doesn’t Make Sense: Kristen Stewart Is Named Face of Balenciaga’s Newest Scent

Maybe you’re a die-hard Twilight fan or maybe you’re of the opposite ‘please just make it all stop’ mentality, but either way, I think most of us can agree that the news of Kristen Stewart (ahem, Bella Swan) being named the new face of Balenciaga’s forthcoming fragrance (to be revealed in the Fall), is quite the head-scratcher.



Forgive us for a second while we go off on a rant, but the girl is just awkward and pretty much the least person we’d expect to nail a fashion/beauty contract seeing as she doesn’t seem t0 be comfortable at all when she’s dressed for the red carpet.  And she’s basically associated with Tweens everywhere, not high fashion, even if her handlers have put her in a few Balenciaga numbers in the past.  How could you let this happen Nicholas?  Surely there are better options, you know, like that Rooney Mara….

PW Style Gift Guide: For The Female Friend That Has Everything…

We all have one of those people on our lists.  You know, the one who we are always stumped on what to get.  It seems they already have everything they need and another lame gift card just seems like you put in no effort.  Well, here’s a few ideas for presents that are a safe bet when it comes to finding something perfectly unique.  Just grab an extra receipt, you know, just in case.

1. Leaning Tower of TEAsa, Tea Set for 2


So maybe she drinks tea and maybe she doesn’t but who cares?  Look how cute this is!  Made of ceramic, the set includes teapot, lid, two cups and a metal basket infuser.  Trip to Italy, not included. $54, available at

2. Chanel No. 5 Intense Bath Oil


We’re pretty sure that anything with the word Chanel on it sends all females into hysteria.  Since you probably can’t afford a 3000 dollar purse how about this ultra-luxe bath oil?  During tubbie time, she can just add a few drops and lose herself in the legendary scent of No. 5.  Like she’s Marilyn Monroe or something. $85, available at

3. Mario Testino: Portraits Coffee Table Book


Arguably one of the most influential fashion photographers of our time, Mario Testino takes images that are simply, well, art.  So why not pimp out her living room by gifting this little addition?  With the Great Kate’s infamous mug on the cover, how can you not want to pick it up and flip through? About $54, available at

4.  Friendship Bracelets Activity Kit


Not everyone has money to burn and that’s totally okay because you can make a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry all by yourself for practically nothing!  Yeah, yeah, technically this kit is for kids, but HELLO, think of all the gifting possibilities with this thing?  There is nothing more special than a gift that comes handmade with love from the heart (shh, it’s true though).  Buy this thing and you could potentially be done all of your shopping – by giving everyone their very own bracelet!  Wrap it around a bottle of beer or mini wine for a cute presentation (and added cheer).  Wait, no don’t do that, I think I just gave myself an idea. $8.99, available at

Speidi and Fake Bakes

Looks like Heidi and Spencer from The Hills or Speidi as they are referred to by Perez, tied the knot this past weekend. In the Us Weekly spread, it says the dress and the jewels were quite pricey. Otherwise, I don’t think  anything seems over the top.

Spencer’s creepy flesh colored beard is gone, which is always a good thing. I know Heidi is from the middle of the mountains, so I’m not surprised by dad’s cowboy hat. Lauren Conrad’s outfit seems like one for any other day for her. What are your thoughts?

A while back, NBC10 did a slideshow on celebs that were too pale.  Well, Us Weekly did a spread on celebs that are too tan. As much of a genius as he is, Garavani Valentino is the creepiest in this set of photos.

It’s easy to forget how much Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame has changed her look over the past few years. Looks like you’ve got some catching up to do.

Marie Claire found some cute perfumes on keychains!  So cute, definitely worth a look if nothing else!

Philadelphia Magazine attempted to highlight this seasons trends, but I’m not a huge fan of their coverage since the prices are beyond steep for each item that they feature.  Cosmo did a better job, giving you ideas on what you can do with pieces you already have.