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This kid in this picture isn’t me, but I super dig his retro Phillies uniform!

Before Tuesday, the last Phillies game I attended was at the Veteran’s Field in 6th grade. My parents, two of my hometown team’s softball coaches, took me and some friends from the team up to the game in a 12-seater van. I clearly remember silently cringing in pre-teen embarrassment as my mom put her terrycloth visor on her mane of curly hair and pulled out her super gigantic ziploc bag– the maternal version of the barney bag –of protective UV blocking gear and cosmetics, insisting we all wear it. We all ate hot dogs and I proudly wore my black leather glove in hopes of catching a stray foul ball.

This was also the same game that the adorable little girls in their phillies caps witnessed a pitcher being nailed in the face by a hard pitch from the man up at bat, and was wheeled off the field on a stretcher. I’m next to positive he was in a short-term coma. Needless to say, I didn’t play softball that next season.

My Phillies cap from that game is tucked away in a drawer, dusty with nostalgia, somewhere in my parents house, as is my kids Phanatic shirt and little Phillies bat. As someone who has only since held a baseball in required gym classes post pitcher-coma-trauma, none of those souvenirs made it into my post-college apartment. (Not like that Phanatic shirt would fit, anyway)

As a gal who only wears dresses in the summertime, I was in quite a whirl as what to wear to a game. What do people wear to Phillies games?!, I tweeted. I seriously think my mom was picking out my outfits the last time I saw them place. After pacing around my room (and grumbling about wearing pants in the heat) I finally settled on cargo capris and flip flops. I have bright auburn hair, and as a result of clashing, own very few red shirts. I settled on a royal blue shirt, and deemed it patriotic enough for a Philadelphia home game and complimentary to my red hair.

Unfortunately, the Phillies were playing the Chicago Cubs… whose away uniforms pretty much entirely matched my outfit. Oops. Whatever, they have the better uniforms anyway!

…or do they?

After getting a little playful grief from my friend Colin for wearing the “wrong team color”, I decided I would do some investigative uniform research. The Phillies are apparently one the oldest established teams in the national league, and have been around since 1883! The uniforms have changed a lot in 126 years, as you can imagine. This is what I found:

This studly suit was from 1899. Hot.

Lookin’ studly… and kind of like a chef in 1899.

No red in town in 1938! The official colors were blue and yellow.

These uniforms are from 1948.

I love these uniforms from 1948. Dig the socks!

Retro fabulous: 1982 with the old logo on the cap!

The uniform I grew up knowing from the early 90s

A more recent training uniform.

2009: The current away game uniform!