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Photo Gallery: Reopening of Lorenzo & Sons Pizza

On Friday, May 3rd, Preston & Steve from the 93.3 WMMR morning show hosted the reopening of the uber-popular Lorenzo & Sons Pizza on South Street, which closed last June after a fire consumed its interior. A crowd of supporters showed up to celebrate and eat pizza at the South Philly favorite, and Lorenzo’s donated 50 percent of the proceeds from the entire day’s sales to Philabundance.

Two Last Minute, Hurricane-Inspired DIY Costumes

While this meteorological phenomenon may have put a damper on Halloween 2012, it’s also given folks along the east coast two awesome and super easy DIY costume ideas, possibly to reserve for future use.

It’s hard to say right now what, if any, local Halloween parties will be going down Wednesday night as planned, but seeing as most of us are stuck spending the next 48 hours cooped up in our homes—with or without electricity—what better time to get crafty and construct a new costume?

Hurricane Sandy


Yeah, you saw this one coming. While you can opt to embody either the innocent or rebel version of Grease’s leading lady, badass Sandy is likely to be the easiest.

Step 1: Unless for some strange reason you happen to own a black lycra body suit, rummage through your closets and drawers for any and all tight-fitting black garments. A simple strapless black top and leggings works just as good. If you don’t have a black leather jacket, any shimmery black jacket will do. Complete the ensemble with a pair of black pumps and a pretty belt.

Step 2: Draw a hurricane symbol like the one shown above on a piece of cardboard, color it in with red marker/paint then cut it out and tape it to your chest. A simple red “H” would also work.

Step 3: Tease your hair to the high heavens and proceed to curl. For those blessed with a naturally curly mane, this may be as simple as drying your hair upside down then adding some mouse/gel.

Step 4: Apply your sexiest red lipstick.

Step 5: Dangle a real or fake cig from your lip.


frankenstorm_halloween_costumeAnd for the fellas…

Step 1: Paint your entire face green and blacken your eyes with green/black face paint or matte green/black eye shadows, which can easily be found at any drug store or your girlfriend’s makeup bag.

Step 2: Create a few stitched-up cuts on your face, again using either face paint or makeup. You can easily create a wound with a little red lipstick/lip liner and black eye shadow. For the stiches, black eyeliner would work great.

Step 3: Gel or spray your hair down as flat as possible.

Step 4: Create bolts from whatever you might have lying around your house (a corkscrew being the easiest option), then paint them silver or black and stick on your neck. You can either construct them from

Step 5: Wear all black, possibly a black blazer or suit/tuxedo jacket.

My previous Glenn “Hurricane” Scwhartz (In A Hurricane) DIY costume idea is also now eerily appropriate. I swear I had no knowledge of Sandy when I came up with it.


So Philly I Can’t Handle It

I’ve lived in Philadelphia for over five years now, and there’s a few things I’ve come to love from living in New York’s funnier and generally more mustachioed little brother – namely pretzels, facial hair, and cats.

Here’s a few things I’ve rounded up for you to wear on your way to becoming a local in the City of Brotherly Love. The next step is grabbing a lawn chair and sitting on the sidewalk in basketball shorts all day.


Heads of State Liberty Bell Tee $25 // MCMC Dude No.1 Beard Oil $65 from Art in the Age

concretepolish_knuckleduster_studsGold Double Cubani Link Ring $150 // Gold Diamond Studs $55 from Concrete Polish


Phillies/Ramones Tee $24 // Party Til You Puke Shirt $16 from Awesome Dudes Printing


Pretzel Pool Float $18 from Urban Outfitters

radlands_tank_and_teePeace of Shit Tank $34 // Fuzzy Nugz Tee $32 from Radlands Clothing

- Christina Brown

Penn Fashion Week Begins

Over the past several years, Philadelphia has fostered its fashion industry with events like Philly Fashion Week and programs like the Fashion Incubator.  Not to be outdone by Drexel for participating in the Incubator, the University of Pennsylvania is hosting fashion panel discussions, runway shows, and lectures over the course of this week.

Tonight (the 26th) from 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., Joshua Schulman, former CEO of Jimmy Choo, will be speaking along with opening night celebrations from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The opening night is open to students to try on clothing from Rent the Runway, a couture clothing rental website.

John Idol, the current Chairman and CEO of Michael Kors, will speak on Tuesday, March 27th from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Internet shopping gurus Chris Ventry, General Manager of Giltman and Park & Bond, Rupa Parekh, Vice President of Marketing at JOOR, and Denice Ozpinar, Classic Sportswear Planner at will be discuss how the internet has impacted the clothing industry on Wednesday, March 28th from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Parsons Dean Simon Collins is scheduled to discuss the “Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fashion” on Thursday, March 29th from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.penn_fashionweek

Penn’s Fashion Week is scheduled to end Friday, the 30th, with a publishing panel featuring Valerie Steel, FIT’s Museum Director and Chief Curator, Leah Chernikoff, Executive Editor of, Eva Chen, Beauty and Health Director/Special Projects Director of Teen Vogue, and John Jannuzzi, Contributing Digital Editor at Lucky Magazine.  This stocked panel is set to have a discussion, followed by a question and answer session from 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Finally, the week will close on Friday night from 9:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. with a fashion show promoting student designs and clothing from local boutiques worn by student models.

The lectures and panel discussions will make incredible networking opportunities for Philadelphia’s fashion scene to mix and mingle. I’m incredibly excited that Philly’s businesses, organizations, and universities are hosting fashion events, discussions, and runway shows to foster the industry, and be sure to check back throughout the week for the latest and greatest scoop from Penn Fashion Week.

Local Love: Once Worn Consignment

Once Worn Consignment

Ever since Jen Waxman was the wee age of 10, her passion was hunting for bargains.  The thrill of thrifting was her most treasured hobby.  But now thanks to her, you can find the best deals all in one place: in her NoLibs thrift store, Once Worn Consignment at 910 N. 2nd St.

A mixture of vintage, designer, jewelry, candy-colored pumps, and novelty items (including a keychain of a fetus), Once Worn takes the stress out of the hunt, serving up the funkiest styles all in one spot.


Left: Vintage dress, $28; Vintage Gianni Ferretti pumps, $20 // Right: H&M faux fur coat, $15; Wilster blouse, $40

Essential to a consignment store is a community of hip-dressers.  And NoLibs certainly is chock full of those, “The Neighborhood people aren’t generally into designer stuff, but more styles like Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban.  They wanna spend 8 or 10 bucks on an H&M dress rather than 200 on a designer piece,” says Jen.

So if you prefer to get a lot of unique pieces for a little chunk of cash, Once Worn is the place to go.


Left: Navajo Poncho, $24; Cowboy boots, $15 // Right: Charlie & Robin sweater from Anthropologie, $40

The consignment factor could also cut down on the cost of that pair of Gianni Feretti pumps.  Bring in some items you’re tired of, and Jen will buy them from you or give you store credit.  “It’s good for me, It’s good for them!” Jen proclaims.

Only in existence a year and a half, the store has grown to be so successful that a bigger location is in order.  But Jen loves NoLibs, and wouldn’t want to move too far from her 2nd street location. Up the street lies her sister’s gallery and boutique, Art star, which is the reason she was attracted to the neighborhood in the first place.  Across the street are a fleet of restaurants and tap rooms, and Soy Cafe is down the road.

So fill up a laundry bag with old clothes to consign, shop the afternoon away and then relax with a soy latte or draft beer.

Once Worn is open Wednesday through Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6. Be sure to “like” their Facebook Page for updates on new items and sales!

**Photos by Katie Warburton

–Marissa Oswald

Brilliant Idea: Magnetic Nail Polish

whitehall-magnetic-polish nailsThe other day I was hanging out in Sephora, and one of the sales associates, Sara, showed me something new. It’s called Whitehall Magnetic Nail Polish by Nails Inc., London.

Here’s how it works:  you paint your nail with the polish and then hover the magnet (located on the top of the bottle cap), over the paint and viola! Your nail has this funky, shiny, squiggly thing going on.

I wasn’t so sure about the polish at first, since I usually stick with neutral colors.  But it’s been about 24 hours since I got a sample on my pinky finger – and even though the nail looks totally busted- I can’t find the will to remove it.  I’m sold!  Neutral colors, step aside.whitehall-magnetic-polish before after

Sara mentioned that she recently read an article about how nail salons are suffering since people are doing their own nails in order to save money.  So, I guess when you think about it,  $16 isn’t a bad amount for nail polish you can get a nice amount of uses out of and have fun with it.

You can get your own bottle in silver, purple or teal at Sephora in Center City.

~Zenovia Campbell

The “Humble Cloth Tote”

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times announced in an article that the cloth tote has taken the place of the luxury bag. According to the paper, the tote “…telegraphs not money, but access, ethics, culture…”

That’s right, no longer is wearing the latest Vuitton, Chanel, or Jacobs the way to go. Now you can save your hard earned money and just rock a “humble cloth tote.”

Personally, I’m not buying this. Having  never been into bags with labels, I think I’m going to pass on this trend.  My tote will continue to be reserved for storing sweaty yoga clothes and books. But if you’re digging the so-called humble cloth tote, here’s a few to consider:

Were you lucky enough to score tickets to McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition in NYC this past summer?

Savage Beuty Tote

Want to show the world how environmentally conscious you are?


All about representing Philly?


(You can find these Philly-centric totes at Open House in Center City or online at We Heart Philly)

~Zenovia Campbell

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