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Zara’s Online

Zara Faux FurDo all the Zara fans out there know that Zara’s online now?  Finally.  And you can eliminate those pesky shipping costs by having it delivered to the store.  Thank gawd because the brand has more to offer that what you see on Walnut St.  Seriously, the Philly store doesn’t do Zara justice.

This September they opened up online and all they have to offer abounds.  And they make it easy for you.

For example, I bought this faux fur coat to go with an outfit.  Picked it up at the store, and it was wrapped up all pretty.  Unfortunately, it was more of a blue-black than the black-black I wanted (bastards in that regard).

So instead of my usual process of having the jacket sit in its box in my living room for weeks (which I would most likely trip over every day until getting the motivation to drag it to the post office – where I would wait in line forever as the clerks take their sweet ‘ole time – only to find out out weeks later that I got a store credit because I returned it too late), I just dropped it off to the Zara store with no hassle whatsoever. Done.

Now if only H&M would get on board…

~Zenovia Campbell

Calling All (Hopeful) Philly Fashion Designers!

PFI StickerThe Philadelphia Fashion Incubator has arrived!

In case you’re like, “huh?” as I was, the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator (PFI) is a year-long residency program for Philly folks who dream of someday joining the ranks of Jacobs and McQueen.

Here’s the gist:  four talented emerging designers, who will be known as Designers-In-Residence (DIR), will be picked to take part in an opportunity that will help launch their fashion business here in Philly.

During their residency, the DIR’s will get a chance to learn everything they need to know about starting their own line.  There will be mentoring from professionals in the fashion industry, monthly workshops, and a chance to participate in pop-up shops and trunk shows. There’s also an opportunity for the residents to show off their creations for the Philadelphia Collection. DIR’s are also going to gain some knowledge on the practical side of the biz, such as business plan creation, copyright protection and budgeting.

And here’s my favorite part: residents will have access to a production room, an office space, and a showroom/conference area located in Macy’s Center City – a location that Nutter said at the press conference, “will encourage young entrepreneurs.”

Here’s a peek at the diggs:




(All pics taken with my iPhone, so they aren’t that great. But you get the idea)

Think Project Runway–except without Tim and Heidi. The application deadline is January 20th, and the residency will begin on March 1, 2012. You can apply here.

Good luck to all the applicants! I think Philadelphia is onto something.

-Zenovia Campbell

Versace for H&M is Coming…

The H&M store on Walnut Street will be blessed by the Versace for H&M collection starting at 8AM Saturday, November 19th, 2011.  Mark your calendars because this event is going to be HUGE!

According to the site, each group of 20 people in line will get a colored wristband (up to 280 people).  Shoppers will be allowed a 15 minute shopping window, and the order in which people are allowed to shop goes according to the color of their wristband.  Wristband holders are only allowed to shop the Versace for H&M women’s collection.  Anyone else who wants to shop the Versace for H&M men’s line, Versace for H&M home collection or regular H&M apparel can do so at their leisure.

Once you’re in H&M and drooling over Donatella’s designs, don’t get ahead of yourself.  Customers are allowed to purchase only two items, so plan wisely.   H&M’s posted the entire selection to its website so shoppers can pick out their favorite pieces for the budget.

I can’t wait to see everyone there, and stay tuned for a detailed review of the line.  Is it going to actually look like Versace, or just a cheap Chinatown knockoff?

Don’t forget:

  • Doors open at 8AM.
  • You’re only allowed two pieces.
  • The Walnut Street H&M is the one with the gold.
  • You only need a wristband if you’re shopping the women’s collection.
  • PW Style will be attending and documenting the chaos that will ensue.

Jack Wills Will Blow You Away

Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 9.43.40 PMJack Wills opened a store on 16th and Walnut streets Friday night at 5:30 p.m.  With its pink and blue striped walls, map of the northeast and vintage books perched atop a fireplace, the store reminds me of J.Crew meets a swank ski lodge, and it’s a mecca of British pop culture.

Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 9.44.51 PM

Given its British roots, the men’s clothes are elegant in their simplicity.  Everything garment in the store fits slimmer than its American counterpart; their blazers had a tailored look without actually being tailored, and the jeans were tighter than anything I’ve seen in America while still being really comfortable.

The nice thing about their men’s line was how almost every piece could be dressed up or down with several staples.  Their blazers could be dressed down for a night on the town with a pair of slim dark blue jeans, or dressed up for lunch at the country club with a nice pair of khakis.

Much like the men’s line, the women’s line was very old school prep.  Pressed oxford shirts, high waisted knee length skirts and leather loafers could easily be dressed up with the right accessories or dressed down for a day at the office.

The clothes aren’t cheap, but they appear to be well made.  Given that the store sells well-made wardrobe staples, the prices aren’t terrible considering what you’re getting.  If you’re into New England chic, Jack Wills is definitely worth checking out.

PWStyle Loves: The Andean Collection Jewelry

We’ve been on the hunt for some new ’summer-style’ jewelry lately.  You know, those bright, ethnic-y creations that seem to pop up every season.  So lucky for us then, that we discovered The Andean Collection, a line of colorful and totally warm weather-appropriate handmade jewelry, at Old City treasure trove, Sugarcube.


Made from seeds like Acai, Tagu and Pambil, sustainably harvested from the rainforest and lowlands of South America, The Andean Collection also provides a way out of poverty for the very artisans that create it through fair wages and company profit-sharing.  Fashion you can feel good about, that’s always something we can get behind!


For pricing or more photos, visit Sugarcube online at or call 215-238-0825.

Sugarcube is located at 124 North 3rd Street in Old City, Philadelphia.

—Kat Blazowski

Homegrown Talent: Brittany DeShields Clothing


Brittany DeShields is a young Philly designer with a passion for sexy, in your face, freakum dresses. A self-taught designer Brittany DeShields is on her way to becoming a household name. She recently launched her first collection, opened a studio in Fishtown, launched her website and her online store I Love B. Des.  She is one busy woman!

Brittany’s designs have been worn by celebs such as Mya and Lola Monroe and have been featured on the Fashion Bomb and numerous style blogs. Her signature is her sleek, sexy mini dresses with spandex, mesh and sheer panels. These are for the confident woman who wants to be seen!

Follow Brittany DeShields on twitter @B_DesClothingCo


Picnik collage-BD
What do you think of Brittany DeShield’s sexy sheaths?

fajr muhammad | Apr 19 2011 11:57am | FASHION, philly, Brittany DeShields, dresses | Comments 4

Philly Masterclass: Ralph Rucci

Ralph Rucci

The city has been abuzz with Ralph Rucci fever. The famed Parisian Couturier and Philadelphia-born designer was in town this past week receiving a Visionary Award for Fashion at the PIFA fashion show at the Kimmel Center. Mr. Rucci spoke with Moore College of Art & Design students as well, dropping gems of advice on fashion, the business of style and his creative process.

The session was free flowing Q &A session and here are some of the great pieces of advice from the Masterclass with Ralph Rucci

“If you are already a fashion designer, it is already within you.”

“The most important thing for a young designer to possess: humility, tenacity and belief in yourself”

“Networking has never been my style”

“Learn everything you can possibly learn about the business of fashion”

“We not only make clothes; we breath life into them. The moment you see the garment come to life is magic.”

“Keep your research wide and varying.”

fajr muhammad | Apr 12 2011 12:39pm | FASHION, philly, Ralph Rucci | Comment 1

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