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Merry Monday

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One of the best things about holiday shopping is – free gifts! My dad, sister and I have always gone shopping on Christmas Eve. It’s a little silly since it’s not a day known for good deals, just crowds.  The one thing that we make sure we get every year is the featured animal from Macy’s.  If you make a purchase at Macy’s you can get the featured animal for around $20, depending on the year.

The stuffed animals correspond with new balloons or re-issues of balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC. Featured animals include Babar the Elephant, Goofy, Rocky and BullwinkleRocky was a little ornament and Bullwinkle was a big stuffed moose, as well as Curious George. This year it’s Mickey Mouse, complete with a compass.

In addition to Macy’s, there are also other gifts with purchase out there. Sephora has this cute clutch with a ton of samples inside, and it’s Clinique Bonus Time at the The Lord and Taylor at the Bala Cynwyd Mall.

Of course there are a few things from Urban Outfitters that have caught our eye: The Bob Ross Paint Kit, Ceramic To Go Cup – it looks like just your average Starbucks cup but it can be reused. Our only reservation with this cup is that it could drip, unlike reusables that seal tight and be tossed in your purse. Also from Urban: the endlessly fascinating Birthday Book.

Barbie and Christian Louboutin have teamed up to create a Christian Louboutin edition Barbie. It looks like all the dolls are sold out, but the slide show on Net-A-Porter is cute anyway.

Target has this cute ‘powercup’ to charge electronics in the car, so you don’t have to get car adapters for each individual electronic and mobile device that you own, while Banana Republic has this necklace to compliment the Cocktail Rings from Friday’s Blog.

Lastly, not everything we love in this month’s issue of Self magazine is on their website, but this slide show has some of the things that caught our eye – the soaps featured in the picture, the USB Port ‘hub man,’ a coffee press so we can burn the candle at both ends without burning out, and an iKaraoke mic so we can belt out tunes when the Philly Weekly office gets quiet.

Batty Brits

underground-union-jack-sneakersThe New York Times dedicated this past weekend’s T – their style magazine to what they’re calling the Batty Brits. Included in the magazine are Boy George, and actress Samantha Morton. The interactive counterpart to the magazine should help you ease into your monday morning, or atleast keep you occupied for the next five minutes.

The chill in the air has made us crave boots. In Imelda Marcos amounts. Oprah gets it. The latest edition of O highlights the best of the boots available this fall, including the most comfortable, and the most affordable.

Self magazine is the lookout for underwear that won’t give you a wedgie at the gym, and Alyssa Milano has some cute stuff to wear while you cheer on the Phillies from her line created just for women, Touch.

Lastly, I Heart Daily discusses the Ralph Lauren model that was heavily photoshopped and allegedly fired, and features a Q & A with a professional retoucher. The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty video at the bottom is eye opening to say the least.

Terrific Tuesday

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We heard that a certain famous Victoria’s Secret model straightens her hair with embalming fluid. Sorry, we’re still absorbing this information.  Apparently it’s popular in Brazil. Hearing things like this only make us want to see Chris Rock’s Good Hair even more.

On an unrelated note, it looks The Frisky found out that Marc Jacobs has creations – a bracelet with animals charms, that DOESN’T cost an arm and a leg. Nice. NBC10’s Lilliana Vazquez highlights cute shoes from different price ranges. lets you guess what the beauty product does as well as highlights the best trends in color for the fall – that’s nail polish, eye shadows and neon headbands. All this while Teen Vouge teaches you how to create looks featured on the website yourself.

Peanut Butters?

While it’s not really an average bargain, Vogue lists most wanted items for fall – all under $500. For the glossy that has traditionally set fashion standards, it’s an unexpectedly low threshold.

Courtesy of the New York Times

The New York Times has an article on jellies and how they are making a comeback. What sets these shoes apart from past Jellies creations is the designer take on things. I once had a dream that my old school Jellies disappeared and became Peanut Butters. They were sort of the same as these new school Jellies, now that I think about it. The NY Times style section also has an article that isn’t big on changing British designs.  The classics are being revamped, and not everyone is happy.

Self magazine staffers all seem to be sporting coral nail polish, while Daily Candy unlocks their doors with cool keys.

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Wednesday Morning Links

In addition to admitting that their covers are completely unrealistic, Self magazine has some makeup products to try if you want to make yourself look younger. It’s basically just blush and lipgloss, but I think the slideshow is pretty. They’ve also got a slideshow featuring natural beauty products. Self also has a recipe for what I’ve been craving over the past few hot days – gazpacho. Deeelish.

Glamour has a slideshow featuring gorgeous cocktail rings.

In addition to revealing Self’s confession, Jezebel also has a conversation between a mother and I’m assuming a daughter. It’s funny.  It reminds me of my mom, but I like when she does the little smiley faces. I feel like they are under used past a certain point, except from creepy guys. It’s nice to know someone with no ill intentions like momma dukes just wants to emoticon it up.

Lastly, e-mails from crazy people might become the new or texts from last night.  Check it out.