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Random acts of random acts

I have two for you today.

bow bomb

Anyone who has been following this blog knows we love a good yarnbomb in this city. Last week while locking up my bicycle in front of Moore College for their NET Night event I noticed this lovely be-bowed yarnbomb. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen one with a creative edge (though none will beat this monster from this summer).


My second random act of randomness is this balloon. I spotted it yesterday at the corner of 20th and Walnut Sts. Does anyone know anything about it? Is this a question being posed to SEPTA seeing that it’s connected to a SEPTA bus stop sign? Is this a question being posed to the City of Philadelphia? So far, no news on the origin of the balloon so please send your suggestions or thoughts in the comments!

Deck the halls with tricked-out trolleys


…fa la la la la, la la la la!

I happened to catch the most insane holiday trolley ever yesterday at City Hall; I was under the impression that the Christmas Trolley guy was only on the 15  line on Girard (that would be Gary Mason, here’s some pictures of his decked-out trolley from last year; he also does the Love Trolley for Valentine’s Day) but this was an 11 to Darby, and I’ve heard of one on the 10, too.

Given that this one actually was piping legit Christmas instrumental tunes through the loudspeaker (like, songs about Jesus rather than Santa), I’m unsure how West Philly’s sizeable Muslim population feels about the Christmas trolley, not to mention Jews, atheists and other people not particularly into Jesus.

But despite that, it kind of made my day. Apologies for the crappy pictures, thus is the cameraphone.



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Put Your Party Dress On

With SEPTA back and running this morning, we feel like putting on our party dress! Fourtunately, Lucky Magazine has found some affordable dresses so we can dance the night away in style. We especially like this one from Forever 21. At 25 bucks you can more than afford to get this asymmetrical one shouldered number.


Courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Lucky also has a gift guide broken down into categories that we really like: Artsy, Moroccan, On The Go, Victorian, At Home, Country Chic, Bejeweled and Ten Dollars and Under. We especially love this tea cup with little claw feet from the Victorian section, it reminds us of those awesome tubs with claws. We also like the Moroccan section and all of it’s gorgeous embellishments, especially this gorgeous decorated platter. There’s also a website with more finds from the North African country called While some stuff on the site is pricey, other stuff is not. Check out these lanterns for under $100.

We also came across this post on Jezebel, which claims “If you wan’t to be popular, you can’t afford to be skinny.” It’s a vintage ad. It’s just interesting to see how beauty ideals have changed.

Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer seems to be the media’s latest obsession — but we’re just admiring her as an artist and style icon. Check out these outfits that she’s worn, as well as pictures from the photo shoot for Glamour magazine’s cover. Gorgeous! Just so we’re clear, we’re glad Rihanna was comfortable enough to come forward and talk about such a painful moment in her life, but we also want to focus on the positive as well.

Rhinestones and Dolphins

Richard Simmons makes it clear in this video that he really likes cheesesteaks, which is pretty cool. Even the guy who says ‘fairwell to fat’ can’t resist them. He also explains that in past life, he thinks he was a juke box, and that his short shorts are really called ‘dolphins.’

Apparently Jamie Foxx has been having a little trouble at his hotel in Rittenhouse Square. A man attempted to enter his room, claiming that he was Beyonce’s producer. Rumor has it that this man is actually homeless, which is sort of ironic because Jamie is in town to play a homeless man in film. Hmm.

Villanova is gearing up for the final four this weekend. Here’s a peek at the Wildcats prepping for this weekend’s game.

Ever had a problem with SEPTA? Well, you aren’t alone. Submit your complaints to the blog who knows, maybe the General Manager of SEPTA will take a look.

Where The Wild Things Are

Get your Monday started off right by watching the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are. The movie doesn’t come out until October, but You’ll be excited after watching. Promise.

Did you hear about what happened to the Shamwow guy? Pretty ridiculous, but also entertaining.

While the MTA in NYC jacks the price of the monthly pass, there’s actually some good news from SEPTA. They’re rolling out an “Independence” pass, which gets you unlimited rides for a day.

Gotta go and can’t remember where the nearest restroom is? Or, maybe you never knew where it was in the first place… In either case, Charmin has introduced the website Sit or Squat to help you find the nearest loo. You can load the application onto your Blackberry or iPhone as well, so you’ll never have to search for the lavatory again.