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Of fashion and fonts

Five T shirts that are literally the letter T in five different fonts? I’m in love.

Created by Masashi Kawamura,¬†the shirts are impressively concept-driven while still being completely wearable. The shirts come in Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier and Cooper Black (pictured). The artist claims on the site that “slight details will be modified to be more comfortable to wear,” and they will be available for purchase in January via No Control Air. See the four other fonts HERE on Kawamura’s web site.

Recycle Tee

This might sound strange, but I’m not a big t-shirt fan. I don’t go to American Apparel in the months leading up to summer in order to stock up on Deep V’s, I don’t dig most shirts with silly things printed on them like you might find on Threadless and the bulk of the tees that you will find in my dresser have been obtained from my participation in road races and triathlons. *BUT* this recycle tee by Print Liberation might have me rockin’ a t-shirt in scenarios outside of going to the gym and doing housework. The recycle bicycle is printed with “Eco-friendly” ink, on a 100% organic shirt and rings in at only 22 dollars making it the perfect combination of things that I love.

Local Biz Spotlight: TrickGo

It’s pretty amazing to think that while I’ve been spending countless hours surfing the internet and checking Facebook, fellow college student Matt Trigaux has been building and maintaining a company. What’s even more amazing is that he has been able to build up TrickGo, his screenprint T-shirt company, into something with an internet shop and a storefront/gallery space on Antique Row from having no business experience whatsoever. “Everything I’ve done has been through trial and error, internet research, and a whole lot of mistakes,” says Trigaux, which includes giving away half of his entire inventory at an early-on party. “People were so excited about it… but that could have been the free beer.”

Since then, he’s developed a lot more business acumen, learning about budgets and accounting by sitting in on Philadelphia University business classes, then eventually speaking there about how he got started. He’s even managed to attend a few business classes at Harvard, posing as a student: “A sweater vest and pastries can get you past most security guards on the Harvard campus,” he says. Balancing the business with school and gallery events has definitely been a challenge, although Trigaux keeps it reasonably together these days by trying to stick to keeping all his focus on school one day, the business the next, freelancing after that.

pic.phpFounded in 2007 out of a UArts dorm room, TrickGo is now operated by Trigaux and three other full-time UArts students, Gab Bonghi, Maxine Kramer and Courtney Brown (plus anyone who’s willing to help out). The little Pine Street store¬† specializes in selling limited-edition shirts from Philly artists like Nose, Adrienne Langer, Bradford Haubrich, Steve Streisguth, and Courtney Brown, but sometimes does double duty as a gallery, where many of those same artists can display their non-T-shirt work. There’s also Movie Night, where student and local filmmakers, like Khyber Jones (Lavender Moments), Isaac Ruth (Experimental StopMotion) and Ray Davis (Chestnut), can screen their stuff.

TrickGo’s logo is a van that you may have seen on stickers around Philly or on the violin of young Philly musician Justus Rivera on that one episode of Ellen. Why a van? It just seemed to Trigaux to be a symbol of DIY culture and the community of artists making a semi-living doing what they love: “I know artists that live out of their van, bands that tour the country in a little panel van, even screenprinters that made their own studio in a van.”

Trigaux plans to stay involved in the arts community with future events already in the works. “Right now we’re planning some guest teachers to come in and teach DIY projects, screening printing, stuff like that.” He’s also planning a sand mandala-like project called 4=4, which will have artists creating a collaborative mural in the (open) store each week of July, with a different theme and palette each week, each mural on display for six days, then painted over.

Even though he has lots of stuff in mind for the future, Trigaux admits that the he’s not 100% sure of where TrickGo is headed. When he opened the storefront, he says, people thought he was crazy. He had no prior experience in retail and, with the recession, stores all over Philadelphia were already closing all over the place. However, with the help of his experienced shop manager, it’s sustainable at the moment, if not quite profitable. “No one really makes money from this,” he says. “We’d rather see how far we can take it and how much we can do for the art community rather than take a check and run. That’s what keeps it fun and what keeps it going.”

1135 Pine Street
Hours vary, check Facebook or Twitter

Sydney | Jun 28 2010 9:13am | LOCAL LOVE, interview, local biz, t-shirts, trickgo | Comments 6

Lost Shirts

WWJLD by Jimiyo

WWJLD by Jimiyo

We’re still trying to figure out what the hell happened on Lost last night. If you have an opinion/theory/insight/, leave it in the comments.

In the meantime, check out this great post over on, one of our fave T-shirt blogs. He runs down 108 great Lost-themed shirts.

Get one now, in case it turns out you really did hate the ending.

erica | May 24 2010 8:51am | SHOPPING, lost, t-shirts | Comment 1



The pretty clock (…ceci n’est pas une horloge?) above is one of the pieces in Adrienne Langer’s solo show F*CK CUTE opening at TrickGo this evening from 6-10. It is indeed f*cking cute, as are a couple of new shirts in particular they’ve got in (the middle gray one with the van and the roller skates and the disintegrating paisley whatnot is also by Langer):




There is also a fairly awesome time-lapse video of painting one of the walls in TrickGo for the installation with a technique that I kind of want to do to one of my walls:

TrickGo: 1135 Pine St.

emily g | Dec 11 2009 10:48am | art, local biz, 19107, adrienne langer, t-shirts, trickgo | Comments 12


I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, no recollection of how I got home, an ankle that at some point was bent in a way it should not have been bent, and outgoing text messages that imply that I did multiple Jager shots. I’m sure many of you had the same experience. Look for a roundup of the city’s crappiest bootleg shirts this week, when I’m slightly more able to walk, but in the meantime, here’s this one that we like:


From Joseph Pekula, $10.

via FiftyOne:FiftyOne

emily g | Oct 22 2009 1:33pm | philly, joseph pekula, RAAAUUUUUUUUUUULLLL, t-shirts | Comment 1

Who’s the Boss?

With only a couple of weeks remaining until the Boss returns to Philly (a friend of mine has been using her gchat away message to count down the days until her Springsteen tickets for approximately six months), here’s a shirt from etsy dude Communitea, who we first saw at a Philly craft event even though he’s based in Harrisburg. Maybe don’t wear it to work unless you’re self-employed, though.

Speaking of the Boss, remember that DIY Born to Run set of coasters we mentioned a while ago? Yeah, those were also pretty sweet.

emily g | Sep 28 2009 3:58pm | etsy, bruce springsteen, communitea, t-shirts | Comments 2

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