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How Much is Too Much?

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

I’ll be honest, People Magazine’s latest cover story has gotten under my skin. As soon as I saw Heidi Montag on the cover with the headline Addicted To Plastic Surgery, I wanted to read more. People’s website doesn’t tell the whole story, but I will. It’s estimated that The Hills star had  $300,000 worth of work done, including liposuction from her hips and thighs, botox injections to fix ‘lines’ — she’s 23, so I’m not entirely sure where these lines are — as well as revisions of her nose and breast augmentations. She had a total of 10 procedures done in one day.

The article states that Heidi didn’t even inform her family that she was getting all of these adjustments made. She told them she was sick after she went under the knife, but didn’t explain that it was because of her surgeries. The photos in People are what really got me, which Samantha Chang, a blogger from The Examiner was nice enough to post on the internets. Since Heidi also states in the article that she is nowhere done with the surgeries, Chang wonders if Heidi will turn out looking like Manhattan socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, while a blog from Fox News‘ website wonders if Heidi will be the next Joan Rivers. I wondered the same thing as the Fox News writer – I mean how could you not, with the Golden Globes red carpet and all?

I really feel bad for Heidi more than anything. Every girl and even some guys have had their fare share of body issues. The doctor that operated on Heidi says that she doesn’t have body dysmorphic disorder but she states that she’s not anywhere near finished getting work done, even after being in extreme pain and needing assistance breathing after surgery. Something’s wrong. I also feel bad for every little girl that sees Heidi’s picture on newsstands at the supermarket and thinks that Heidi is the ideal she must live up to.

We also found this man-girdle thing this weekend in the back of the coupon section of the newspaper. It made us feel like we were losing our minds a little. It can be found on a website called Four Corners, which has a whole host of odd things that will most likely be on a television near you at 4am very soon.

On the not so crazy side of things, Glamour has some ideas on how to dress plus size bodies, Wallpaper* City Guides are now available as apps for iPhone and iPod touch, Self Magazine wants you to get more sleep, and Target is coming out with a line from Jean Paul Gaultier. Have a non blurry peek, and try not to let the craziness get to you today.

Maybe It’s Much Too Early In The Game, But I Thought I’d Ask You Just The Same

Courtesy of Paula Deen

Courtesy of Paula Deen

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, it’s time to crank up the sparkle quotient. Rachel Zoe thinks so too, she’s suggesting false eyelashes to help you out. As always, Rachel has a Parallel Universe suggestion that won’t break the bank. This one is from Sephora.

We mentioned before that we J’Adore Dior and this lip glow might be just the sparkle you want to outshine that Waterford Crystal thing that helps bring in the new year.

After all your New Year’s Eve partying, Paula Deen’s Percolator might be just what you need.

To keep you entertained at the office until quitting time on the 30th, I Heart Daily has roundups of the best beauty posts of the past year as well as the top entertainment posts. Whitney Port of The City and The Hills also recently posted 14 different looks for her 14 Days of Fashion. Even though she’s model gorgeous there’s still something endearing about her. Glamour has a list of Top 10 Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments of 2009. Enjoy!

Wake up, Sleepyhead!

Courtesy of Real Beauty

Courtesy of Real Beauty

In addition to cute party dresses and sparkly accessories, Express has some videos that you might want to take a peek at. Featured in the videos are Erin Kaplan & Roxy Olin from MTV’s The City, and Vogue.TV

If you yawn throughout the day, Real Beauty’s slide show Solving Your Personal Energy Crisis might be just what you need. They also want to help you get rid of under eye circles. It’s something we sometimes struggle with and makeup tricks are always good to know. Our favorite feature on Real Beauty? Being able to personalize your experience by creating your own Beauty Book. Create a login, and plug in your complexion & hair type along with any skin issues that you might have like acne or dry skin as well as a lifestyle choice like weight loss, or building tone. After you select these, Real Beauty will generate a ‘book’ that appears as a floating menu bar on the bottom of the screen while you are visiting the site.

Lastly, keeping with our affinity for keeping up with MTV’s The Hills & The City, Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame is creating a 12 Days of Christmas list. While Perez Hilton may call her ceiling eyes, we have to hand it to her for maintaining a blog – or getting someone else to. Whichever.

Test of Time

Coco Before Chanel

Coco Before Chanel

Amidst the insanity that is fashion week, there was one show that featured the designs of a certain reality TV star.  It’s Whitney Port, who Glamour has labeled as a ‘trendoid’. Since we just watched a screening of Coco Before Chanel and are now obsessed with classic designs – we beg the question, will Whitney’s collection last?  Or, will it end up in the clearance bin at Kohl’s like her buddy Lauren Conrad’s designs? Ouch.

Speaking of things that stand the test of time, there’s a cute company called Little Bird Style run by two visionary twenty somethings. Little Bird aims to style girls eighteen and under in the best way possible. Little Bird dresses girls well, but doesn’t veer off into grow up too fast territory. Before you dismiss it because of the target audience, take a look at the blog and sign up for the newsletter, set to be released next week.

Lastly, Frederic Fekkai is giving away shampoo!  No, really. Head over to the closest Saks Fifth Avenue on Thursday with the shampoo you currently use in hand. It doesn’t matter if the bottle is empty or full, and they’ll give you a bottle of Fekkai shampoo. Information on the event was included in a Daily Candy e-mail blast, but it is also Facebook official. The closest store to Philly is in Bala Cynwyd, but knock yourself out with the store locator.

Bags Under 100, Shoes Close to 1000

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Whitney Port of The City and formerly of The Hills did a fashion shoot with Women’s Health. In these pictures, Whitney is seen wearing gorgeous SoCal style brights around Gotham.

I confess, I have another girl crush. Don’t tell anyone, deal?  It’s Taylor Swift. Don’t act like you don’t have a crush on her too. Taylor did a cover shoot with Glamour. The website Just Jared has a piece of the action too, showcasing Taylor’s signature curls.

Perez Hilton’s crush Lady Gaga did a photoshoot as well. With no pants, of course.

In addition to the Taylor Swift cover shoot, Glamour Magazine’s website also has an article on how to wear heels and make them feel like sneakers. I’m not usually uncomfortable in heels, I just morph into a bigger klutz. I’ve been known to fall off curbs for no reason…but, I think that the discomfort in heels issue is a common one. Just the other day I overheard someone talking about issues wearing high heels while I was in the steam room at the gym. I didn’t ask about the pain or how it started, since I was slightly uncomfotable. I’m still a steam roomie newbie. Regardless, the article is worth a look.

Also in Glamour, Justin Timberlake gives dating advice.  I love JT, so any advice he’s willing to dish out, I’ll take. Glamour also has a page featuring bags UNDER 100 BUCKS!  Ok, I promise I’m done yelling now.

Lastly, if you want to spend close to $1000 on sneakers, check out Kanye’s new designs.

Think With Your Dipstick

There was a little baseball game on last night that you might have heard about. In honor of the Phillies’ opening night at Citizens Bank Park, McGillins’ Olde Ale House has created new drinks, including the Phillie-tini and the Phanatic Pheckin Bomb. The Phillie-tini has raspberry vodka, Triple Sec, and Crandberry juice, while the Phanatic Pheckin Bomb features Apple Pucker, Irish Whiskey, and Sin Apple Cider. Both sound like they’re worth a try.

While breaking away from the office for a liquid lunch might not be the best idea, you might not be SOL. If it’s a mock-tini you are after, it seems that Orbit has got you covered. They’ve got a whole host of flavors including Mint Mojito, Fabulous Frutitini, and Sangria Fresca. I’m not the only one that’s caught onto this. Not entirely sure what’s up with these flavors though. Is this what they hand out at A.A. meetings?

Maybe I should ask Jason, former Hills cast member. I wonder if he’ll re-emerge on tonight’s new episode. MTV’s got a slideshow to hold you over until 10, if you can’t stand the suspense.

Last night Carrie Underwood became the first woman since 2001 to be named the Academy of Country Music entertainer of the year. She’s also only the seventh woman EVER to win the ACM’s top honor since it was first handed out in 1970. I have a soft spot for Carrie. It’s awesome that this American Idol winner is accomplishing so much.

As far as making it through this Monday, just keep thinking with your dipstick. You’ll be just fine.