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Philly’s DJ Royale Is On A VH1 Show Called Master Of The Mix


On the third season of Master of the Mix, Smirmoff sponsors an elimination-based competition with round of challenges for up-and-coming yound DJs from around the country. And Philly’s got a youngblood repping us strongly with DJ Royale, a Temple Owl who’s been working the scene hard over the past few years.

On his really quite pimp/smooth homepage, he posts a preview for the season, which kicks off Monday night, and the following:

image“I’m VERY EXCITED to Announce that I’ll be competing on VH1′s Master of The Mix Season 3. This DJ Reality Show hosted by Smirnoff has selected 19 DJs from around the country to compete for $250,000 & the Title of Master of The Mix. Tune in to VH1 Monday April 1st at 10PM EST. I hope to have everyone’s support throughout the season.”

He currently holds four residencies: two in Philadelphia at Whisper and G Lounge, one in AC with a party at Dusk at Caesar’s Palace, and one in NYC at The Volstead. He’s also had runs in the past six years at a bunch of Philly locales: Tavern on Broad, Bamboo Lounge, Ortlieb’s, Bleu Martini, Recess Lounge and Lotus Lounge. He identifies with an old-school and traditional love for the craft with years of mastering transitions, technique, scratch presence and crowd manipulation. With a love for breakdancing, DJ Jazzy Jeff and B Boy culture, he started his obsession at 14 and nearly as many years later is on a national DJ show. Props on him for that.

He got to open for Jeff in Rome at the Piper Club, no doubt a career highlight for a Philly DJ. Lord knows Jeff’s a proper hero of many aspriing hip-hop heads and turntable enthusiasts. The man is talented way beyond scratchin’ and spinnin’. Royale emulates Jazz’s all-aroundedness, no doubt; respecting and striving for his knack with imageproduction, beat-making and professional flexibility. He releases a monthly mix of curated new tunes called MONTHLY MEDS and has appeared on a handful of mixtapes including collaborations.

He’s hosting a big debut viewing party at Ten Six Club at 1709 Walnut. Guest DJs include: Elivis Suarez, Arun, Mr. Sonny James and Sat One. Party kicks off at 9pm and runs right up to 2am.

YouTube Preview Image

Custom profile mugs by BROOKLYNrehab and Miss Crowland

I stumbled upon these awesome custom mugs by BROOKLYNrehab and Miss Crowland and actually thought about how they would make a perfect couples Valentines Day gift. All you have to do is submit photos of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/wife/husband/lover/pet (yes, they do animals too if you want to get mugs of your furry friend)/etc. in profile and they do the rest. You’ll receive an e-mail containing digital profile portraits that you can then print, share on the Internet, etc. and  be sent a set of matching mugs, like the ones above. I really like that they are a unique gift, they can bring joy on a daily basis (because coffee always makes me smile) and even though they are custom, if it doesn’t work out with you and your significant other you can always say you found the mugs at a garage sale and have no idea who is on them. I know, I’m such a romantic sometimes.

FitClubAnd in entirely unrelated news, as of last night, you can now see local clothing designer Jay McCarroll work his butt off (literally) on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 7: Boot Camp 2. I walked down the block to his place last night to join a small group of friends in enjoying some hors d’oeuvres and drinking some champagne in honor of the first episode and experienced the weird situation that is watching someone watch themselves on television. We all giggled at the camo visor he wore in the opening credits, which he defended, saying he wore it because he thought it was funny, and everyone agreed that K-Fed was the most shocking reveal when it was time for each cast member to strip down and face the scale.

Celebrity Fit Club 7: Boot Camp 2 is on Mondays at 8 p.m. on VH1 or check the listings because we all know how VH1 loves to replay episodes.



Courtesy of Cheap Chicas

We’re currently stuck on this slide show from the New York Times, highlighting this past year’s events.  We’re not sure if it’s a sickness, but we love year in review things, including those VH1 countdowns. They’re like crack. If you’re into best of reviews, InStyle is featuring what seems like a rewind for their Look of the Day – the past few days have featured recycled looks from Beyonce and Suri Cruise.

The Frisky put together a list of boots to wear when dashing through the snow, and Cheap Chicas has sparkly Louboutin-like shoes for when it’s less slippery outside. While we’re still mad at Daily Candy for no longer having a Daily edition in Philly, even though their parent company Comcast is headquartered here – they point the way to some furry boot suggestions as well.

While iPhone is having some issues with data service in NYC, there haven’t been crazy problems like that reported in the Delaware Valley.  Lucky for us, since the Beer Cloud app wants to help  you pair beer with food. Perfect for when you want to explore microbreweries like Triumph.