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Brooklyn Flea is Coming to Philadelphia on June 2


When I lived in Brooklyn, I made it to the Flea once. There were bikes of all shades and colors, cool jewelry (I bought some Erica Weiner stuff), furniture that made me daydream of the budget and apartment I’d one day have, oh and food. And drink. Pretty sure I had a bangin’ pink lemonade. I never thought the spot was so organized that it could up and declare a new location. Like Philly. But on June 2nd, a Sunday, the Brooklyn Flea arrives at the Piazza. The five-year-old successful flea market will have its first weekend in the Jared Kushner-bought Bart Blatstein monstrosity in just a few short weeks.

Kushner’s the husband of Ivanka Trump, and he owns the New York Observer. He’s teamed up with Flea co-founder Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby to bring their model to a Philly space, their first moment of expansion. We’re hoping it’s a continuation of a trend; seems like New York’s finally seeing the beauty of our fair city. In the not-too-distant past we’ve seen stuff like 3rd Ward, SuitSupply, Joe Coffee and, wait, is that Uniglo coming to Philadelphia? Man, it’s awesome.

imageHere’s the rundown on the Philly Flea: It’s a curated shopping and food experience for your Sunday morning and afternoon in Northern Liberties, and it launches on June 2. There are limited spots, a fee, an application process, and the powers that be pick and choose to achieve a blissful mix of art, furniture, vintage, modern, crafty, handmade, prefab and mad food. (Among the vendors slated are Philadelphia Salvage, Three Potato Four, At Home Modern, Peg & Awl and Forage Haberdashery.) Brooklyn Flea’s been a fertile starting place for dozens of businesses looking to start small, build clientele and create a name for itself before moving into a brick-and-mortar location. No doubt that’ll happen in our Philly locale, and it’s exciting to see which startups will get the green light from the Philly Flea team.

The Piazza’s one weird space. But did you know that it can contain nearly 8,000 people? There’s no other space within a short radius of Center City that can so easily and professionally host such an excellent collection of vending tables and tents. There’ve been maybe a dozen businesses that have come and gone since Blatstein cut some deals for cheap rent in the piazza’s youth, a result of a number of factors, no doubt. Personally, I have no desire to dine at a place like Gunner’s Run (again). But when the Flea’s chosen food vendors populate the Brooklyn Philly Flea, they’ll pretty easily become the most solid eats outside of the dependable Bar Ferdinand and El Camino Real that will neighbor the flea (and benefit handily).

It’s just good all around: New York expanding to Philadelphia, sophistication in the form of curated shopping, a thing to do every weekend and a revitalization of one weird, underused space. Starting in June, you’ve got a good reason to head up, if nothing else for a good place to stroll with a coffee in hand and peruse high-to-low-end goods and art. Plus there’s like a 1000-percent guarantee that some cuties’ll be shoppin’ too.

Also, one quick note about the Flea’s June 2 opener: Since it’s the day after the sure-to-be-bangin’ Roots Picnic, call it the official “Roots Family Post Picnic Brunch,” ’cause according to insiders, Questlove and a slew of other dope local DJ are set to rock the Piazza stage.

From Haight Ashbury, With Love

Nestled in mid-San Francisco is the neighborhood of Haight Ashbury: playground for psychedelia-seekers and stage for some the the best bands who ever lived. The cafe and boutique-lined streets still evoke the feelings of the 1970’s today. But real artifacts from decades past can’t be found in the heady shops or with the guitar-pluckers crowning every street corner, but from vintage shops.

Behold Wasteland: perhaps the best secondhand store in all of antiquity. Their warehouse is filled to the brim with vintage offerings, but their website features new items from Motel, Finders Keepers, Insight, BB Dakota, and Jeffrey Campbell as well as top-stitch designers such as Christian Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood. Among my favorite in-store findings were a vintage Morrissey t-shirt, a Billy Joel t-shirt with concert dates in Hebrew, and a faded sunflower cropped denim vest.

Fortunately, Philadelphians don’t have to go as far as the West Coast to create the Haight Ashbury look. Named after the unique neighborhood, local brand Haight Ashbury offers vintage-inspired t-shirts and ready-to-wear items for anyone who desires to express their love of music, nature and originality. Browse their bold selections here, and gain some Haight Ashbury inspiration from their dreamy tumblr.

Or, become inspired by the neighborhood itself looking at some photos below…

By Marissa Oswald

Three Potato Four Sale & Inventory

By now you’ve heard of the Three Potato Four sale this weekend with all the wonderful food trucks — including Pitruco Pizza – yum!– and we urge you to get into this big time. Three Potato Four has some of the coolest housewares and textiles around. But, what we didn’t know is that they have a web store! So,we decided to pick out a few things online before hitting up the sale, so we can make a beeline to all of our favorite things!

Faribault Woolen Mills Gray Military Blanket

Super Heavy Duty and industrial – this awesome blanket will be what you’re picnic-ing on all summer.

Carpenter Wood Letters & Numbers

How great are these? You could get a big WC for your bathroom or your initials, the possibilities are endless!

Glass Chickadee Vase

How adorable is this vase? And cheap even before the sale price at 14 bucks!

The Katacomb Relocates

The KatacombI was originally going to offer you all some pretty awesome news regarding Philly Aids Thrift. Yesterday, I showed up to Philly’s favorite thrift store a little after it had closed, and a gentleman inside slipped a card under the door advertising P.A.T’s new location, which declared this location the first thrift department store in the city. I squealed in delight. Turns out, it was an old advertisement from the store’s previous relocation last summer, and he was only giving it to me because the store’s hours were listed. Womp.

So the good news is that P.A.T is still open at 710 S. Fifth St., but it won’t be moving anytime soon as far as we here at PW Style know. Don’t let the mustached hipster inside fool you.

In other relocation news, however, posh fashionista Brooke Dillon has moved her suburban vintage store, The Katacomb, to 1221 Locust St.

The store, which Dillon has fondly nicknamed “The Kat” allows shoppers – by appointment only – to peruse vintage era pieces, as well as rare Marc Jacobs, YSL and Dior sunglasses, clothing and accessories. But don’t think you’ll get off-the-rack stuff from Ms. Dillon; she’s a real hunter, exploring the far corners of Japan and Paris, and closer to home in L.A., New York and Canada for pieces she – and probably you, too – love.

Local Love: Once Worn Consignment

Once Worn Consignment

Ever since Jen Waxman was the wee age of 10, her passion was hunting for bargains.  The thrill of thrifting was her most treasured hobby.  But now thanks to her, you can find the best deals all in one place: in her NoLibs thrift store, Once Worn Consignment at 910 N. 2nd St.

A mixture of vintage, designer, jewelry, candy-colored pumps, and novelty items (including a keychain of a fetus), Once Worn takes the stress out of the hunt, serving up the funkiest styles all in one spot.


Left: Vintage dress, $28; Vintage Gianni Ferretti pumps, $20 // Right: H&M faux fur coat, $15; Wilster blouse, $40

Essential to a consignment store is a community of hip-dressers.  And NoLibs certainly is chock full of those, “The Neighborhood people aren’t generally into designer stuff, but more styles like Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban.  They wanna spend 8 or 10 bucks on an H&M dress rather than 200 on a designer piece,” says Jen.

So if you prefer to get a lot of unique pieces for a little chunk of cash, Once Worn is the place to go.


Left: Navajo Poncho, $24; Cowboy boots, $15 // Right: Charlie & Robin sweater from Anthropologie, $40

The consignment factor could also cut down on the cost of that pair of Gianni Feretti pumps.  Bring in some items you’re tired of, and Jen will buy them from you or give you store credit.  “It’s good for me, It’s good for them!” Jen proclaims.

Only in existence a year and a half, the store has grown to be so successful that a bigger location is in order.  But Jen loves NoLibs, and wouldn’t want to move too far from her 2nd street location. Up the street lies her sister’s gallery and boutique, Art star, which is the reason she was attracted to the neighborhood in the first place.  Across the street are a fleet of restaurants and tap rooms, and Soy Cafe is down the road.

So fill up a laundry bag with old clothes to consign, shop the afternoon away and then relax with a soy latte or draft beer.

Once Worn is open Wednesday through Saturday 11-7 and Sunday 12-6. Be sure to “like” their Facebook Page for updates on new items and sales!

**Photos by Katie Warburton

–Marissa Oswald

Old City’s Eccentric Lost + Found

Lost +

Having grown accustomed to shopping at the same places due to convenience and a busy schedule, I felt instantly refreshed and ready to make impulsive yet excellent purchases upon entering Old City’s Lost + Found.

Located on 3rd and Cherry Sts., I entered the shop to find a multi-hued rack of flannel shirts to my left, cases of jewelry in front of me, and a plethora of scarves and bags to my right. In any other store I might’ve found this overwhelming, but part of what made shopping at Lost + Found so enjoyable and relaxing was the clean and well organized interior.

The store sells every piece you’d need for an outfit besides unmentionables. From flowing tops with bold prints to casual pieces in solids or basic stripes, there is something to fit everyone’s style aesthetic. In addition, they carry dresses for both day and night as well as a modest vintage section filled with a variety of playful and classic sweaters, as well as great coats. Most new styles start at $40 while there were two lofty sales racks with great finds.

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Popshop at the Barbary

This is happening this Sunday at the Barbary and it will be awesome. It’s like the Punk Rock flea market, but scaled down to only the good stuff. Sweet Jane vintage will be there, along with local pop-up stand Vintage Violence and many more. Best part, you can drink while you shop and squeal with your friends in the mirrored dressing parlor!  Upstairs, it’s record mania with a listening station, so you can try before you buy. I predict many style scores in your Sunday.

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