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Skinny Minority x WearHouse Boutique

skinny minority

“Fancy, Fashion & Fashionable”

On November 3rd 2011 Skinny Minority is hosting their first annual Focus For Fashion Event at WearHouse Boutique in Philadelphia. Earlier this year we debuted our first clothing collective KRA. Now as we gear up to market this line we want to share it with a select group of women in the Philadelphia tri-state to get their personal feedback on the line. We also want to meet the women of philadelphia that love fashion and support Skinny Minority. The event will be small, intimate and chic, truly a night of sweet treats, explicit drinks and unadulterated fashion talk.

Skinny Minority x WearHouse Boutique
November 3, 2011
401 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

To RSVP,  gmail us your name, age, and occupation to

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Jack Wills Will Blow You Away

Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 9.43.40 PMJack Wills opened a store on 16th and Walnut streets Friday night at 5:30 p.m.  With its pink and blue striped walls, map of the northeast and vintage books perched atop a fireplace, the store reminds me of J.Crew meets a swank ski lodge, and it’s a mecca of British pop culture.

Screen shot 2011-10-02 at 9.44.51 PM

Given its British roots, the men’s clothes are elegant in their simplicity.  Everything garment in the store fits slimmer than its American counterpart; their blazers had a tailored look without actually being tailored, and the jeans were tighter than anything I’ve seen in America while still being really comfortable.

The nice thing about their men’s line was how almost every piece could be dressed up or down with several staples.  Their blazers could be dressed down for a night on the town with a pair of slim dark blue jeans, or dressed up for lunch at the country club with a nice pair of khakis.

Much like the men’s line, the women’s line was very old school prep.  Pressed oxford shirts, high waisted knee length skirts and leather loafers could easily be dressed up with the right accessories or dressed down for a day at the office.

The clothes aren’t cheap, but they appear to be well made.  Given that the store sells well-made wardrobe staples, the prices aren’t terrible considering what you’re getting.  If you’re into New England chic, Jack Wills is definitely worth checking out.

Wear House Boutique Opens


Brace yourselves vintage lovers! Another amazing boutique is opening in the city with a week’s worth of events to shop. Wear House Boutique is a resale, vintage and custom clothing shop that caters to women sizes 10 and up. Their mantra is, Love your body beyond measure!

Wear House Boutique is hosting its Grand Opening this week and has a list of events for all. Check out Wear House and stop in to shop!  All events are held at Wear House, unless noted otherwise.

Wear House Boutique
401 S. 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Grand Opening Eve Celebration
Bloggers Only Invitational

Grand Opening Celebration
“Second Skin Opening Exhibition”

“Functional Fashion Show ” w/HoneyBush Hair Studio @ Vango Skybar and Lounge
116 S. 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Beauty and the Body Event w/ Bubble Babez Bath Company

Check out the events and follow them on Twitter @WearHousePhilly

Everything but the kitchen Sink

Do you like a good church basement rummage sale? Sink Thrift & Vintage is like that — the kind of shop that rummaging types can really go for. Inside this South Philly Shop, located at 900 S 8th Street (at Christian), it’s tightly packed and close quarters. Named Sink, as in ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ (get it? get it?), the corner shop is a mix of intriguing choice items and your average thrift store finds. During my visit, employees Michelle and Marc Carella cheerfully explained the meaning behind the name, filled me in on the history of some of the items, and mentioned that the shop’s first year anniversary was just next week. While Sink’s rating on Yelp isn’t great, it’s worth noting that the solitary review is from December, just six months after their opening in July of 2010. Sink has a good vibe, though. The space is boutique sized, and while it’s not strictly vintage, it’s a place that definitely has an air of promise. See more after the jump.

Sink Thrift & Vintage

Sink Thrift & Vintage

Sink Thrift & Vintage
More »

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Local Love: Cultured Couture Vintage

Culture Couture Vintage is newly renovated vintage boutique that specializizes in repurposing and selling men’s & women’s luxury vintage garments at an affordable price. Catered to the stylish individual, owner Erik Honesty recently held a grand opening for the new boutique. Check out Cultured Couture Vintage.

Cultured Couture Vintage
703 west girard avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm
Sunday: closed




Photos of Cultured Couture by

fajr muhammad | May 24 2011 12:18pm | philly, thrift stores, thrift store, vintage | Comments 3

Street Snaps: 30 Degree Weather Means Nothing!

How’s everybody feeling in this 30 degree weather? It’s still autumn yo! But it’s cold enough to warrant all the fancy hot chocolate and snuggly viewings of Elf, am I right? This week’s post is brought to you by all the people milling around downtown on a frigid afternoon, looking good.


“My name’s Elizabeth. I’m 29 and I’m originally from Maryland, but I live in Olde City. I’ve lived in Philadelphia since 1999.”

How would you describe your sense of style and what informs it, like, in Philly or as a Philadelphian?

“Very vintage. I love the 50s. I love Audrey Hepburn. I love the 30s. I love the flapper era.”

I like your hat!

“Yeah, I love hats. I have a hat obsession. I collect vintage bags…vintage jewelry. So anything that’s very feminine and ornate, and well made… I think that’s why I love vintage because it seems that today is about quantity versus quality. And I find that the vintage pieces that, you know, I buy are made so much better than what you find today.”

Yeah, like I lived in Osaka for a year and there’s this one store that made the best, most beautiful ‘American Casual’ stuff, and everything was expensive but it was so well made. Like gosh, don’t blow all your student loans! But anyway! With vintage, do you buy a lot of new things at all?

“I do buy new things. Like I just bought a Phillip Lim 3.1 sweater from Barney’s. Umm, you know, I’ll wear that with a vintage dress or vintage jewelry. So I really like to mix high end, and even low end — like I’ll buy H&M or I’ll shop at Target. Anywhere, I mean I’ll shop anywhere and anything that catches my eye. As I said, like really well made or style conscious.”

Is there anything you’re wearing today that you would say is your favorite?

“Let’s see, what am I wearing here. Hm, probably my boots, the eggplant boots. I thought they were really cool. You don’t see purple leather a lot.”

Or in such a nice subdued shade.

“Yeah. They’re fun and pretty sturdy. I had another pair of boots closer to this color [motions to bag] that were vintage, and I had them resoled twice. They were literally falling apart on my feet walking down the street. So they’re kinda retired right now. I need to get them fixed. They were falling apart on my, and I’m like walking around the city blocks. I went into all these different shops and finally, oddly enough — I never really shop at Macy’s — I went to Macy’s and I found these. They were originally like $230 and I got them for $100, I think because they were purple and people probably thought they were a little weird or odd…”

Like too off the mark. That’s funny. I have to wonder how that would’ve been in some other more style-centric city. On that note, what do you think about the majority of Philadelphians and how they dress?

“I think Philly fashion is very punk rock, which I like. And I think Philadelphians really embrace, like the pin-up style of the 50s, which I love. Like victory rolls and you know, that whole aesthetic. Like the glasses…”

Do you think that they stick to it in a strict kind of way, or do they get experimental in a way that you can see influence and not so much direct —

“I think it depends on the person. You know, some people are head-to-toe and very, like… you know, uniform with it? And other people kind of have like my style theory where they mix it up a little bit and add some more modern pieces. But I think Philly style has gotten a lot better since when I first got here. In ‘99 it was really bad.”

Yeah. At least Walnut Street wasn’t this…intense when I was in high school. Okay, closing in. And it’s cold out! Uhh! What’s your current obsession?

“Current obsession, wow! Um… I’m pretty obsessed with Twitter!”

Do you use hash tags frequently?

“I don’t!”

I like to work ‘em in. I’m starting to finesse them.

“I think I’ve used them like twice.”

Word. Do you have any positive things to say about Twitter, to like all the nay-sayers or something?

“I mean, I think it’s a great resource for information with, like, record labels, and fashion lines, fashion blogs. So it’s pretty cool, and it’s not as annoying as Facebook. You know, it’s a little more cut-and-dry. Just a couple lines. And I like it for that, because of its brevity.”

Yeah, it lends to the ‘art form.’

“Yeah, and also for galleries and painters. Like I’m a painter, so it’s really cool for me. My twitter is g0gadgetarms. It’s like an email I chose years ago cause I was obsessed with Inspector Gadget as a little kid. I’much a child of the 80s.”

And what about Get Smart? God, I’m getting so off-topic and chatty…

Yeah! It was a parody of Get Smart!

Which was a parody of so many other things. Um okay. Is there anything you wanna say to Philadelphia or any shout-outs to any homies?

“To my friend Lisa at Decades. I definitely think more people need to shop at her store because she has the best vintage I’ve ever seen. In my life. She’s done styling for Goldmember, Riding in Cars With Boys with Drew Barrymore… the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Like her eye for vintage is unparalleled to anyone I’ve ever met. You really have to check it out. It’s a goldmine for vintage.”

red lips

Sorry for getting chatty. Elizabeth was so pleasant! I describe her on my own blog, Broad&Market, as “the demure flapper lady who’s secretly running the joint and will get her beefcake henchmen to rough you up if you don’t acquiesce to her reasonable demands.” But now that I’m thinking about the Inspector Gadget and Get Smart references, maybe it’s more like an Agent 99 vibe…

Channeling your Inner Pin-Up


The world has gone retro mad…. men! Pardon the pun, but the allure of the buxom 40s and 50s pin-up star is at an all time high with the bodacious Christina Hendricks and sexy Dita Von Teese as the sensations of modern vintage glamor. Well now you too can channel your inner bombshell! Philly burlesque (and award-winning) troop Peek-A-Boo Revue teams up with Studio Noir Photography to school us saucy minks in the art of Burlesque!

Welcome Studio Noir Finishing School, the brainchild of photographer Dale Rio, the Finishing School brings the expertise of famed local burlesque stars including Peek-A-Boo Revue’s Lulu Lollipop. Check out the November classes; you can master everything from vintage hairstyling to the basics of striptease. Dita Von Teese eat your heart out!

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